Hurricane Alley… by J. D. Longstreet

The Pivot Point in American History.

By J. D. Longstreet


When you cut through all the smoke and mirrors and hot air this election is about whether the US will continue to exist as a proud, free, nation, or drop into socialist slavery. When historians look back on this day, they will say it was the day, the point in history, which changed America.  Will America remain free, or will America retreat and surrender to the forces of socialism?  The choice is ours, America. 


When the great warrior leader of the Israelites, Joshua, had control handed to him upon Moses’ death, the tribes were bickering among themselves as they approached the very doorstep of the Promised Land.  Finally, Joshua had had enough!  He called them together and challenged them:  “Choose you, this day, whom you will serve!  As for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord!”


And so it is that today, Americans are called to choose whom they will serve.  We will choose to commission certain, from among us, to have power over us. This is an awesome thing.  It is voluntary submission. But, it is how a representative republic operates. We must be certain that those we elect are not shallow, empty suits, interested in power for power’s sake.  That will defeat the purpose of our republic.  It will also place this republic in immense danger.


Our enemies gather today… and watch.   They pray for Americans to turn the power of this government over to those who will appease them.   Their intention is to conquer the US and they will be happy if the electorate of the US makes it much easier for them to accomplish that mission by electing weak spined, naïve, people to fill the seats of power in our government.


If we choose today to turn this government over to those who cannot, for whatever reason, understand this nation is at war for it’s life, then there will be a heavy price to pay.  Just as 9-11, and the two wars which followed, in my opinion, was the price we paid for electing the last democratic administration, we can expect an even heavier price for returning that element to power in the government of the US.


As I cast my ballot one week ago today, I thought of my family, of my wife, of my children and my grandchildren.  I was reminded that I have a responsibility to ensure, as far as it is within my power, that they have a guaranteed future as a free people. I could not do that by voting for the Democratic Party.  To vote for the freedom and security of my family I had no choice but to vote for the Republican candidates.


You see, I believe Americans have forgotten that for a free nation, national security comes first, above all things. Without the security of our nation, nothing else is possible. Without national security even that which has already been accomplished is in danger.  An unsecure nation can only exist at the mercy of it’s enemies. And that mercy, once extended, and accepted, becomes the chain and the shackles that enslave entire nations.    


I believe it was the Apostle Paul who once said:  “It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of God!”  He was, of course, correct.  I am convinced this nation was created, by God, as a beacon for the people of this world.  As such we Americans are answerable to God for our actions as a nation. We are also told, by the scriptures, that God punishes those he loves.   When we act as a God fearing nation, this nation does well.  When we fail, we pay the price.  When we make the right decisions we prosper.  When we make the wrong decisions we suffer.


We stand at the precipice of a decision today.  Two choices are presented for us from which to choose. As agents of free will WE must make that decision. Paraphrasing the words of the ancient Israelite warrior prophet Joshua, “America, choose you, this day, whom you will serve”!  Choose wisely, America, choose wisely.


J. D. Longstreet

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Whatever Happened to Illegal Immigration? … By J. D. Longstreet

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away… illegal Immigration was a serious problem and the legal citizens of that land were up in arms about it. Then the issue disappeared. What happened? Methinks the media happened.


Have you wondered why Illegal immigration dropped from the radar screens of the media during the presidential campaign? I have. I suspect many of you have, as well.


Where did it go? The illegal aliens are still with us. Some estimates range as high as 20 million illegals here now. Even more illegal immigrants live and work among us every day in the US. We still have a border so wide open that it begs citizens of other countries to steal across it and take up residence in this country. As a result, they are still coming, by day and by night. 


Some recent reports in the press indicate that since our financial crisis arose a huge number of illegals have returned to their hones. Let me ask you…doesn’t that validate the argument many of us made that the illegals are not here to become citizens of this great country? We have been saying, all along, they are here for the money. Now that the money has tightened up, and the job market has shrunk, they’re headed back home. 


But why aren’t the two candidates for president talking about it? It is my opinion that there is no meaningful difference between the stances on illegal immigration of the two men running for President of the US.


If the illegal immigration thing ever does bubble to the top of the discussion between the two men the American voter is not going to like what he hears.


For Instance:  Remember that John McCain co-sponsored the Senate immigration bill that would have legalized millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. and McCain still supports what he calls a “sensible” guest-worker program for workers who are in the country without legal documentation.  Once the heat was turned up on the campaign trail he called for strengthening penalties for those who hire undocumented immigrants.  


If we go back and look at McCain’s record in the Senate, on illegal Immigration, what we find is very troubling. John McCain has voted in the past to extend social security benefits to illegals who have broken into our country, taken jobs from American citizens, drained the treasuries of our states and local governments by running up welfare costs, overloaded our schools while forcing the local taxpayers to fork over the money to pay for it. Those same illegals have devastated our hospitals, especially the emergency departments, through non-payment of hospital bills, and they have practically crushed our courts and law enforcement organizations with criminal conduct.


On the other hand, Obama has voted not to cut off funds to those “sanctuary cities,” and he voted for the Senate immigration overhaul bill. You may recall that bill was supposed to create stronger border controls, but, when you look closely, you find the bill would actually expand the guest-worker program and, over time, legalize millions of undocumented, or illegal immigrant workers, already in the country today. Obama has also sponsored a bill, which would allow states to provide in-state tuition for illegal aliens and he even supports giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.


But we aren’t hearing about this today. Why is that? Could it be because neither side wants it brought up? The media, so in the tank for Obama, knows that if they bring it up in relation to John McCain, it opens the door on Obama’s stance on illegal immigration. In other words, you can’t talk about one without talking about the other because there is just not that much difference between them on Illegal Immigration. 


So… where does that leave the voter. I’m beginning to think the voter is complicit in all this. There is just no way the American voter can NOT know where these two men stand on illegal immigration. That said, why are so many voters going to vote for a candidate they do not agree with on illegal immigration? Because they feel they have no choice. I suspect the voters in both camps believe they are down to a choice between the lesser of two evils… again. I have to tell you… this is no way to run a country.


J. D. Longstreet

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Race as an Election Factor … by Alan Caruba

Race as an Election Factor

By Alan Caruba


I find it remarkable that so little attention has been paid to the role of race in the 2008 election, especially since, for the first time in the nation’s history, one of the parties has nominated a man who, though biracial, identifies himself as Afro-American or Black.


Throughout most of America’s elections, race was a factor, going all the way back to the way opponents of Thomas Jefferson spread rumors of a relationship between him and his slave, Sally Hemmings. Turned out the rumors were true, but Jefferson became our third president anyway.


Slavery, a racial issue, would eventually lead to a rupture among the states, much as the Founding Fathers had feared when they created the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederacy. A Civil War would be fought to settle the matter. What followed was a century of suppression of blacks and a resistance, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  that would erupt in the 1960s.


A lot of people, following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, concluded that, at last, America had put the issue of race and bias behind it. Not so. The vast majority of those in poverty today are descendents of those Black Americans who were granted a further layer of protection of their constitutional rights in the 1960s.


Add to them a whole new layer of society in the form of a huge influx of illegal aliens, primarily Mexicans and those of Hispanic descent, some of whom were granted citizenship via an amnesty in 1986. A second effort to provide amnesty to an estimated twelve million illegal aliens was defeated in 2006 due to a massive public outcry.


In a new book, “Segregation: The Rising Costs for America”, its authors argue that, “By the middle of this century, today’s minorities will constitute half of the U.S. population and that fast-growing population is disproportionately impoverished, ill-housed, poorly educated, and tenuously linked to labor markets.”


The book was published just as the financial system of the nation crashed, due almost entirely to laws that required mortgage loans, called sub-prime, be made to minorities in order that they be able to live in homes that it turns out they could not afford. Thus, a liberal program based on the view that the poor have a “right” to live beyond their means has created a crisis that has destroyed several banks and investment firms, and imperiled one of the nation’s largest insurance firms. Much of the value of stocks has been lost as well.


This is a financial crisis that is the direct result of a foolish notion that was entirely rooted in race. The problems associated with crime in America are largely rooted in race and the failure to stem the tide of illegal aliens. The nation’s jails are filled with minorities. The costs are measured in the billions.


It is one thing to open doors to opportunity. It is quite another to get people to walk through them. In the case of the illegal aliens, even the fences at the border could not keep them out and, once here, made them instant criminals breaking our laws.


One man has risen to challenge for the highest position in the land. He has been received by cheering throngs. And he is indisputably Black.


I think it would be a great mistake to think that Barack Obama’s racial identity would contribute to a reduction in any of the social problems afflicting America’s Black community. If anything, a Democrat controlled Congress is likely to repeat the same kinds of mistakes that produced the financial crisis.


Indeed, just as politicians used race in former times to influence the outcome of an election, Obama is the consummate politician and will do the same. If anything, Obama’s race, if he is elected, could lead to unrealistic expectations and possibly even social unrest.


Some may vote for him out of “white guilt” over offenses done to Blacks in a previous era, but no one living today ever owned a slave. Those whites who grew up in the segregated South, as often as not will tell you they were as trapped in its constrictions as Blacks. Most are glad to see the Jim Crow era gone.


But in countless ways segregation is not gone and it is practiced every day on a purely voluntary basis. Watch how students segregate themselves by race in a high school cafeteria. Watch how their parents segregate themselves by race when they attend church on Sunday.  Watch how the two races tend to congregate in largely separate sections of a community.


Segregation or human nature? Discrimination or the choice of people to live among those who share their race, their heritage, their values, their culture?  There’s a reason one can visit San Francisco’s or New York’s famed China Towns. Depending on where you live, tides of Russians, Indians, and of course Hispanics have created their own “towns.”


Remember, too, that even in Congress, there is a Black Caucus.


Race will surely be a factor in the 2008 election. It will be a factor long after.


Alan Caruba writes a weekly column posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, He blogs daily at


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WANTED: A Real Leader for America

WANTED:  A Real Leader for America. 

By: J. D. Longstreet



There are lots of different kinds of conservatives in the US.  Social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, political conservatives, religious conservatives, and the list goes on.  That is why it is so difficult to define exactly what a conservative is and who is a true conservative. Me?  Well, I am a conservative who can identify with everyone of the categories above… and then some.


As a conservative conservative… I am looking for a leader for America.  I don’t mean another limp-wristed suck-up who’ll go, hat in hand, to our fair-weather friends in Europe, and the UN, seeking permission to take care of America’s business, no matter what that business for America happens to be.  No!  I want a leader who will act and act without worry or more than passing consideration for what the remainder of the world thinks. See, I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks!


I want a leader who will NOT cross the aisle and “group hug” the democrats and socialists! I want a leader who will run the government in spite of their protestations of gloom and doom and certain apocalypse.  I want a leader who will put America first, above all else, and everyone else, and not try to save the planet as some in our government hallucinate about.


For instance, I want a leader that will go bomb the hell out of Iran and be done with it, and, when they recover, and begin, again, to build that A-bomb they are hell bent on constructing, bomb them again, and again, until they give up the idea… or die in the rubble of what used to be their country.


As a conservative I am sick to death of the namby-pamby “leaders” who wet themselves when a florescent light bulb pops in the capitol building.  I have had it with leaders who want to run to the nearest negotiating table when an enemy of this country makes threats against my fellow citizens and me.  I am nearly overcome with loathing for the appeasers and the talkers and the whiners and all the bitching and moaning, and hand wringing, and tree hugging, and pagan earth worship, and saving the planet by not using the resources God gave us to use.


I am nearly overcome by the total disconnect between the American governing families from the America Aristocracy who have no idea what the people they purportedly represent want.  Since our founding, we have actually created an American nobility to rule America, and we must disassemble that artificial nobility and get them out of the seat of our government and return it to the common man where it should have been all along. 


My kind of conservative does not want someone in charge (notice I did not say leader!)  who must seek a consensus.  Consensus is not leading!  Leading is, well, LEADING.  It means getting the hell out front and staying there while compelling others to follow. Leading is NOT bipartisanship!  America was not built by bipartisanship. My kind of conservative wants a leader who knows, instinctively, that we are at war with the political left in this country… and… if we are to remain a free country and not a mirror image of the European socialist states we must continue to combat the left at every turn.  It must be a “no quarter” conflict.  


And THAT is why Sarah Palin has brought life back to the conservative movement in America.  She seems to us the very person who will lead… and lead from the front.   She seems to us to be ready to move into the Oval Office as a true leader, at a moment’s notice, and spit in the eye of the left wing naysayers while doing it. Of the four persons running for the two highest offices in the land Mrs. Palin seems to have the most testosterone of any of them.  And we LIKE that!


My kind of conservative wants a true leader and not an apologist for Lenin and Marx and all the left wing socialists already in our government.


So, don’t try to convince me that America’s continued greatness depends on how many pip-squeak nations we bribe with foreign aid to love us!  Don’t try to convince me that we have to be part of the United Nations, quite likely the most corrupt organization on the face of the earth, to guarantee peace on earth.  Don’t try to convince me that duplicating the socialist statism of Europe is the road to greatness.  Because you will fail!  


I have lived through America’s climb to greatness beginning with the Second World War.  I have seen the struggles, taken part in the struggles, and I know what it has cost us.  And I, as a conservative, will not go quietly, silently, into the night while observing this country commit itself to mediocrity and, eventually, the ash heap of history, as another “has-been” nation which died by it’s own hand.


America was not built by our American ancestors to be a “second best” nation, an “also ran” nation.  The people who built America built her from the ground up to lead the world.  Our recent presidents have lost sight of that navigational point, a reference point left for them by those great American leaders who went before them.  As American citizens we must refocus our government toward understanding America’s role in the world as “The Leader”.  Nothing else is acceptable.


J. D. Longstreet









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America’s Unsecured Borders.

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America NEEDS Borders!


A country cannot call itself a “sovereign” country if it is not in control of its borders. A country cannot claim control of its territory IF it DOES NOT control its borders.


I am of the opinion, and have been for a few years now, that there is a movement afoot within the government of this country(?) to do away with borders entirely. It is a “globalist” movement.  It is the nutty idea that we are all brothers and sisters and we are one country (You know… “We are the world”…), not the 194 countries recognized AS countries by the US State Department today.


I am referred to often, by those who disagree with me, as being a “nationalist”.  I plead guilty.  I AM a nationalist… and proud of it!


Back in the days of yore, when I went to school, we students DID stand at our desks, hands over hearts, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag EVERY morning. Before the school system had an intercom system all students met for “morning assembly” in the school’s auditorium.  It was there we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and then, the principal would read a bit of scripture and we all recited the Lord’s Prayer”…and then… we began out studies.  We KNEW OUR country was America… the United States of America.  There was no confusion about it.  We knew where the borders were and we knew why they were there… and, again, we KNEW WE were AMERICANS!   And we were PROUD!


The past couple of generations of American “scholars” haven’t been that fortunate. They are confused about who and what they are. They have no problem with outsiders sneaking across those invisible lines to our north and south… not to mention the eastern and western borders with their white sands and rocky outcroppings.


Seems to me there is a distinct lack of “belonging” amongst the baby-boomers and their offspring.  It is sad, really. 


Everyone NEEDS to belong.  It is a part of being a human being. But, there is also a reason we have tribes and clans and families and, yes, COUNTRIES.  The need to belong, though strong, is simply not strong enough to encompass a world, any world.  Embracing the world as your family is one of those liberal, feel good, warm and fuzzy philosophies that is, well, awfully nice to sit around, taking deep drags from a self rolled tetrahydrocannabinol cigarette (POT!) and mindfully musing while contemplating your navel. Other than that, it is totally worthless.


Our friends on the left have been dismantling families and clouding the meaning of the word “family” in a successful attempt to disconnect us from the nucleus of society.


Now, I am not a frequent visitor to the conspiracy theory farm, where those things are grown, but occasionally, a new thought springs fourth, unbidden, and it seems to have some validity.  Currently, I have begun to look askance at the possibility of a movement to merge all the world’s nations into a single global community. Of, course that would, of necessity, require a central government.  That is to say… a one-world government. To make it possible, one must first disconnect those he wishes to reconnect to a world community, from their most important connection, and that is… their family. How?  You redefine family.  And that is what has happened. 


Now, how has this any effect on what is happening on America’s southern border?  Well, I refer you to the second paragraph of this piece… where you will find the words: “nutty idea”. 


There is undeniably a movement underway, in our government, to merge the three countries of the North American continent (Mexico, The US, and Canada) into a single entity. We know this, although all parties concerned vehemently deny it.  Allowing a free flow of citizens of all three countries, back and forth across the borders, will only hasten the day when we Americans will perceive our borders as, well, unnecessary.  I mean, why have borders when we have become one “super-country” anyway? Forgive my paranoia here if I sniff a conspiracy in the works!


I would remind you, the ONLY reason our southern border is being abused by our neighbors to the south is simply because the US Government wants them to do exactly what they are doing, flowing into our country in a virtual human tsunami which has already supplanted the largest minority in the country, African-Americans, and moved them into second place. The Latinos are now the number one minority in the US. 


If the US government wanted the southern border secured they could do it… almost overnight.  We have the means and the materiel.  What we do NOT have is a government with the will to do it. It is as simple as that.


I have warned a number of times that eventually the citizens of this country will take matters into their own hands as they have done so many times in the country’s history.  When that happens, it will not be pretty, and it will most likely lead to a confrontation between the US Military and US Civilians. As I said… it will not be pretty.


I wish I could offer a solution.  I mean, a solution that would solve the problem without violence.  But each day that passes without the US government doing its duty by securing our borders, especially our southern border, only increases the momentum of the coming violent conflict along the southern border.


J.D. Longstreet   

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“Revised” History

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The Lies of “Revised” History


Why is no one correcting the lies that the US stole all that land in the Southwest from Mexico???  Could it be they want us to remain ignorant on the subject?  Do you suppose?


OK, let’s set the record straight and look at some facts.


First, The Mexican War:

The Mexican War began with a Mexican attack on American troops along the southern border of Texas on Apr. 25, 1846. It ended when the US occupied Mexico City on Sept. 14, 1847.   A peace treaty was signed at Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2nd, 1848. Mexico officially recognized the US annexation of Texas and ceded California and New Mexico plus, all the present-day states of the Southwest, to the United States.

Nicholas P. Trist represented the United States and signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for the US.  A special commission, representing the collapsed government of Mexico, signed for the country of Mexico.

So, what was in the treaty?  Well, under the terms of the treaty, Mexico ceded to the United States Upper California and New Mexico (including Arizona…) and… Mexico recognized U.S. claims over Texas, with the Rio Grande as its southern boundary.

So what about the money?  Who got what? The United States paid Mexico $15,000,000, …and… assumed the claims of American citizens against Mexico ($3.25 Million), … and… recognized prior land grants in the Southwest, … and…  offered citizenship to any Mexicans residing in the area.  Then, a few years later, the US bought the land that is now Arizona and New Mexico from Mexico for another 6 million dollars. 

OK, so why did we need that additional land?

After the end of the Mexican-American War, in 1848, there were still border disputes between the United States and Mexico. Land that now makes up lower Arizona and New Mexico just happened to be land that a proposed southern route for a transcontenental railroad would pass through. President Franklin Pierce was convinced by none other than Jefferson Davis (Later the First President of the Confederate States of America), then the US Secretary of War, to send James Gadsden (who, by the way, had personal interests in the rail route) to negotiate the Gadsden Purchase with Mexico. An agreement was arrived at under which the U.S. paid Mexico $10 million.  But… it seems, there was a problem with the money. See,  even though the agreement specified $10 million, the US Congress only agreed to pay $7 million. When the money finally arrived in Mexico City, $1 million, somehow,  had been lost, and, as a result,  $6 million was the amount Mexico actually got for the sale of that land.  Hey, they set the price… we paid it!

Run the numbers and you will find that the US paid Mexico $24, 250,000.00 (24 million, two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand) US dollars for the land in the Southwest US which many claim, today, we (The US) stole! 

You know, I get a bit tired, and even short-tempered, with folks who attempt to perpetuate an untruth by the act of sheer ommission.  As  a Southerner, I know how that can hurt.  To say the US stole all that land in the Southwest is a flat-out lie.  So, 24 and-a-quarter-million isn’t much money?  Not by today’s standards, perhaps, but back in the mid 1800’s we’re talking about somewhere in the area of $600,000,000.00!  Now that IS big bucks!

So, next time you hear someone prattling on about how the US stole all the southwestern United States from Mexico, set them straight.  Tell them we bought it and we paid for it .  If they refuse to believe you refer them to the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty and the Gadsden’s Purchase a few years later.  It’s all there.  It’s a part of history.  A part of history students in the American government schools apparently never hear about.

Of course, the claims that we stole the land from Mexico is all a part of the propaganda being employed to saddle Americans with more undeserved guilt.  People who feel guilty will ofttimes respond in the way those proding them wish them to respond.  That is what is hoped for with all the unmitigated garbage heaped on America today. 

Actually, as I view the relationship between the US and Mexico today, I tend to agree with those who feel we ought to annex the entire country of Mexico and run it as an American territory.   I mean, it’s not like we are not supporting the country of Mexico these days.  The billions of US dollars a year pouring into Mexico, from their citizens who have burglerized the US, is staggering! Not to mention how much money Mexico saves by exporting their poverty to the United States!

The propaganda mills of the poilitical left continue to crank out distorted versions of history.  Few ever question the veracity of the claims the US “stole” what is now the southwestern United States from Mexico. 

Get ready for more of the same, especially if the liberal/socialists gain, as we expect they will, in the elections this November. The Amnesty Bill will be back and this time, it will be passed, because they don’t give a damn what the American people want! They see “V O T E R S “  and  “C H E A P   L A B O R”.  No matter which of the candidates for President wins, support for the Amnesty Bill is solid with either one of them.  The Immigration Bill, the Amnesty Bill, is an abomination.  I’ll be leaning on my Senators from North Carolina, over the months ahead, to vote against that bill every time it comes up. But, frankly, I expect it to pass in the next Congress. 

J.D. Longstreet

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“The Great Slap Down of the Senate”

To say I am proud of Conservatives, all over America, who, yesterday sent a message to the US Senate, and to the US Congress as a whole, would be an understatement!

The phone calls, the emails, the faxes, the letters, from all the angry conservatives to the senators, was so great the Senate telephone system actually crashed! But… they got the message!

Actually, they got several messages from the American people. One, we are watching and listening, two, we have had it with their self-imposed “disconnect” with us, and three, we will not allow them to get away with unresponsive government any longer!

Gone are the days when the legislative branches of the US government could do, pretty much, what they pleased with very little worry, if any, about their constituents back home being aware of what they were doing. Now we have the Internet. We have information at our fingertips… and we have the means to communicate our feelings, our likes and dislikes, and our concern, instantly, with those who govern us.

That is what happened, this week, with The Amnesty Bill. The electorate flexed its muscles and won!

We demanded the government secure the border with Mexico FIRST… before ANYTHING else is done… and then, and only then, will we allow any kind of legislation to overhaul the immigration laws in this country.

Seal the border. Secure it. Stop the hordes slipping across for only God, Himself, knows what, and then we’ll talk about what to do with those already here.

We need the border fenced off… not 300 miles… but all the way from California to the Gulf of Mexico. It CAN be done. So far we have not had the willingness, by our legislators to do it. They STILL don’t want to do it, even after the fiasco and embarrassment of the “Great Slap Down of the Senate” by the American electorate this week! But rest assured, it WILL be done before the American people allow the Congress to squander more of OUR money on patchwork plans and feel-good legislation to grant citizenship, in any way, to those who have broken the law by illegally entering the United States.

We will not stand for Amnesty in any form.

But, we have work to do, still. The Senate is royally PO’ed at Conservative Talk Radio blaming the Conservative talkers for the defeat of that abomination of a bill.

So what will they do? They will do what we have been warning they will do for the past few weeks and months. They are going to try to shut down Conservative Talk Radio with the revival of the so-called Fairness Doctrine and a new Equal Time ruling. It’s coming as surely as night follows day. They are angry with conservatives now as they haven’t been in a very long time… and we can expect a counter attack. In all likelihood it will come by way of a bill to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine.

So, get the e-mails, and the faxes, and the phone calls, and the letters ready. Keep your keyboards hot and your dialing finger ready. We have more work to do.

May I suggest that if you have friends, or acquaintances, who still believe that the voters of the US have no power to influence what goes on in the US government, recount for them what just happened this week with the defeat of the Amnesty Bill by the voters. I can think of no better example of the power we wield when aroused to anger. What we saw this week was a manifestation of the righteous anger of the American citizens. Had the Senators not been so out of touch with their constituents, they would have seen this coming. It simply points up just how out of touch they really are.

With the entire US House of Representatives up for re-election in 2008, we have a lot of clout when they bring up the Fairness Doctrine in the House. Conservatives should gather our strength for that battle which is just peeking over the political horizon.


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