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“How Obama and the Democrats will Destroy the U.S. Economy” by Alan Caruba

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How Obama and the Democrats will Destroy the U.S. Economy” by Alan Caruba at:

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Darwin Got it Wrong and It’s Not What You’re Thinking By Alan Caruba

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Darwin Got it Wrong and It’s Not What You’re Thinking

By Alan Caruba


Charles Darwin got it wrong. This is not to disparage the man. Science is an ever evolving process and scientific theories are subject to being replaced by newer knowledge. Most certainly, Darwin (1809-1882) got everyone thinking about evolution, but the problem is that evolution is not a slow process. It happens very fast.


Indeed, Darwin’s friend, the famed biologist, Thomas Huxley, supported aspects of Darwin’s theory, but didn’t believe that evolution was gradual. Then, too, Darwin had to contend with those who believe that Noah built an ark and put two of all the creatures of the Earth on it. Religion is a great comfort, but it is no substitute for science.


I first became acquainted with Robert W. Felix through is book, Not by Fire, but by Ice, that pointed out that the Earth is on the cusp of a new ice age. Insofar as the Earth is now fully a decade into a new cycle of cooling, one that could last several decades or evolve into a new, full blown ice age, Felix not only got it right, but, in the course of writing his book, discovered an even more frightening scenario.


Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps: The True Origin of the Species is Felix’s new book (available from and, were it not for fans like myself and others, it is not likely to make it to the cover of leading news magazines or become a segment on “Sixty Minutes.” It will be largely ignored by the mainstream news media for the same reason they ignored his first book. Enthralled by the bogus “global warming” hoax, the mainstream media will find his new book equally appalling for its presentation of facts that run contrary to their ignorance.


Felix is far from alone in this view that new species are not the result of a long accretion of changes. The late paleontologist, Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002) popularized that field of science with articles and books. Gould noted, “Gradualism is not a fact a fact of nature. Most new species appear with a bang, not a protracted crescendo.” Fossil records demonstrate that a species remains unchanged for millions of years before abruptly disappearing, “only to be replaced just as rapidly with a species that is, though clearly related, substantially different. Nature does take leaps.”


Felix’s great talent comes both in his ability to read and absorb the writings of scientists from different fields of study, and in his ability to explain complex issues to people like myself. I always remind readers that, while I am a science writer, I am not a scientist. Felix is a science writer and one who brings a great deal of passion to his quest to understand the history of the Earth and the life that appears to distinguish it from others in our galaxy.


While researching ice ages for his previous book, he became intrigued by a phenomenon that always coincides with them, magnetic reversals. In addition to mass extinctions of species that always accompanied magnetic reversals, Felix and others noticed that new species replaced them. For example, human beings are, in the long history of the Earth, 4.5 billion years, are “blindingly new”, having existed a mere 200,000 years.


“Mass extinctions,” writes Felix, “have been the rule, rather than the exception, for the 3.5 billion years that life has existed on this planet. Almost identical, each extinction was abrupt, each was extensive, and each was caused by some temporary, unexplainable event.”


Permit me to pause at this point and note the vanity and idiocy of those who demand that humans must conserve every species on Earth, no matter the cost involved. This nation has spent billions via the Endangered Species Act. In a similar fashion, the notion that humans are responsible for a non-existent “global warming” is the justification for measures that will wreck the economies of nations and cause untold losses of human life thanks to famines that should be avoided.


The next time you hear or read the word “environmentalist”, you should also hear and read “fascist” for the core of the environmental movement is the belief that human beings are “a cancer” on the Earth and should be reduced to a minimum.


The real threat to life on Earth are magnetic reversals, as revealed by magnetostratigraphy, the study of the magnetic properties of ancient layers of sediment (strata) now hardened into rock. Major reversals “appear to occur in sync with ice ages” and other measurements of time. “And it happens fast!” says Felix.


The Earth is at the end of a cyclical interglacial period. Such periods are about 11,500 years in length and it has been 11,500 years since the last ice age. That portends that another magnetic reversal is due as well.


Though decried as “deniers”, those of us who have been skeptical of the claims of Al Gore and the legion of global warming charlatans, the real deniers are those refuse to acknowledge the facts put forth and explained in Felix’s new book.


Those who would have you dramatically alter your lifestyle, by ending the use of oil, natural gas, and coal for energy, by installing thousands of wind turbines and miles of solar panels, are willfully ignoring the signs that the Earth is poised to enter a new age in which life as we know it—including our own—will be dramatically changed and to a large extent even exterminated.


There is nothing humans can do about this.


Alan Caruba writes a daily blog at Every week, he posts a column on the website of The National Anxiety Center,


© Alan Caruba, November 2008




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Environmentalism vs. Socialism (Updated … slightly)

Environmentalism vs. Socialism (Updated … slightly)

By J. D. Longstreet


Nearly every sentient individual in the United States is arriving at the conclusion that Global Warming is a crock. (Some sooner than others.) Millions of Americans have reached this conclusion, already, and it just irks the living daylights out of the Socialist Left.


When you place environmentalism along side Socialism, and consider them, they are so much alike it is frightening. Both want to control society, especially a capitalist society. Socialism, it would seem, has a new home… the environmental movement.


REAL scientist will tell you the climate is warming, slightly, simply because the sun is warming.  Whoops, there goes the global warming hoax.


The Kyoto Treaty would have creamed the economy of the US. Why, even Bill Clinton knew that. The Congress had the good sense to turn it down, flat…even while Clinton was still in the oval office.


Now, if you know anything, at all, about running a business, you know the cost of doing business is passed on to the consumers of the products that business produces.


So, when the “Greenies” scream that Big Business will not pay the price to upgrade their equipment to meet the extremely high standards for clean air they endorse, just know that that claim is a crock, too. If you know business, you know business will not bear that cost. The consumers will. When the consumer refuses to pay that increased cost, production is cut back.  When production is cut back, jobs are cut back.  It is a vicious cycle and, Dear Reader; it is a cycle that would take us back to the Great Depression in just a few short years.


In the past few weeks we have seen evidence of just how fragile the economy really is. If the “Greenies” had the sense God gave a gnat, they’d know their demands would crash the US economy… unless, of course, that is exactly what they want.


So, look again at the environmentalist movement and compare it with the Socialists.  Then decide for yourself if you really want to support a movement bent on the destruction of he US. 


It would be near impossible to decide which is the more dangerous to the US… Environmentalism, or Islamofacism.  Both, it would seem, want our destruction. 


J. D. Longstreet

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Global Warming and the Arrogance of Man

“Never again will I doom the earth because of man…”   By: God


The title above was taken from the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the 8th Chapter the 21st verse.


So here we are, man, taking credit for destroying the earth, which God, Himself has told us he will not allow.


I, along with a host of other “deniers”, have been screaming from the rooftops, Man-Made Global Warming doesn’t exist!   It is the absolute height of arrogance for human beings to believe they have to power to destroy something God has made and placed his personal guarantee on. But, we’re doing it.


I want to refer you to an article titled: “What God Thinks About Anthropogenic Global Warming”.  Kevin Roeten wrote it.  You’ll find it at:


In his article, Mr. Roeten makes a statement and asks the following question: Believing one has the power to affect an entire planet’s ecosystem is presumptuous at best and rashly arrogant at worst. God is either laughing at the sheer audacity of such an endeavor, or crying at the outcome of such egotistical actions. Are some of us telling God that man is in charge now?”


As a fellow who counts himself among the religious, I must tell you that much of the claims of the Man-Made Global Warming crowd, and the Climate Change crowd, stun me.  I feel as if I should be dodging lighten bolts, hurled from on high, at the arrogant souls making such ludicrous claims.  And yet they continue to do it… and worse, they have sold it to many of our mainline Christian churches.  That is another reason I have washed my hands of Organized Religion.


                  Man-Made Climate Change not so… er… Man-Made?


Fred Singer an atmospheric and space physicist says it is the sun.


The “experts” tell us the science is “settled” on global warming.  They tell us mankind pumping so much CO-2 into the atmosphere has, and is, causing it. Then they use the guilt trip they have imposed on fellow human beings to shame us into completely altering the way we live.  It is the oldest con game in the book. And the peoples of the planet are falling for it.


I have heard the question asked, and even I have asked it, myself:  How did Hitler manage to entice an entire nation to follow him into insanity?  Actually, it is quite easy. Propaganda.  As an old advertising man, I can tell you, it IS possible to sell anything if you package it correctly and if you create a desire in the consumer for it.  If you lead the consumer, your target audience, to believe that all his neighbors are using and endorsing whatever it is you are selling, you have a successful sales campaign.  Works every time.  It worked for Hitler and it is working for the man-made global warming crowd. Except… the global warming hoaxers are much better than Hitler.  He only had to con a single nation.  They have taken on the world and they have had brilliant success. 


So how have they done it?  With emotion!  Plain and simple.  Human emotion.  Hoaxsters play on human emotions, especially guilt.  They do it because it works!   Human emotion will run roughshod over human rationality every time. Think about it.  The world is being destroyed and you are the cause of it!   Guilt. 


Let’s face it. Most of us do not understand the so-called science behind the claims of Man-made Global Warming.  Most of us are not scientists.  The fact that we don’t understand it brings a degree of shame. (Remember emotion)  We drive our nice cars and trucks and live in our nice homes and wear our nice clothes and along comes someone who has a scientific formula, which we do not understand, to tell us that all these things we are enjoying are causing death and destruction to our fellowman… to our home… the earth. We are ashamed and we feel guilty about what, we are told, are our excesses. The guilt we feel drives us to bow to the demands of those pointing their fingers at us and crying “shame, shame”.  Next thing you know, in order to feel good about ourselves, we are following the demands of the hoaxsters and have even joined the finger pointing group calling “shame, shame”: at the holdouts who HAVE bothered to take a second look, a RATIONAL look, at the claims made by the hoaxsters and found them far short on facts.


This entire Man-made Global Warming Hoax can be unveiled and destroyed if the public would only stop and think rationally for a few minutes.


It is up to each of us to look closely at the claims the hoaxsters are making and with a little fundamental research we can debunk it.


If you remember any of your grammar school and high school science you already know that the earth goes through heating and cooling periods.  It is the way of nature. It is as natural as sunrise and sunset. And, most important, it happens to be true.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand something about the Man Made Global Warming message. Then check the answers for accuracy. You have the greatest library in history at your fingertips… the Internet.


As a religious man, I believe that God created this planet as a home for us.  Man’s most heinous sin has always been his aspiration to be God, or to be LIKE God.  This Man-Made Global Warming scheme is simply more evidence that man has not yet learned that he is not big enough TO BE God. Not yet.  Not ever.


J. D. Longstreet






Perfection Is Not Required To Be A Christian… Nor A Republican

Perfection Is Not Required To Be A Christian…  Nor A Republican 

By:  J. D. Longstreet



The Mainstream Media’s attempt to assault and erode evangelical Christian support of Sarah Palin, the GOP Vice Presidential candidate is going to backfire on them.


Since last weekend there has been a “media frenzy” over the admission of the McCain Campaign that Gov. Palin has a seventeen year old, unmarried daughter, five months pregnant.


First of all, it is wise to understand that the mainstream media in the US is the voice of the Democratic Party.  You have to keep that in mind to be able to interpret what they disseminate as “news”… especially during a campaign season. Of course, their leftist bias is quite obvious at any other season as well.


The MSM is so out of touch with real Americans, especially real Americans who subscribe to the Christian faith… and to parse it even more… real Americans who subscribe to the evangelical brand of the Christian faith, that they haven’t a clue that their attack on Sarah Palin and her family is actually solidifying Christian support of the Palins, not eroding it. 


If the MsM had even the least understanding of the Christian faith, especially the Evangelical Christian faith, they would know that perfection is not required to be a Christian.  Making the attempt IS required, however.


The one tenant of the evangelical Christian faith that runs through their faith, as a binding thread, is that piece of scripture that says:  “For ALL have sinned and fallen short …”.  It is the commonality of ALL Christians. All Christians were sinners before becoming Christians and, guess what… they remain sinners afterwards!  The difference is “forgiveness” of those sins, AND, the sinner’s never-ending quest to live a life as nearly in accordance to the teachings of Christ as a human being, with all the frailties of humanity can ever hope for.


The hallmark of the evangelical Christian is their ability to instantly forgive the transgressions of others upon the transgressor recognizing his/her sins, confessing them, and seeking forgiveness.  The arms of the evangelical church are flung wide open to accept, support, and even nurture those fellow “imperfect” Christians who have “fallen short”.  It is a hallmark of the faith.  To condemn the transgressor as somehow, worse than the rest of us Christians, is nothing short of hypocrisy… and hypocrisy is frowned upon as an arch sin, if there were, indeed, such a thing.


But you see, the Leftists and the MsM, which of course, is one and the same thing, have bought into their Hollywood version of Evangelical Christianity and they have come to actually believe their version is the true version.  It, apparently, has never crossed their minds that they could be wrong!  On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worse degree of “wrongness”,  then the MsM and the Democratic Party would be stuck on ten!


There is nothing quite so amusing as to watch the finger pointing of the left as it tries, vainly, to justify it’s own short comings by pointing to the short comings of others.  They have made it into a fine art. Having done so, they are totally unaware that it portrays them as kindergarten children seeking the acceptance of the adult in charge. But, finding an adult amongst the leftists is a near impossible task.  They are few and far between.  The end result is the increasing degree of pathos on the left.  They have become, absolutely, pathetic.


How long will it take for the Leftists to recognize their attack on the Palin family is actually helping the McCain camp?  Well, that is open to question.   As long as their vicious attacks continue, though, support for Gov. Palin will continue to grow and solidify among evangelical Christians, religious conservatives, and even the social conservatives of the Republican Party. 


The Left, meaning the Democratic Party, and, of course, the Mainstream Media, have all made a devastating error in judgment by assaulting the Palins. For in doing so, they have assured their own elitism, locked-in their self-perceived perfection, and validated what all us “bumpkins” out here in flyover country already knew… and that is… there is none quite so fallible as those who perceive themselves infallible.


So, while the evangelical community enfolds the Palins in their loving, forgiving, and supporting arms, we leave the MSM on the sidelines of this life to sneer and point fingers and catcall in the vain hope of drawing our attention away from their mistake riddled, pitiful existence, as morality judges.  They have become so captivated by their passion, that in their zeal they have forgotten their very own mantra: Do Not Judge”! 


The scriptures teach us to “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.  The Great Teacher, Himself, the Rabbi, the Christ, also told us “Ye shall know a tree by the fruit it bares.”  In other words, “recognizing by simple observation” is NOT judging.  Therefore, this humble scribe, in order to cover his bases, asks your forgiveness for observing that the MsM is, once again, acting as the elitist hypocrites we already know them to be. That is, of course, a simple observation on my part. That said… alas, we must forgive them, too.


J. D. Longstreet








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Playing God with “Endangered” Species … by Alan Caruba

Playing God with “Endangered” Species

By Alan Caruba


In mid-August Barack Obama had this to say about a White House decision regarding the Endangered Species Act: “After over 30 years of successfully protecting our nation’s most endangered wildlife like the bald eagle, we should be looking for ways to improve it, not weaken it.”


The White House executive order would eliminate the need for the advice of government scientists and permit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior and NOAA Fisheries of the Department of Commerce to determine whether to list or de-list an alleged endangered or threatened species.


Here’s an example why this decision was issued. In an effort to ensure that no exploration or drilling for oil could occur anywhere in the habitat of the polar bear, this species was put forward for listing as “endangered” even though its population has been growing steadily since the 1950s.


The reason cited, however, involved the projection of melting sea ice over the course of the next fifty years resulting from global warming. That’s right. A perfectly fine population of polar bears that have been around for millions of years is deemed “endangered” based on computer models for something that is not happening. As Interior Secretary Dick Kempthorne delicately put it, “It is not possible to draw a link between greenhouse gas emissions and distant observations of impacts on species.”


Well, no. It is possible if you are a government scientist with lots of time on your hands, a commitment to the idiotic and discredited notion of global warming, and a need to justify your existence. Or dare I say your survival?


The Earth is not warming. It has been cooling for a decade and many scientists have concluded that the Earth is heading into either another mini-Ice Age or a full-scale one that will pretty much ruin everyone’s plans for anywhere between the next fifty or few thousand years.


Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the Endangered Species Act. Originally adopted in 1973, the framers of the Act wanted to protect species believed to be on the brink of extinction. This is a noble idea, but 99% of all species that have existed on Earth are extinct. At some point or other, Nature steps in to kill them off. This is why there are no dinosaurs around except in Steven Speilberg movies and animated documentaries.


Despite ample evidence that the Act is a great waste of time and money, Congress has been funding the ESA ever since the first 109 species were listed.


According to the National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition, these days there are approximately 1,300 species on the list with another 250 considered as “candidates” for listing and another nearly 4,000 species designated as “Species of Concern.”


The ESA is testimony to the way stupid legislation, once it is passed, not only continues, but expands to ensure that government jobs and power do the same.


The website of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services provides six pages of small print listings of species put forth as “threatened” or “endangered.” You will find 120 were deemed to lack standing because, as often as not, there was “insufficient data” to demonstrate any threat existed or it was determined that there were plenty of the critters. Others were believed to have gone extinct just as Nature intended.


Another USFWS page lists 21 species as “recovered” since 1978 and 9 as “extinct.”  In order words, over its glorious 30 year history, the Act claims justification for the expenditure of millions of taxpayer dollars for less than one species per year of its existence. The same page lists 16 species that should never have been listed in the first place as lacking sufficient data and thus “de-listed.”


There is probably no way of knowing how many thousands of hours were wasted adjudicating these proposed listings, but if your job as a government scientist depends on such foolishness, you can bet it cost the taxpayers a bundle.


Here’s the kicker. The ESA officially expired on October 1, 1992. Congress has continued to fund it for sixteen years!


This is legislation that Sen. Obama claims should continue despite an abysmal record of performance and lacking any rational justification for its existence. Where is it written in the U.S. Constitution that the federal government should undertake to save any species?


Other than preserving the Bald Eagle from idiot hunters, what purpose was served in saving tree frogs, shrews, doves, and other species from presumed extinction?


The intended consequences of the Endangered Species Act have been the delay or loss of needed dams, highways, hospitals, and entire subdivisions of new housing for the nation’s growing human population. When some “concerned” environmental group secures a listing of some obscure species, the process mandated by the ESA ensures that progress will slow or defeat any a worthy project that would benefit humans.


The most endangered thing about the ESA is common sense and the humility to stand aside and let Nature do what it has done for millennia.


Alan Caruba writes a weekly column posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, He blogs daily at


© Alan Caruba, September 2008


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