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Why I cannot support John McCain

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on February 15, 2008

 Why I Can’t Support John McCain Under Any Circumstances.

First McCain insulted my family, and me, in 2000 in South Carolina. I have had “zero” use for him since. If there were no other reason, at all, I would not support him for that insult and that insult alone.

My family has been in South Carolina since the 1700’s. My roots are deep in the red clay and sandy loam of that state. She nurtured me, she succored me, and she gave my family a home when they clambered down the gangplank of the leaky old wooden bucket they called a ship onto the wharves at Charles Town, South Carolina. They hiked inland to a place called the 96th Precinct and there they settled. 80 years later they were embroiled in a war to defend their state from an invasion from the north. A number of my ancestors died in that war. At least one was hung by Sherman’s troops as they marched through my hometown… burning as they went.

I tell you this to say that when McCain (or anyone for that matter) insults the flag beneath which they died, it is personal to me… extremely personal.

McCain did that. Had he had my support, prior to that, he would have lost it instantly. As is was/is, he never had my support.

Look, I admit being a throwback to yesteryear. Hell, I even want to bring back dueling! I think it was an honorable way to settle differences. Unfortunately the government didn’t agree with me… and South Carolina finally outlawed dueling in the 1960’s. DRAT!

OK, with the “honor” problem out of the way… McCain is NOT a conservative. I know, I know, there is an argument that he IS. I don’t buy it. I have watched him side with the liberals and democrats in the Senate way too many times. I cannot trust him to do the “conservative” thing on any matter, which may come before him. I simply cannot trust him.

And finally, I just don’t like the man! Sorry, but there it is. He walks onto a stage… and I bristle immediately. He strikes me as a bully and I hate bullies.

And yeah, I am catching hell from fellow republicans because I will not fall in line behind McCain. Even in my local barbershop, jaws dropped when I stated I would not, under any circumstances, vote for McCain… period. (And I won’t!)

Look, I have paid my dues to the Republican Party…. and then some. All I expect in return is for the party not to dishonor me, not insult me, and to live up to their promises, or go down in flames while trying to implement conservative polices.

The Republican Party has now changed. It is no longer a political party for conservatives. My “discomfort level” is such that I am currently looking at the American Conservative Party, which is now in the formation stages. (You’ll find The American Conservative Party at: )

I am approaching my 7th decade on this planet. I have learned, in all that time, that my father was correct. I think it was Will Rogers who said: “The older I get, the smarter my father gets!” I have discovered that truth and before he died I made damn sure my father knew that I KNEW he was right all along. He taught me: Honor. He taught me to protect the family name from tarnish. He taught me to have respect. He taught me to do my duty… even in the face of adversity. And he taught me to always, always, be my own man, never compromising my beliefs to anyone for any reason.

Let me tell you, in this era of compromise, having the internal fortitude to stand by what you believe and not bend, come what may, is an extremely unpopular thing to do. But, then, I never much cared whether people liked me or not.

My decision on John McCain as President was made in 2000. Nothing has changed to cause me to question that decision since. In fact, much has happened to enforce my belief that I made the correct decision. In any event, I cannot in good conscious vote for McCain, and I won’t.

Please don’t expect me to help save a political party, which has used me, abused, me, lied to me, and even dishonored me. I cannot, I will not, do it. If you feel compelled to do so, then by all means do so. I will not try to dissuade you. But I cannot.


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Why were those Russian Bombers not shot down???

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on February 14, 2008

Why Were Those Russian Bombers Not Shot Down?
Only now are we learning that Russian “Bear” bombers overflew US ships, including at least one carrier, over the weekend. Read the story here:

Now, this was an obvious provocation on the part of the Russians who are back to their “bullying” ways again. The Russian has been in the past the biggest bully on the planet. The ONLY treatment for a bully is a sharp punch in the nose! That is why the US Navy should have shot those two Russkie bombers down and sent a message to Putin, “send more and we’ll shoot them down, too”!

There is one trait, at least one, the Asiatic military and the Slavs’ (meaning the Russkies) military use in common. That is to wait until the US has it’s attention diverted to some other trouble spot of the world and then pull some stunt, or other, they know they cannot get away with under ordinary circumstances… unless, of course, there is a democrat administration in the US. They are counting on the democrats winning the November election to make their moves. And move they will… shortly after our new President is sworn in. I expect a move in the Balkans almost immediately. Then I expect some sort of mutual protection pact between Russia and Iran soon afterwards. There is a reason the Russians are probing our military.

Look, Putin is flexing his muscles. The old KGB hack is plagued with an inferiority complex the size of his country! He and that little sawed-off jerk in Iran are like two peas in a pod.

No amount of cajoling, or jaw jacking (meaning diplomacy) will work with these two bullies. The only way to treat them is to knock them flat on their posteriors and dare them to get up. That is my recommendation to Mr. Bush.

Oh, sure! He’s going to take my advice… right? Ain’t going to happen. No, we’ll play along and get our noses rubbed in our own feces and urine by those two “toughies” until we get a commander-in-chief with the testosterone to do what should have been done all along. Problem is, by the time we get around to it, The Russkies and Iranians will have grown so powerful, militarily, that we will have a major bloodletting on the battlefield.

Therefore, my recommendation is that we pop them, right now; before they are more than the pipsqueaks they are… and get their attention.

Putin is planning something. A reader tipped me off some time back. He is flush with Petro money and a rich Russia is always a threat. They dream constantly of empire. The NATO forces we have in place simply are no match for the Russkies anytime they wish to roll over them. If I am right, that will be sooner rather than later and it will be in the Balkans.

In the meantime… shooting down a couple of Tupolev 95 “Bear” Bombers would send a message of our own.


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A Message to American Conservatives

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on February 13, 2008

 The message below is from a “ablur” a Conservative blogging buddy of mine and a friend to Hurricane Alley. We felt the message was important enough that conservatives needed to hear it. So we have posted it below:
February 12, 2008

Dear Fellow Conservative:

As an American Conservative, I have some sad news to tell you today. I also have some good news that I will share with you.

You have probably noticed that your only choice for president, in this election, is a liberal. I know, some will try to claim some modest level of conservatism but a careful look under the cloak of half truths you will find a liberal standing before you. Recognizing this fact and preparing for the inevitable, barring some miracle, will only help us to rise to the challenge. Now is not the time to turn away or blindly thrust your head in the sand. There is work to be done.

Our congress is another disaster. It cannot accomplish a single task and has stalled our nation. This may too fall to the liberals who are so eager for power. They will quickly remind you of their superior intellect and their determination to save the world through the failed philosophy of socialism. They may strive to make some dramatic changes to our great nation and if we sit back and do nothing, they will succeed.

The good news is that there is a chink in the armor of liberalism. Liberalism demands power and dominance and our constitution puts us in charge. Oh, they will try and put you at ease and say they got it all under control. They may even try to silence the critiques of their grand schemes, but as long as we stick together they will remain impotent.

Keeping power is more important to the liberal then their ideals. They will sacrifice any and all who stand in the way of power. They must come back to “we the people” to retain that brass ring. If we turn our backs and walk away from the right to vote that so many have died for, we have let them win.

Now is our finest hour. We the Moral Conservative Majority have the ultimate trump card in our hand. We have the capacity to dethrone them and there is nothing they can do to keep us from it. We have the election process and the impeachment process at our disposal. All we need to do is stay organized and informed.

We have the ability to feed and support each other knowing that, no one of us has all the answers. The liberals in their superior then thou throne rooms have only themselves. It has been measured that conservatives make up more than three-fourths of our great nation. We come in every political bent; Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Constitutional, Green, and so many more.

Set aside your political affiliation and take a moment to focus on your core conservative beliefs. We are the people of the United States of America and we can set the agenda. Let us start by unifying in conservative locations, both in body and on the Internet. Each of us has unique talents and knowledge that can help all of us keep our government in check. If each of us does three things we can make a difference and save this nation. All three of these things are in everyone’s reach no matter your race religion or financial standing.

1. Stay informed of what is going on around you.

2. Share and interpret this information with everyone and anyone you can.

3. Write letters and hold your representatives feet to the fire, from the neighborhood watch to the President of the United States.

The first one should be a breeze; you live and work where you are. You know those around you and what goes on where you live. You don’t need to stretch much to make a difference.

The second one will require you to actually act on what you believe and know. No matter your specialty, interpret and report to fellow conservatives what you see and hear. The liberal media isn’t going to help us stay informed. We will have to blog and spend time on forums to pass information along. We will have to spend a few minutes each day getting the word out and taking in what is going on elsewhere that may affect us. Use the knowledge and skill of fellow conservatives to keep you informed.

The third one will be our shining star, reminding the pandering power mongers who is really in charge. They won’t make a move against a unified body of conservatives bent on taking away the only thing that really matters to them, power. They will follow lock step as a bull firmly grasped by the ring in his nose, if we stay engaged.

I would like to take this moment to recommend a place to share and build conservative unity, the American Conservative Forum. This is not just a fun hang out, but a place for serious conservatives who want to take America back and hold our leaders accountable. A place for people who are willing to do their part and use their God given talents and skills to keep our government in check, by informing the rest of us so we can act in mass.

Many of us have become disenfranchised from our government and we have cast our one vote away. It is no longer about one vote. It is about all of us, as one, casting a vote for conservative principals totaling epic proportions of conservative presence in American Politics. We have failed to unify for almost one hundred years and we have been given the government we deserve.
Are YOU ready to take it back?

Take your first step. Post, print or email this message to everyone you know. Join the American Conservative Forum and let’s start restoring America.



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