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Outlaw Islam in the US!

Posted in Freedom of religion, Political by J. D. Longstreet on September 17, 2007

Outlaw Islam in the United States!


The Religion of Peace is anything BUT! Americans need to begin NOW, a movement to amend the US constitution to outlaw the practice of Islam within the US.

Look, the stated goal of Islam is to create a Caliphate of Islam worldwide. Now, it is clear that means doing away with all other forms of government and ruling the world by/with Islamic law… in other words a Theocracy. They understand that to fulfill that goal, they must take down the US FIRST! And the battle is on!

To be honest, the non-Islamic world is losing the war Islam declared on us!! In order not to offend a people, any people, we have allowed Islam free rein in the temporarily free world, especially the western nations. Europe is already so saturated with Islam that, at a moments notice, a rebellion by Islamists would swamp every European country… with the possible exception of the UK.

Islam has one reason to exist. That is to spread Islam at the point of a gun, a bomb, a knife, or flying loaded airliners into tall buildings! The Islamists are on a crusade of their own to conquer and convert the remainder of the world to their so-called “religion of peace”.

America is a juicy plum, ripe for the picking. We have set ourselves up as a free society and a free society is simply a playground for Islamic nuts!

We have a choice in America. We can sit back and allow a complete takeover of America by Islam, and a conversion of Judeo-Christian America into an Islamic hellhole or we can fight back! But… and here is the BIG B U T: We must change our laws, we must, in fact, change our constitution.

When the Founders of America prepared the US Constitution… and especially the first amendment, no one, I mean… NO ONE had the vaguest notion that some wild-eyed bunch would ever attempt to take over the country under the guise of religion. It was a much more innocent time. Now, not only are we told, to our faces, that THAT is, indeed, the mission of the Islamists, they are actively fighting our troops in armed combat all over the world to force their religion on us. Their stated goal is the conquest and conversion of America to Islam.

Islam is quite likely the most dangerous religion on the planet. Democracy cannot co-exist with Islam. Islam won’t allow it. Christianity cannot peacefully co-exist with Islam. Again, Islam won’t allow it.

I’d like to recommend a piece to you I think you will find important. It’s titled: “Islam: The World’s Most Dangerous Ideology” by Dorothy Anne Seese

You’ll find it at:

Here in America we have a weapon against Islam we cannot use. We have
taken our ability to outlaw that religion off the table and mandated into law everyone’s right to worship as they please. “Freedom of Religion” it is called. But currently, that portion of the First Amendment is working against us and to the advantage of our enemy. We have to change that. We have to use every weapon in our arsenal against the takeover of this nation by a rogue religion bent on our destruction.

I intend to write my Senators and my Congressman and ask that they consider drafting an amendment to the US Constitution that would do just that.

You may think this is the utterance of “another nut”. But, I assure you, the day is coming when Americans will be begging the Congress to outlaw Islam and root out, and jail, any practitioners of the same.

Maybe I’m different, but when I am openly threatened, I tend to take it seriously. That comes from growing up as a scrawny kid and being forced to accept all threats to my well being at face value and striking first… with everything I had. For me it was survival. I DID survive. I intend to continue to survive and I’d like to secure the survival of my grandkids, too.

Amending the Constitution is something we can do now, today, to get ahead of the curve. We begin by planting the seed in the minds of our national legislators. Let them know that such an amendment is acceptable to the vast majority of Americans. It would also serve notice on our Islamic enemy that we will do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves against the threat offered by their evil intent for our nation… and for us as individuals.


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Another Clinton Presidency? God Forbid!!!

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on September 16, 2007

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Another Clinton Presidency? God Forbid!!!

“The Conservative Voice” has an article by Nathan Tabor, a political activist from here, in North Carolina, which raises many of the concerns Americans should have over the return of the Clintons to the Executive Mansion and the Office of President of the US.

Read the “spot on” article at:

I sincerely hope American learned their lesson as a result of the first Clinton debacle. Unfortunately, many did not.

If the Clintons DO manage to win, or in some other way regain, the White House… watch for the sale of hand guns, and long guns, to skyrocket, ammunition sales to skyrocket, and Militia Units to spring up all across the nation, just as they did during the first Clinton “blot on history” known as the Clinton Administration.

Conservatives, and America is far and away Conservative, do not trust those people and we already know our national security will be at risk as well as the security of our families.

The low morals they displayed, for the world to see in the nineties, shocked many Americans. They had read of such things but never expected to live to experience them, especially in a leader of the free world. Their lack of concern for anything other than their legacy, their image, and the satisfaction of their own carnal desire for money, fame, and sexual pleasure, was staggering. And Americans will be asked to forget all that as though it never happened.

I can think of no other husband and wife team quite like them… save for Juan and Evita Peron of Argentina.

Some hard decisions are going to have to be made between now and November of ’08. Conservatives need to be prepared for the fight of our lives. We need a solid “REAL” conservative to go head to head with the Clintons. (Personally, I believe Fred Thompson is that Conservative. There is not another conservative among the front runners of the Republican field.)

Pray God, He provides us with that conservative candidate … and… the good sense to vote for him in vast numbers!


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