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Is the Thompson Campaign OVER???

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on July 27, 2007

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Fred’s Got Some ‘Splainin To Do!!! 

As a conservative I have been pushing Fred Thompson to officially get into the race for President.  Up to now, he has been doing well.  Conservatives were flocking to his banner.  Now, however, things have changed!


The problem for conservatives is Spencer Abraham. Named recently by the Thompson Campaign as the Campaign Manager, Mr. Abraham has a record of advocating more or less “Open Borders “ with our neighbors to the South.


Illegal Immigration and stopping it is the keystone of the Conservative Movement at the moment.  For Mr. Thompson to bring on board a known advocate of open borders is nothing less than suicide for his campaign.

 We need to hear from Mr. Thompson about is reasoning and we need to hear from Mr. Thompson his stand on illegal immigration and securing the borders of this country.  Without an acceptable explanation for BOTH, Mr. Thompson’s campaign is OVER before it is begun! 


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Thompson Should Officially Announce!

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on July 24, 2007


Fred Thompson Has GOP Nomination Wrapped UP! All He Has To Do Is Announce!!!


As a conservative I have been holding my fire on the current slate of GOP Candidates… save for McCain. I have said, since sometime last year, that McCain could not win, and I didn’t think he would even get the nomination as the GOP’S candidate. Well, you see where Mr. McCain is today… on the sidelines.

 Now, I don’t consider myself a pundit, or a prophet. I’m just a little ole country boy, down here in the alligator invested swamps of North Carolina. But, The Creator gave me a fairly active brain and a dose of common sense, which as we all know… is not that common. I didn’t have to read sheep entrails, tea leaves, or Tarot cards to see, many months ago, that McCain could not last the entire race. It was a simple exercise in common sense. McCain is NOT A Conservative. That is all one needed to know. The same can be said of Giuliani and Romney. Neither of them will get the nomination either, unless there is an act of God.

The nomination will belong to Fred Thompson. Actually, it already does. All Fred has to do is announce. And I must tell you… patience is wearing thin here in the conservative ranks. We have all this bottled up enthusiasm, which we have not been able to use for a candidate and we are ready to make that huge push for our candidate to assure him the nomination. But we can’t do it ‘til Fred announces!!!

In the meantime, there is some fear among conservatives that Thompson has waited too long and the Democrats are sucking all the money from the political sphere. Conservative money is still in our pockets. It will go to the coffers of the Thompson campaign.

We were looking for an announcement in July. It didn’t come. Now we are told it will be September. Will we be told something else in September???

Look, we already know Mrs. Bill Clinton will be the Democrat candidate. Most likely her vice-presidential running mate will be Obama. No… not Edwards… not if she wants southern democrat votes. Edwards is an embarrassment to southern males and, frankly, most southern females! Mrs. Clinton’s people are smart enough to know that. So the ticket will be Clinton and Obama. That is whom we have to go after as conservatives.

Go after them, we will. But it would sure be a “huge” help if we had our own announced candidate, out there, doing battle with the democrats right now.

So, until our candidate IS announced, and out there in the arena, we will keep our powder dry and ready ourselves for battle… ready to ride to the sound of the guns.


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Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on July 21, 2007

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National Healthcare. A Socialist, Commie, Dream! A Free Man’s Nightmare!
We are continuing to lose our privacy, here in America, at an ever-increasing speed. There is hardly a place in America one can go, these days, without being seen by someone’s security cameras. I recently stood in a parking lot of one of the Big Box stores and counted 22 cameras zeroed in on the parking area, and entrances, and exits, to the store. And that was just on the OUTSIDE, at the front, of the store!

And those red-light cameras? Don’t get me started on that!!!

If you think Big Brother’s snooping is bad now… just wait… it will get worse, a LOT worse, if we allow it.

If you think it’s bad now, wait until we have national health insurance. (You know… Hillary Care????) Our every move will be monitored, and we will be directed, by the government, in every facet of our lives.

Weigh too much? Lose weight… or the government won’t pay for your medical bills.

Drive too fast? Slow down or the government won’t pay for your medical bills if you’re in an accident.

Smoke? The government won’t pay for your medical bills, period.

Have more than (two) kids? Your medical bills will not be paid if you exceed the allowable limit on babies.

Pregnant with a third child and the government insists that you have an abortion, but you really want this third child? Well, either have an abortion, or that third child will have no medical coverage and the cost of the pregnancy, and delivery, will not be covered, either.

Didn’t finish High School? Your medical bills will not be covered if you do not get a High School Diploma.

Take the wrong courses in college? Well, if you didn’t check before you signed up for a course, and you signed-up for a course the government thinks is uncalled for, or that you do not need for your chosen occupation… then your medical bills will not be picked up by the National Healthcare.

Own a gun? Why, everyone knows there is an epidemic of deaths due to handguns in America. So it is a health issue. National Healthcare will not pay for your medical bills until you turn in your guns to the government!

Choose the wrong career, and you are on your own! No medical help from the government.

Get the picture? Almost total control. And you, and I, will have given that power to the government! (or your employer) After a while, there won’t be much difference, anyway.

So, next time you hear someone calling for National Healthcare, remind them of all the freedom they will give up for that cradle to the grave care.

The founders of this country wanted us to live free. Healthy, if we can manage it, but free, in any event. Today, it seems, we are prepared to give our freedom up for a form of modern day Marxism… “Socialized Medicine”.

To paraphrase Shakespeare,
“Socialized Medicine by any other name, would still stink!”


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The Secret We Keep!

Posted in Education by J. D. Longstreet on July 20, 2007


The Secret We All Know But Will Not Speak Aloud.

The Marxist based politically correct movement has given Americans a sense of deep shame. It has also given us a sense of vulnerability we did not have before The Political Correctness Movement arrived from Europe onto our shores.As a result American dare not speak the truth… about anything. If one speaks the truth one may offend someone else and that is unacceptable in a society ruled by Marxism… excuse me, I mean… Political Correctness. Ask our cousins in the United Kingdom. They are smothered, practically to death, by layers of political correctness.Political correctness has forced the US to turn out several generations of students from our public schools with mediocre, or less than mediocre, educations. We turn out some of the dumbest students on the globe! Many receive diplomas they can’t even read! Foreign students run rings around our public school educated students.

This country’s education system used to be celebrated, world wide, as the best. Then, it collapsed.So, what happened?Integration happened. Then bussing happened. And

between the two we managed to destroy the world’s best public education system.

We saw the collapse as it happened, but nobody would stand up and point out what was happening… and why. There was the looming Damocles Sword over the heads of anyone stupid enough to cry foul! And, so, we allowed our public school system to die a slow and horrible death.
Now, I am aware that I will get comments on this article calling me a racist and a bigot. I understand that. Because, as a southerner, I have come to expect that from those so ignorant they have no clue how else to respond. So, I’ll just overlook those comments and continue on.First of all… I live in an integrated neighborhood. My neighbors, across the street, are black. My neighbors behind me, whose property abuts mine, are black. My neighbors, two doors down, are black. I hired the first black broadcaster and added him to the staff of an all white broadcast station in Southeastern North Carolina… in the seventies! So… if you still want to contend I am a racist… then have at it.

Did you ever visit several churches on a Sunday morning and observe how your community is segregated during the worship hour? It is probably the most segregated hour of the week in America. Folks are given a choice as to where they wish to worship, and with whom they wish to worship, and they choose, by the vast majority, to worship with other folks of the same race.

Now… visit your neighborhood school during the lunch hour and observe the way the students, when given the freedom to decide where they will sit in the cafeteria, choose to sit with other students of their own race. You’ll see the same phenomena at athletic events.

There is a tension between the races, in our schools, and there has been since integration was forced upon the students of America. Neither side particularly liked it. That tension exists and it is palpable in the schools you might visit today.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think integration of public schools is fine. What I think is NOT fine, and is absolutely wrong, is… forced integration of those schools. And to make matters even worse, forced bussing of students to fill some quota, or other, of blacks vs. whites in the student bodies of those schools. NOBODY likes it.

If a neighborhood school has black and white students, by choice, then that is fine. Those students and their families want them to be there and they are comfortable and an atmosphere, conducive to learning, is not destroyed by dissatisfaction among the students and the parents of those students.

So… why are we doing it? And why are we continuing to graduate students from our public school system who are simply not educated enough to function in today’s society… let alone compete in the global marketplace?

I was fortunate in that I graduated High School before the integration of our schools began. Believe it, or not, a high school education in the 1950’s was better than a 2 year college degree today. The high school graduates of the 1950’s could stand toe to toe with, and best, nearly any two year college grad today. The quality of the education American students received in the 1950’s was so far superior to anything the American student gets today that it is shocking!

College professor friends tell me that, these days, the first two years of college is basically remedial. The college must teach the high school graduate what he was not taught in high school before he, or she, can embark on their college studies. That, dear reader, speaks volumes about the inferior education system we have in America today.

So… how do we fix it? I don’t think we can. I would suggest scraping the American public education system and starting over. To guarantee schools are allowed to actually teach their students, keep the federal government completely out of the new public school system. Each state should have it’s own public school system. No feds allowed.

Open the schools to mixed races. If the student s and their families wish to attend a certain school, then allow them to do so…even if that means having some schools predominantly black and others predominately white. Who cares… as long as the students are happy and are getting a quality education?

Private schools and home schools will still exist and that would be fine, too, for those who wish to go that route.

Do you see the problem with this, though? We have too many power hungry politicians in DC who simply cannot allow American students to go through 12 years of public education without being guinea pigs in their great social experiments with the young people of America. And that is exactly how we got into this mess with under educated students in America today!

All of the above is troubling. But… what is even more troubling is… the fact that we Americans see the problems, we see the reasons behind the problem, we know how to fix the problem, yet… we allow it to exist and we continue sentence our young students to a lives of mediocrity… all because we are afraid to speak up and correct an imminently correctable situation!

How can we do this to our kids? How can we do this to ourselves? How can we do this to our nation… and expect our nation to survive, and compete, in a world of scholars and in a global marketplace run by scholars? At some point it will all catch up with us.

If you have any doubt as to the effect on our society the destruction of the public education system in America has already had… I offer as evidence… exhibit “A”… the US Congress!


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Is it Too Late to Save America?

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on July 19, 2007

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Is It Too Late to Save America?… And Do We Want to?

Profound question, what? I’ll bet the same question has been floating around in your mind but you have been reluctant to bring it to the forefront… and gaze upon it …and ponder.

It is a difficult thing to admit: that America is in deep trouble and may not survive. But there it is.

We have a government, which is dysfunctional, to say the least. We have a military which has been emasculated by that government, and we have a President who is more interested, it seems, in turning America into Northern Mexico that protecting America’s people from ALL enemies, domestic, and foreign. We have a Supreme Court which simply assumes powers it does not constitutionally have and takes it upon itself to make law where none existed before (even thought the constitution vests that power in the Congress alone!) as well as “find” restrictions on the American citizen, in the constitution, which are simply not there… except “IF” the Supreme Court says they are!

We have a citizenry angry over a non-responsive government. A citizenry angry that the government is showing a marked tendency to swing left into socialism.

We have a country in turmoil. If polls can be believed: we don’t much care for our President… and we LOATHE the Congress… and we are irritated, no end, by the Supreme Court.

Americans of my generation look around us and we don’t recognize America, anymore. It is not the country we offered our lives for in it’s military services. Many actually question whether they would be willing to offer their lives, a second time, for the America of today. The answer is not encouraging.

Twice before America has found herself in this situation. Twice before it has lead to war on this continent.

Soon, the Islamofacists will explode a nuclear device in one of our large cities. (It would be naive to think otherwise.) There is a better than even chance the country, or at least a part of the country, will be placed under martial law. And THAT may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Martial law is, for all intents and purposes, dictatorship. Citizen’s rights are suspended. You are at the mercy of the government. Will you stand for that? Will America stand for that?

Fellow Americans… we are in deep trouble.

I suppose the title of this piece might be changed to: Is America Worth Saving?

Americans have some serious soul-searching to do. And therein lies my deepest concern. I no longer believe Americans are capable of introspection. Back when America cherished individualism, introspection was valued. It was what an individual did to seek out his, or her, core belief. To establish whom, exactly, that individual was. To learn his, or her, limits… and on and on. It was an exercise in “Know Thyself”!

‘Tis a rare thing to find a person who “knows himself” today. We assume personas we think will result in our being loved and respected by a populace every bit as warped as we are.

We have recently begun a national campaign, at the end of which, we will choose our nation’s leader. And every candidate we are being offered is deeply, deeply, flawed. There is not a qualified leader among them. Yet, we will select one from their ranks and we will make excuses for their flaws and we will stumble on, as a nation, toward oblivion.

The idea that was America has, somehow, been lost. Can we find it again? I doubt it. Usually, fate places the brass ring within our reach only once.

It has been said, by smarter men than me, that all great nations commit suicide. I believe that. I have watched with horror, since the early 1960’s, as this nation spiraled downward into mediocrity. The pain of watching my nation, my homeland, and my people, committing suicide is indescribable. America has simply lost the will to be great. It is simply too much work.

I have come to believe that, subconsciously, we know this… and that is why we try, so hard, to re-write our history, and re-name streets, and buildings, and such. I think our ancestors, who put us to shame as Americans, and as men, embarrass us! For we know we cannot hold a candle to their likes.

When I view that crowd of “weaklings” we Americans elected to lead us, in our nations government, I tremble with horror and dread at our prospects as a nation.

Yes, I cling to the America of the 19th century. They were real Americans then. Even when the country split into two nations, both sides were the grandchildren of the men who had fought King George’s finest for their freedom and independence… and won! Even when the Northern and Southern forces fought bloody battles claiming thousands of lives on both sides, on occasion, they would cease firing to stand and cheer and applaud the bravery of the men on the other side. That’s AMERICAN!

We’ve lost something fellow Americans. We’ve lost our soul as a country. As Faust did, we have made a deal, or multiple deals, with the devil of socialism and it has eaten away our nations soul.

When we are so intellectually challenged (Weak Minded) that we buy into, quite likely, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind, Global Warming, and… when we allow a conglomeration of the largest collection of dictators, tyrants, thieves, and assorted brigands, such as the UN, to hold a Damocles Sword over our heads, and when we allow a rag-tag bunch of religious nuts, the Islamofacists, to murder us with near impunity, and tin-pot dictators, in the Middle East, to cause us to sleep in fear, then we are not men, We are certainly not American men! Our forefathers would not have allowed any of this we so willingly tolerate today.

America, we desperately need to take stock of who we are and compare that to who we were. There is very little, if any, comparison.

I realize I have asked a lot of questions and have offered no answers. Why? Because I have no answers. Sometimes the best service one can offer is, simply, to ask the question(s). I must admit that I have been totally unprepared for an America such as we have today. I am a man out of time. I readily admit that.

I will, however, venture this: I’d like to think my beloved country could save itself. But, short of a fresh start, frankly, I don’t see how.

Are you familiar with The American’s Creed? No… not the Pledge of Allegiance… the American’s CREED. Different thing. It is official. The US House of Representatives adopted it in 1918. William Tyler Page wrote it. Here is the text of “The American’s Creed”:

I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the People, by the People, for the People; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; A democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many Sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of Freedom, Equality, Justice, and Humanity for which American Patriots sacrificed their Lives and Fortunes.

I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to Love it; to Support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to Respect its Flag; and to defend it against all enemies.”

WOW! That’s powerful! But, notice, if you will, when it was written. 1917. Things sure have changed since.

Be honest now… had you ever even heard of The American’s Creed before today??? If not… ask yourself… why not? Is it because you were spoon fed the politically correct version of American History in school? Much of what passes for American History today is blatantly false… rewritten to suit some idea of Utopia, which does not exist, and never will. And this rewriting of whom we were… changes who we are. A great deal of the credit for America’s decline can be laid at the feet of those who have written America’s greatness out of the record.

As my life cycle winds down, now, I rest in the knowledge that My America is bound to my heartstrings with bonds of love, loyalty, and respect. For, even if we have failed… at least… we made the effort. And for a brief, shining moment, America was, well, America.


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The Dems and Taxes! They’re At It Again!!!

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on July 18, 2007

The Federal Tax On Each Cigar Could Rise From 5 Cents to $10.
I’m a cigar smoker. A box a week. Do you think I am angry about the Dems and their taxes?!

Back to lobbying my Representatives and Senators!

For the details on this thievery by the Dems, go here:

Of course, it is “for the children”! I am sick to my stomach of the Dems using the phrases: “women and minorities hit hardest” and “for the children”!

We have to stop them. They are on the inevitable power trip the Dems ALWAYS build up to when they get the reins of power in their hot little hands.

But this… this is absurd!


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The Fairness Doctrine is NOT DEAD!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on July 17, 2007


Fairness Doctrine Not Dead. Only Delayed!

Ok, so the House voted to kill any quests to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine, right? And the Senate killed an attempt to do pretty much the same thing. Plus, the President has said he will veto it if it gets through both Houses of Congress.

So… that’s it, right?

Not by a LONG SHOT!!!

There is an election coming next year. You can bet the farm that if Democrats maintain control of both houses of Congress, and gain the Presidency as well, the Fairness Doctrine WILL be re-instated ASAP! That is a given!

Add to the mix the very real possibility that they will extend it to cover the Internet as well. So, those of us in the blogosphere may find our free speech stifled just like that of the Broadcasters. Don’t tell me that can’t happen! As a Blogger who has had his blog locked, already, and access denied to him, I can tell you it is a horrifying feeling. One feels as if one has been muzzled.

One of the chief concerns of the left is freedom of speech. It is troublesome for them. When you look at the countries around the globe in which the Left has taken over established governments you quickly see that the very first thing they do… is muzzle the Broadcast stations and the printed media which is not supportive of the Left. It is what they do. Until the Internet came along, there had never been a successful revolution, in modern history, until the Broadcast stations were neutralized FIRST!

And that is exactly what the Left is trying to do with the Fairness Doctrine. Neutralize the Broadcast Media.

The Broadcast Media is a powerful force for freedom. It is truly the voice of the people. And therein lies the rub! Vox populae. The people’s voice(s). Broadcast media with a conservative message is a threat to the political left. Give them credit for understanding that, at least.

And, there’s one thing, which just grinds on me… that is the left’s fascination with fairness… across the board.

Look, one of the first things I learned as a child, no less, is that life ain’t fair! If it was… individuals would have no impetus to better themselves. One faces adversity and one triumphs over it… or one fails. If one fails one should learn from that failure… and press on. That is not the way the left sees it, apparently. In their view… one should never have to triumph over adversity. One should never be faced with adversity. That’s fine for a “blob”. But not for a human being to grow as a human being.

In their drive to make things “fair” they have brought despair and misunderstanding upon the American people. As a result we have turned out a couple of generations of young Americans who have no idea how to deal with adversity. And, oh Lord, how it shows!

One example is that clause in the Constitution, which guarantees Americans freedom of speech. The Constitution does not, however, grant American the right to have someone actually listen to what they may speak. Nowhere does it guarantee an American the right to be heard! So, our friends on the left feel compelled to correct that. Enter: The Fairness Doctrine.

This blog is a perfect example of freedom of speech. It is also an example of my not having the right to be heard! I can make my opinions known here and you can decide whether you want to read what I have to say, or not. There are no guarantees.

Yes, the Fairness Doctrine is definitely a threat to Freedom of Speech. If for no other reason we Americans must see that it is never re-enacted.

America has given up entirely too much of it’s freedom, beginning with the Lincoln Administration, to present. It is past time to call a halt to encroaching anarchy. We should do it now while there are still a few of us “Old Timers” still around who remember what a great nation the US used to be.


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Political Correctness has Robbed America of Her Self Respect.

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on July 15, 2007

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Political Correctness has Robbed America of Her Self Respect. 

One of my “Pet Peeves” is men who do not “uncover” when they enter a house, or a public building, such as a restaurant.  (For those of you unfamiliar with military terms…”uncover” means to remove your “cover”…or hat) 

Yes, I am a Southerner.  But, I’m do not believe this extremely discourteous, and rude practice, began with Southerners.   I’m about as Southern as one can get and I remove my hat when coming indoors.  In my home, as a boy, the quickest way to get yelled at was to enter the house with your hat still on.  The instant your feet crossed the threshold, into my mother’s domain, the hat came off.  Now, the cardinal sin within a southern family is for one to appear at the dinner/lunch table with your hat on.  It just isn’t done.  Well, it wasn’t done until fairly recently.  It is disgusting to see a person; Southerner or northerner, sitting at table in a restaurant… eating… with his hat still perched on his head. It speaks of low breeding.

The hat on the head while inside another’s home is a sure sign of disrespect. When you remove your hat upon entering another’s home you are saying, “I am in your home as a guest, and I recognize that I am at your mercy, as this is your domain.”

In olden days, when a man’s home was truly his castle, a show of disrespect, such as not removing your hat in his castle, could cost the offender not just his hat, but the head residing just beneath it, as well.  This was serious business.

It has been my contention for some time that we have lost something as a society when we lost the “genteelness” which was so much a part of who we were, especially Southerners.  I suppose that is one of the reasons I am drawn to the 19th century American history.  It was during that period that the word “gentleman’ meant something.  “Lady” was also a sign of deep respect …one the feminist movement tossed out a number of years ago.  Now, for a woman to be referred to as lady is taken as a sign of disrespect!  

Our society has lost a great deal in the past 30 years, or so.  We have become crass, rude, discourteous, impolite, and, I’ll use a word no longer in use today: “common”.  Even here, in the American South, the last bastion of good manners, we too, are slipping into the “Me, too” mindset which is founded on one’s own selfish motives and inflated self esteem now taught our children in the public/government schools. 

We have lost something as a people.  We have lost our own self-respect.  Our society is doomed.  All because men will not remove their hats while indoors, you may ask?  No, that is but a sign, a marker, of the passing of a great society where the value of a human being was not in question.  In America’s rush to embrace “Socialism” commonality is a must.  The destruction of the “class system” is a must.  The political correctness crowd, the vanguard of American Socialism, has done a smashing job of destroying the American class system in their rush to create a single class.  They do not understand, or they choose to overlook, the fact that removing the three classes (Lower, Middle, and Upper classes) removes a goal for Americans to strive towards.  When an American has nothing to set his sights on, no goal to work toward, he soon becomes discouraged and simply falls back into the darkness of low self-esteem and accepts that his position in life will never change for the better and he is trapped.   All hope is gone.  Without hope all is lost.

Good manners were always about respect… respect for the other person.   Look around you.  Where do you see that respect today?  It is all but non-existent.  We, as Americans, have lost our respect for others, and as a result, we have lost our respect for ourselves.


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