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I was WRONG! Its not Socialism — Its Communism!

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I was WRONG! Its not Socialism — Its Communism!


If you follow the scribbling of this scribe (J. D. Longstreet) then you know I IMMEDIATELY DUBBED ObamaCare AS SOCIALISM. Now comes a fellow commentator to set me straight. Alan Caruba identifies it correctly — COMMUNISM.

Mr. Caruba has been scrutinizing the Obama Regime and the rogue Congress now in Washington and he identifies their machinations as that of a flat out communist government rather than a democratic government reflecting the will of the people as a representative republic should — and — as the US Constitution demands.

Mr. Caruba has spent many years of his life observing the efforts of the government of the US, both domestically and internationally, and he has concluded the current crop of politicians in Washington has strayed from their constitutionally mandated role. They are now dictating to the American people with no regard for the wants and needs of the Americans who once were their constituents but now are relegated to the role of serfs in the newly invented communist feudal system set up by the Obama Regime’s system of all powerful Czars who rule this nation from the shadows.

The Communist influence on Obama in his past is just overwhelming. Apparently he learned lessons from his recorded association with known communists and communist sympathizers that he has put into practice in the past year, his FIRST year as the New American CZAR!

With his coven of lesser Czars, Obama has managed to emasculate Congress and make them tools of his all- powerful Czarist regime. Congress is meaningless, now, and have no use — save for serving “Czar Obama.”

America is in deep, deep, trouble. She is “in harm’s way” from enemies foreign and domestic both of which I swore, as a soldier in the United States Army, to defend her against. But in truth, I must tell you that, as of this writing, I fear the enemy within far more than I fear the enemy without. We have only to gaze upon the White House and the Capitol Building in Washington, DC to observe them disassemble this republic and remake it in the image of a communist hell-hole of a third world country.

Below is Mr Caruba’s latest commentary on the Communist government now reigning in America. We STRONGLY recommend you read it and reflect upon it for it should shake you to your soul. Thank you.

Now read on.

J. D. Longstreet


It’s Not Socialism. It’s Communism.

By Alan Caruba


If you felt a frisson of fear on news that the Senate had passed Obamacare the day before Christmas, then you now know what it was and is like to live in a dictatorship. The voice of the People was ignored in a demonstration of raw political power.

There was a time when Americans took Communism seriously. It challenged us in the form of the Soviet Union and we witnessed its takeover of China.

In Europe, uprisings against Soviet rule were crushed in East Germany in 1953, Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Poland in the 1980s gave proof that only oppression can sustain this failed economic and political system. President Reagan gave voice to it when he called the Soviet Union an “evil empire.”

The McCarthy hearings in the 1950s proved a setback for efforts to learn how thoroughly infiltrated the U.S. government had become by Communists, not because Sen. Joseph McCarthy was wrong, but because he proved a poor spokesperson for the cause. He was easily criticized for his bombast, but the declassification of the Venona papers, secret communications between Soviet spymasters and their agents, revealed he may well have underestimated the threat.

Later, the Russian Federation declassified former Soviet spy agency records that further confirmed that many Americans, dedicated Communists, were working to undermine our government.

The price America paid in part for the Great Depression of the 1930s was the undermining of faith in the Capitalist system among many Americans.

Unions arose, not just in response to worker grievances, but also because their leaders were frequently sympathetic to Communism. The FDR and subsequent administrations introduced Social Security and Medicare, tapping into the fears of those who had experienced the Depression with programs that vastly expanded the federal government, characterizing them as the ultimate “safety net.” Then Congress plundered the trusts that were supposed to fund both programs. Both programs are insolvent.

A recent study by Paul Hollander, a professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an associate at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, was published by Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty & Prosperity. It is titled, “Reflections on Communism: Twenty Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.”

The celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall earlier this year was attended by many world leaders with the notable exception of President Barack Obama. For a man who has visited more foreign nations in his first year in office than any previous President, the decision to avoid this significant anniversary was taken as one more signal of his true political and economic agenda.

We know that he was greatly influenced by Marxists or people who viewed Communism sympathetically, not the least of which were his grandparents who introduced him to a mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA.

Obama wrote that he was drawn to Marxists among his teachers in college. He began his political career in the home of former Weatherman Bill Ayers. These days he is praised by Communists in Cuba and Venezuela. He sided with a Leftist former president of Honduras who tried to illegally alter its constitution. The Hondurans had the courage to cast him out.

The specter of Communist subversion of the U.S. Constitution is staring us in the eye with the so-called healthcare “reform” of Medicare; it includes all manner of provisions that are unconstitutional and would expand federal government control over one-sixth of the nation’s economy. The bribery and thuggish pressures and threats against Democrat Senators and Representatives to pass the bill reveal a political leadership more devoted to ideology than the will of the People.

Specifically, President Obama’s drive for a single payer system is the direct result of the influence of Dr. Quentin Young, a retired physician with a long history of commitment to Communism. In 1995, Dr. Quentin was among those who met in the Hyde Park home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to launch Obama’s political career.

As Prof. Hollander points out in his study, “Not only individual intellectuals but entire professional associations have expressed favorable attitudes toward communist systems” citing the Latin American Studies Association that has “repeatedly taken positions supportive of Castro’s Cuba and Sandinista Nicaragua.” In 1990, the Organization of American Historians defeated a motion that expressed regret that the organization “never protested the forced betrayal of the historian’s responsibility to truth imposed upon Soviet and East European historians by their political leaders.”

The recent United Nations’ Climate Change Conference refused to take notice of the revelations that the data on which the “global warming” theory is based was falsified by a handful of meteorologists and climatologists in an effort to impose a global governing system. The interim first Secretary General of the UN was Alger Hiss, an American and secret Soviet agent

It did not escape notice that Venezuela’s communist dictator, Hugo Chavez, received a rousing ovation when he spoke at the conference or that President Obama continues to repeat the lies surrounding the discredited “global warming” fraud.

Virtually the entire agenda of American environmental organizations has been focused on an attack on private property rights and denying Americans access to their vast reserves of energy in the form of coal, oil, and natural gas, thus undermining U.S. growth and prosperity.

Unlike Prof. Hollander who escaped Hungary following the crushing of the 1956 revolution by Soviet forces, “Western intellectuals who remain attracted to communist ideals never had the disillusioning experience of living in an actual communist or socialist society.”

Among them we must number much of the nation’s media that has been a party to political and environmental deceptions, and the Hollywood community that has produced many films to influence public opinion about the earlier efforts to address Communist activities and later Green issues with a very Red agenda.

The Medicare “reform” expands “socialism” in America, but it is an example of naked Communism at work. It is a bill put together behind closed doors and so extensive its control of the lives of Americans literally determines who lives and who dies. It will wreck the best healthcare system in the world albeit one that has its flaws.

It is authoritarianism at work, the kind we associate with regimes in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and everywhere else Communism has been imposed on captive nations.

Healthcare “reform” is not about uninsured Americans. It is not “socialism.” It is Communism, effectively putting the entire nation’s healthcare system under state control. It must be defeated just as past generations of Americans knew the threat of Communism and devoted the nation’s treasure and even their lives to defeat it.

Alan Caruba


Alan Caruba writes a daily post at An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.

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The Code Of The South Does Exist! … by J. D. Longstreet

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The Code Of The South Does Exist!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


I read, just this week, that North Carolina is the 3rd fastest growing state in the country behind only California and Texas. I suppose I should be proud of that. I’m not, particularly. I question how many of the immigrants to North Carolina are LEGAL.

We have had a great influx of folks from the Northern climes in recent years. They have had, we have heard, difficulty in assimilating into out Southern Culture. That is as it should be. We Southerners are, most assuredly, a different people with a different culture. And it is vitally important for all immigrants into the South to understand that the “Southern Hospitality” we are famous for, does have its limits.

Over the years I have been asked about our “Southern Code of Honor.” I assure you it does exist! It is written upon the heart of every Southerner having trod the scared soil of the South.

What is this legendary “Southern Code” we Southerners are so proud of anyway?

Well, you can sum it up in one word. “HONOR”. We cherish honor above everything else. Without honor, all that remains has no value. The word “HONOR” is seared across the ethereal visage of our souls.

To even BEGIN to understand Southerners, you MUST understand this:  Southerners believe each man and woman has a duty, a responsibility, to seek nobility in life and in purpose. No matter his, or her, station in life, or the social strata he, or she, was born into. There is nobility in fighting the good fight, on your job, on the field of battle, at anything you turn your hand to. Southerners believe we were, indeed, created in the image of God. We have a duty to uphold that image as best we can. It is a continuous battle against the trials of life, but to shirk one’s duty, in this respect, is unforgivable. It is dishonorable.

Our Southern culture IS a culture apart. We like it that way. We have no intention of changing. To do so would be to dishonor all those who have gone before us as well as their creation of this sanctified, set apart, land. The South is to Southerners what the Holy Land is to the Jewish people.

Never question the honor of a Southerner. It is considered a challenge and your challenge will be answered.

A Southerner will go to the wall to defend honor. No matter the size of the opponent, no matter the place, or the time. Honor will be defended.

There is an inviolate line, which must never be crossed. Where does that line lie? Everywhere. For instance, you do not disparage our women. That is at the top of the list of inviolate things. Others include: our homes, our friends, our religion, our military abilities, and you surely do not speak disparagingly about our ancestors. To violate any of these will bring the wrath of the South down on your head in an instant.

You may have noticed Southerners do not back down. We refuse to accept defeat. We are accused, often, of still fighting the War Between the States. That is true. We consider this era of forced quietude only half time between The South and the North. We have never laid the war down. To quit, to surrender, is not acceptable in our code of honor. So, we fight on. Understand… we will win. It may take another hundred, or even two hundred, years, but we will prevail. We never forget, and we never quit.

It has been said that Southerners are America’s true “Warrior Class.” Look at the great warriors of America. Consider how many were Southerners.

War comes naturally to Southerners. The Scot-Irish-German blood flowing in our veins and the Southern Code of Chivalry, we learn from birth, creates the most fearsome warrior on the face of the earth.

The true Southerner is a gentleman, or lady, always. Well, right up ‘til he takes your head off. He will knock you down then offer his hand to lift you back to your feet. If you make the same mistake again, you will find yourself in need of that helping hand to get you off your back… again.

Southerners are deeply religious people. We unashamedly believe in God. We believe the Bible is His Holy Word. At the same time we know one cannot be perfect, but we believe every Southerner is born into this world with the obligation to strive for perfection. Anything less is totally unacceptable. It has been said this is the Southern interpretation of the European “Noblise Oblige.” Southerners know in the depths of their being they have an obligation to strive for nobility.

The Southern society is not a classless society. We acknowledge our society has an upper, middle, and a lower class. Bur we believe the obligation to nobility crosses those boundaries and emboldens even the least of us to carry the honor of his name, and his family’s heritage, without stain. Anything less is unacceptable.

There exists a divide between the Northern People, and the Southern People, in this nation. The divide is vast and unnavigable. We are two different peoples held together by law. The bayonet enforced the bondage of the Southern peoples. We have not forgotten. Nor will we. We know these bonds are only temporary. We work tirelessly for the day we will once again be ruled only by God and voice of the Southern people.

Tis honor, above all else. It is our code. It is written on our hearts.

Your Obedient Servant,

J. D. Longstreet

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Life in a Box … by Paul Driessen

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Life in a box
Is there an exit strategy for this energy, environment, and economic predicament?
By: Paul Driessen

“Life in a box is better than no life at all,” playwright Tom Stoppard famously opined, through the personage of Rosencrantz. (Or was it Guildenstern?)
That’s lucky for us, because our energy, environmental and economic policies have certainly put us in a box – and there is no easy way out.


Congress passed a $787-billion “stimulus” bill, and a $3-billion cash-for-clunkers program that trashed perfectly good cars, and the energy and raw materials that created them. It’s halfway toward imposing nationalized healthcare that could cost taxpayers another $2.5 trillion over its first decade.


Unemployment now stands at 10.2% officially, or 22% if you include people who have given up on finding a job. At this point, 25 states have borrowed $23 billion from the Federal Unemployment Trust Fund, to meet their obligations to work-deprived workers.


Meanwhile, over in Copenhagen, the G-77 poor nations snubbed Europe’s offer of $10 billion over three years, for climate change reparation, mitigation and adaptation. “The world’s scientists and policy makers say this is the greatest risk humanity has ever faced,” G-77 chairman Lumumba Di-Aiping noted. Something closer to $1 trillion every few years would be more appropriate, he suggested.


That’s in addition to regular foreign aid – and on top of the $50 trillion in life support for corrupt dictators that the developed world has already provided to still-impoverished nations since 1950.
In response, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dutifully pledged that the United States will importune taxpayers, private donors and other countries to raise $100 billion annually through 2020, to help poor nations cope with the “ravages” of global warming – or our current “CO2-driven” global cooling. She claims the money will be provided only if China and other major developing countries agree to binding emission targets that can be verified internationally (a condition that they have steadfastly rejected).


But of course, neither Di-Aiping nor Clinton wants to remind anyone of a few elephantine realities. This “greatest risk humanity has ever faced” is based on fraudulent claims, data, models, analyses and peer reviews. The proposed 83% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 would send the United States back to levels last seen in 1908 – or 1868 when population, energy use and technology changes are considered.


The cap-tax-and-trade laws and Copenhagen treaty represent the greatest transfer of wealth, power and control in the history of mankind. Perhaps worst, the energy taxes and restrictions amount to economic suicide by PDCs – previously developed countries.


That collective seppuku would benefit some in emerging economies but bring little or no environmental gain or climate stabilization. The surging economies will emit far more pollutants and CO2 than the US, Europe and Canada can eliminate, even if they send emissions to zero; and carbon dioxide is a minor player in climate change, compared to the sun and a host of other natural forces.


Where will the United States find the trillions of dollars to pay for all this? “We’re out of cash,” President Obama has pointed out. So he and Congress have announced the usual progressive “solutions.”


They raised the national debt ceiling to $14 trillion – a 39% increase since Democrats took charge in 2007. (The debt is now 60% of the nation’s GDP.) They plan to raise taxes, print more increasingly devalued currency, and unleash the Internal Revenue Service on businesses and families. And of course implement cap-tax-and-trade – to take $300 billion a year from energy consumers, and transfer it to government bureaucrats and companies with good lobbyists.


They adamantly refuse to raise revenue by doing what built America: tapping the energy and mineral resources that America still has in abundance: a century’s worth of oil, natural gas and shale oil in Alaska, the Western states and Outer Continental Shelf (OCS); two centuries’ of coal on public and private lands; and vast stores of uranium, metals and rare earth minerals. Oil shale deposits alone contain 1 trillion barrels of recoverable oil, nearly equal to the world’s total known conventional oil reserves, the Institute for Energy Research calculates.


These resources could generate trillions of dollars in bonuses, rents, royalties and taxes, and create or save millions of high-paying jobs. They could provide the billions of tons of concrete, steel, copper, fiberglass, plastic films and rare earths that will be needed to cover millions of acres with wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal facilities and transmission lines, for the new “eco-friendly” economy.


But many of our best energy and mineral prospects are locked up in over 500,000,000 acres of wilderness, park, refuge, recreation, scenic, endangered species habitat, and ecological study areas and “protective buffer zones.” Offshore, the vast majority of our OCS energy is likewise off limits.


Developing these resources is ideologically anathema to Democrats and greens, who concoct new anti-development rationales and restrictions every week.


Instead of developing these bounties and reaping the energy and economic benefits, we spend trillions importing replacements: oil, natural gas, uranium, metals and even wind turbines. A new 240-turbine wind farm in western Texas has reportedly created 2,800 jobs – but 2,400 of them are in China, where the turbines are manufactured! The 400 new green-collar American jobs include truck drivers to haul the gargantuan parts from the West Coast to West Texas, an installation and landscaping crew, and a small army of bureaucrats, lawyers and accountants.
This is the green, sustainable economy of the future? America’s oil and natural gas industries alone support more than 9 million American jobs and contribute well over $1 trillion annually to the US economy, PricewaterhouseCoopers has calculated. Coal likewise generates vast job and economic benefits. At 400 temporary jobs per wind farm, renewable energy has a long way to go.
How long the US economy and family can survive such “sustainability” is a question our illustrious law and policy makers had better start addressing.


“Quite frankly, from our point of view,” Polish Finance Minister Jan Rostowski recently said, “it’s totally unacceptable that the poor countries of Europe should help the rich countries of Europe help the poor countries in the rest of the world.” Those Eastern European countries lived under Nazi and Soviet regimes for five decades. They have no desire to live under a UN climate dictatorship.


Copenhagen and the circling of alarmist wagons over the climate change email and computer code scandal has made one thing absolutely clear, to anyone with open eyes and minds. The caterwauling over warming has nothing to do with science or saving Planet Earth.
It has everything to do with global governance, UN control of energy, economies and lives, and of course money – for research, renewable energy, bureaucracies, and international welfare.
Rosencrantz was satisfied with life in a box. “You’d have a chance, at least. You could lie there thinking, ‘Well. At least I’m not dead.’”


Have we now become Rosencrantz? Or does the spirit of Patrick Henry still reside within? “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains or slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
Hopefully, the 1776 redux will come at the ballot box. But if the eco-tyranny continues, Earth’s climate may really heat up.
Paul Driessen is senior policy adviser for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which sponsors the All Pain No Gain education campaign and petition against job-killing global warming policies, and the ClimateDepot website for the latest news and views on climate change. He is also a senior policy adviser to the Congress of Racial Equality and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death.

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The Return of Slavery to America!

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The Return of Slavery to America!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet



Isn’t it ironic that it is a black man, an African-American, (Well, at least half African-American, anyway.) as President of the United States of America, ushering in the return of SLAVERY to America? Doesn’t it just strike you as W R O N G, somehow?       

Of course, it’s wrong.  It doesn’t make much difference who the President is when a government goes to the dogs, as the United States government has done over the past year.  But it DOES make a difference when that President is leading an entire nation into slavery to HIS government!

It has been said you cannot find anyone to defend slavery — but it is easy to find many who will defend socialism. This really puzzles me as socialism IS slavery by another name.

The Obama Regime and the so-called Democratic Party, of which he is the head, have forsaken their old political philosophy and adopted, wholesale, the philosophy of the Socialists and Marxists and Communists of the world. They call themselves “Progressives” which has been the code word, for decades, by which communists identify themselves to one another.

It was no accident, and it was not the fates, that caused the US economy to nose dive when it did.  No, I am convinced it was planned.  It was supposed to break the American spirit to make it easier for Obama’s socialists to take over the country and ram socialism down our throats before we had a chance to react.  And it almost worked.  Almost.

A little less than half the country balked.  We smelled a rat. Those of us, of a certain age, as they say, had seen this all before, in Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party in Germany, in the Bolshevik revolution in what became Soviet Socialist Russia. We had seen the people worship Hitler and Lenin, and we saw the people worship Obama in the very same manner. We were not fooled for a single moment. We KNEW OBAMA WOULD LEAD THE US TO DESTRUCTION.  And he is doing just that!

Socialism IS Slavery!  With slavery you have NO CHOICE. With socialism you have No CHOICESocialism takes what you have by force.  Think about it!  We fought a war over this very thing!  Now we are embracing it?  Hell, NO! Not Me!  Not Now!  Not EVER!  And I am not alone.  I’m just one of the few making all the noise about it.

Some one has written that socialism is slavery as a government enterprise. Whoever said it was spot on!

Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher, prominent classical liberal political theorist, and sociological theorist of the Victorian era said: “All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labours under coercion to satisfy another’s desires.”  Mr. Spencer was right.

It is a sorry state of affairs when the black community in America migrates back onto a plantation. However, THIS time, their white brothers and sisters, their Hispanic brothers and sisters, and their Native American brothers and sisters have joined them on the plantation.  The “Big House” is the White House, which has, (gasp!) a BLACK SLAVE MASTER ensconced therein, like a king! This time it is Uncle Sam’s Plantation! How WRONG is this?  How “turned-around” is this?

Of course it is wrong!  This is America!  The land of the free!  Not quite!  Make that the “Land of the FORMERLY FREE!”


The very nature of the beast (in this case the beast is Man) is freedom. There is a longing within the breast of man to be free.  Ever since The Creator, Himself, instilled “free-will” into his creation, man has craved, coveted, and sought freedom, even freedom from God, his creator.  Yes, man can be denied freedom, for a while, but soon he will rebel against his masters and he will do whatever it takes to secure his freedom again.  Many of those who are advocates of socialism never seem to understand that. Those that DO understand it understand that socialism is slavery and their intent is to enslave their fellowman. 


A very wise person once said:  “The purpose of Liberty is Individual Freedom; the purpose of socialism is slavery. The two philosophies are diametrically opposed. Yet they are the only choices available to humanity. Freedom or Slavery. And if one studies slavery, e.g. U.S.S.R., China, Rumania, Albania, Cuba, Attila the Hun, you will inexorably discover the core evil of socialism.” Truer words were never spoken.

As each day passes the socialist government of the US is forging more chains to bind the American slaves. They will continue to enslave their fellowman as long as we allow it. And therein lies the key to regaining our freedom as Americans and as human beings. We have the power to stop them.  The question is:  Do we have the will? 

The election of November 2010 will provide the answer. If the election is allowed to stand, which I have serous doubts about, then we must toss out every incumbent politician on every ballot for the US Senate and the US House of Representatives — and — we need to look for their sympathizers, lower down on the ballot, and toss them out, too.

We can no longer compromise our freedom by allowing those in office now to remain in office.  They must go.

The next eleven months will be critical for America.  America will live or die depending upon the results of the election of 2010.  The America of the Founding Fathers, the America of the Constitution, cannot survive with the current crop of leaders we have in Washington today. Socialism will slowly rot the heart from America as it does all nations experimenting with it.

With every poll one thing becomes ever more clear.  Americans want SMALLER government and fewer services from that government, which will, of course, result in lower taxes and less intrusion into our lives by that same government.

We can have a smaller government but we will have to fight for it. If we do not the America of 50 states will exist for a few more years, but only a few.  States will begin declaring themselves independent.  That is what the recent sovereignty movement among the states was all about.  It is preparation for secession from the US. 

Washington had better understand.  There is SERIOUS disagreement between the states and the federal government.  Just as my ancestors did, nearly 150 years ago, the people of the states are instructing their state legislatures to prepare, to get ready, to go it alone without assistance from the federal government.  And just as Washington did, 150 years ago, Washington does not believe the American people, would turn their backs on them and form a new country of their own. Well, Washington was wrong then and Washington is wrong now.  I may not live to see that day arrive, but never fear, it is on the way and Washington will be just as surprised when the first couple of states pull away as they were in the 1860’s. 

We can save America.  But we cannot save America with the government we have now. The Socialist government America has today is a death sentence for the country. It will be a slow agonizing death.  Like cancer it must be cut from the body if the body is expected to have any chance of survival.

The sooner America purges our current socialist government from our country, the sooner we can be about recovery.  But — without the purge — America will surely die.

J. D. Longstreet  

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Demography Decides Everything … Alan Caruba

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Demography Decides Everything 



By Alan Caruba


When I listen to politicians arguing the merits of some piece of legislation, I am usually 99% sure they have no idea how demography-population-will effect the outcome of their grand schemes.

This is particularly true of advocates of fixed and often flawed ideas about the environment. Most “save the Earth” true believers want to see huge reductions in the population of the planet. They don’t much care for human beings.

Demography is the study of population; focusing on things like fertility rates, aging, ethnic identity, and immigration. Knowing the accurate demographics of a nation is central to its governance and this is particularly true for a democracy. It is no accident that both words have the same root, demos as in people.

Knowing the size and distribution of the U.S. population was a serious concern for the Founders and it is part of Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution which states that “[An] Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” Congress first met in 1789, and the first national census was held in 1790.

For the world in general, fertility rates have been falling as more women receive education and become part of the workplace. Higher standards of living and education reduce birth rates. It makes it easier for women to be part of the workforce and households have more money for savings as well as the consumption of goods. As nations like India and China improve their economic status, their populations will stabilize and population growth will slow. The odious one-child policy in China will, in time, pass into history.

Thus, industrialization, the increased spread of electrical power, a global economy with fewer trade restrictions, all will favorably impact population growth by slowing it. In contrast, the objectives of the environmental movement such as the reduction of energy use based on the false assertion that it produces carbon dioxide that, in turn, will heat the Earth, are in direct conflict with population stabilization and reduction.

In the United States, government policies have been in direct contradiction of what native-born and naturalized citizens want. If the latter had there way, there would not have been a sharp increase in the population. Instead, the government has pursued policies that increase, largely through legal and illegal immigration, the number of people in the nation.

In 1970, the U.S. population was about 203 million. This followed the unprecedented “Baby Boom” years,1946-1964. Today the population has surpassed 293 million. These numbers come from the Census Bureau. At no other time in U.S. history have recent immigrants and their children dominated population growth.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s official estimate is that there are eight million illegal immigrants currently in the nation. Most observers of illegal immigrant believe that the actual number range from twelve to seventeen million.

So, since 1970, each Congress and each President has adopted policies not only allowing, but encouraging, legal, and in particular, illegal immigration far above traditional levels and setting the stage for increasing economic and social problems.

As reported by USA Today, the U.S. population is expected to “soar to 438 million by 2050 and the Hispanic population will triple according to projections…by the Pew Reseafch Center.

Moreover, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that “the future age structure of the population will be older than it is now. Very nearly 40% will be senior citizens, over 65, by 2050. In 2011, the last members of the Baby Boom will reach 65 by 2029. All will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare if, in fact, these two entitlement programs have not become insolvent by then.

Here, again, we see government policy ignoring or just ignorant of population changes as the Congress moves toward passing a healthcare reform package that 80% of the voters disapprove; one that will slash a trillion dollars from Medicare funds and institute rationing of care as the number of older Americans increase. The harm to the current healthcare system is incalculable.

In addition, yet another amnesty bill has been introduced in Congress at a time when it is obvious that a growth in the genera population will only exacerbate and increase the costs of educating the children of the newly enfranchised, formerly illegal immigrants, along with the cost providing medical care to those who cannot afford it, and incarcerating those who break the law. These costs will add billions at all levels of society.

So, demographics do matter, even if politicians and other special interests ignore them. They have local, national, and international ramifications as populations either stabilize or increase worldwide.

A lesson for the United States can be drawn from the decline of the Roman Empire. It was a combination of the cost of far-flung military commitments and the invasions of populations from outside of the empire that ultimately caused its collapse through an inability to impose Pax Romana or stop the depredations of northern European tribes and threats from the Huns.

Policies that deliberately deny the benefits of the provision of widespread energy availability and of education to increase literary; policies that deny protection against the scurge of malaria and other diseases; discourage the use of genetically modified crops to avoid deforestation and to provide ample food supplies; policies that impose foolish mandates such as ethanol or even attempt to regulate carbon dioxide with the false claim that it is a harmful gas, all contribute to the waste of the Earth’s greatest resource, its human population.

There are, of course, events beyond our imagination, though not necessarily our control. As the great physicist Albert Einstein warned, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and

Alan Caruba writes a daily post at 

<;. An author, business and science writer, he is the founder of The National Anxiety Center.


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“Americans Are Mad As Hell!

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Americans Are Mad As Hell!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The Last time Americans were this mad, they were colonists and the government to which they were tethered was across the Atlantic, in England, and paid no mind to the “bitching” Americans.  Today the government is in Washington, DC.  Little else has changed!

The end result of the first scenario above was revolution.  The end result of the second scenario above may be the same thing!

The word “Revolution” is being used more and more by Americans in daily conversations and especially on the Internet, by bloggers, and everyday folks who comment on those bog sites.

If you happen to be a member of the US government and you just happen to be reading this blog, you had better take notice.  Americans have had all they are going to take from a government that gives all indications that it doesn’t give a damn what we Americans (their constituents)  think,  or what we want, or what we do not want.  We never intended a “rogue” government such as we have today.  We will not abide a rogue government such as we have today.

If you are an incumbent politician, you have better figure out a way to stop the November elections next year, or you will be out of a job, at least in Washington.  If you DO stop the scheduled election, the pitchforks and torches will magically appear and Americans will, once again, take up arms to rescue their country from a government that is far, far, too big, far too powerful, and no longer represents the people of the republic.  You have to go!

The Founding Fathers intended us to toss you people out on your butts when you became all the things you have become — and are today!  They said so! 

Admit it!  You people are a bunch of Socialist, Marxists, Progressives/Communists, and only God, Himself, knows what else!  I don’t know whom you represent — but you do not represent the American people.

And we are sick of it!

 We have had our fill of your abuse of power, of your abuse of the American people.  I mean, you have the unmitigated gall to pass a healthcare bill that will affect every American — except you and your families!  How’s that for abuse of power, huh?  How’s that for thumbing your nose at your constituents?   

Just look at what you are doing.  You are trying to pass a Cap and Trade bill that will raise our taxes, increase the amount we have to pay each year to heat our homes, to drive our vehicles, and heavens knows what else.  The increase of taxes on fuel alone will drive prices up all across the board. EVERYTHING will cost more.  Well, we are not going to allow that one out of the Senate without a knock-down,  drag-out fight!

Next, you are about to hit us, for a third time, with another Amnesty Bill for illegal aliens in the US.  The billions and billions that one is going to cost us is incalculableWe’re going to fight you all the way to the finish line on it just as we did last time. Seal the damn borders. Arrest and lock up all illegal aliens.  Put them in detention camps, somewhere in the deserts of the southwest, until they can be deported.  Can’t find ‘em?  Put a bounty on their heads and we will be driving busloads of them to those detention camps within 24 hours!  Where there is a will there is a way!

That damnable healthcare bill you passed out of the Senate is going to break the country and destroy the world’s finest healthcare system.   57% of us said NO; we’d rather have no healthcare bill at all than have that monstrosity.  Yet you passed that thing through the Senate anyway.  Well, the fight is NOT completely over — and believe me when I say — we are going to fight you for every last vote on it.

Look, just how stupid do you think we are, anyway?  Do you not think that we understand that you are simply setting the stage for America to join a single one-world government as an “equal” country to all others?  Do you not think that we understand that you do not believe in “American Exceptionalism?”  Hell, we KNOW THAT!  We’ve known that for some time now. See, we are way ahead of you there — and that is why YOU HAVE TO GO! 

Pollsters tell us that 66% of Americans want smaller government and fewer government services.  DID YOU GET THAT?  Hell, NO!  Even if you had heard us, you would have shrugged it off and continued on your merry way.

What a mess this country is in!  In my nearly 7 decades on this earth, I have NEVER seen it in worse shape — and that includes all the wars in my lifetime.

We have a President so inept he can’t find his own rear-end with both hands and a bird dog.  We have a Congress, which has gone rogue on us and set itself up as an oligarchy in which all power is vested in them as the dominant class or clique.  America now has government by the few.

Americans are mad as hell!  We will TRY to suffer your arrogance until November.  But that is it.  Either stand down by resigning while you still have a shred of dignity and respectability left or be driven from office by the waves of wrathful, angry, just plain MAD Americans who wish election day were today! 

J. D. Longstreet

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“To The Barricades!” … by J. D. Longstreet

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“To The Barricades!”

US Rogue Congress Must Be Thrown Out In 2010.

A Commentary by: J. D. Longstreet


America has now had the opportunity to see what a socialist government can do to America.  We have seen the current US government — made up of Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Progressives, and a mere sprinkling of real Democrats — nearly cause the collapse of the greatest nation ever to grace the globe.  In a matter of months they brought America to its knees in humiliation before the world. They managed to do what all of America’s enemies have never been able to do. America nearly capitulated.


But, thanks to the old moss-backed conservatives in the hinterlands of the nation continuously shouting the alarm and rallying the apathetic citizenry, Americans found their spine and during the past couple of months they have been rousing their fellow Americans, lovers of freedom, to fight back. The battle was joined and those conservatives who would not bow, who would not surrender the freedom, the liberty, our forefathers fought, bled, and died to preserve for us, have managed to fight the rogue government with a vigor they have not seen in a VERY long time.  And we must keep it up!


Much has yet to be done to roll back as much of the government intrusion into our daily lives as we possibly can.  Much has yet to be done to repair the damage to the democratic representative republic done by the socialists in Washington.  If we are to prevail completely, we have no time to lose. We must begin reconstruction immediately.


The most important election in the history of the United States is coming up in November of 2010.  Do not be surprised if the socialist government of the United States makes a massive effort to stop the elections scheduled for November of 2010. There ARE ways to do it and I expect them to try anything they can to remain in power.


Under Article one, Section four, Clause one, of the US Constitution, the Congress has broad authority to postpone elections in the event of a national emergency situation.  DO NOT KID YOURSELF:  The US Congress DOES have, by statute, the power to “postpone” the elections scheduled for November 2010.  The Supreme Court has already ruled on that power.


Think about it.  In this era of terrorist attacks and with the national economy on the ropes, how difficult would it be to FIND a national emergency, or… God forbid… create one, in order to declare a national emergency and “postpone” the elections. For an interesting read on this question go: HERE.


We must not be deterred.  We must demand that free elections in the United States be allowed to happen in November of 2010 — and — WE must be prepared to go to the polls in great WAVES of voters fueled with righteous indignation at the way our democratic representative republic has been shoved aside by a power hungry leftist elite bent on paving the way for the United States to join in a one world government, or global governance.


Some are saying the Democratic Party is worried because their own polling is showing they could lose 30 seats in the House of Representatives TODAY!  


With 60% of the electorate against the healthcare bill the socialists in Congress are determined to pass into law OVER our protestations, is there any question the democrats stand to lose many more than 30 seats in the House?  Is this impetus enough for the incumbents to begin thinking of some way to postpone the inevitable?


The American electorate has begun to stir.  The sleeping tiger is twitching, and when fully awake, its roar is devastating.


Many months ago, I wrote that the one thing the democrats could be counted on to do was “overreach.”  NOW you see what I meant.   They cannot help themselves.  Their lust for power is overwhelming and they are slaves to it as much as any drug addict is a slave to the drug of his/her choice.  They train much of their young lives in our leftist universities to “Make a Difference” and they emerge as the “best and the brightest” believing their own propaganda and they make it their life’s work to SAVE us from ourselves by running our lives for us from the cradle to the grave. After all, THEY are smarter they we.  THEY know what is good for us and what is not.  How dare we question their right to dictate our lives?


They become socialists/communists but they refer to themselves as communist party members have for decades: “PROGRESSIVES.” 


And they have control of the US Government from the White House to both houses of the Congress.  This must change or the United States cannot survive.


We conservatives must work as we have never worked before to re-claim our country.  Our national legislature must, once again, truly be representative as it was meant to be. 


We have roughly one year to save the republic.  


Those in charge in Washington can already see the handwriting on the wall.  They know they have only until next November to get their way with their socialist ideas.  They will be working furiously during the next eleven months, or so, to ram through the Congress as much of their program as they possibly can. It will be up to conservatives to stop them, to bottle them up, to confuse their plans, until we can vote them out of office next November.


These are perilous times for the republic. Once made aware of the danger, my expectation is that Americans will rise to the occasion as we always have when our nation is in peril.


That Southern Gentleman, planter, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army and first President of the United States of America, George Washington, once said:  Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  President Washington also said: “The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”


So, what is it to be fellow Americans — free men or slaves? If we are to be free men we have one year to secure our freedom. Just one year.


J. D. Longstreet




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Should the District of Columbia Be Given Statehood?

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Should the District of Columbia be given Statehood

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The short answer is NO! The long answer is: NOOOOOOOOOO!

Washington is a city, a government compound, if you please; it is anything but a state! And it should never become a state… unless… the Nation’s Capitol is moved to a more centralized location in the US. Then, I would propose breaking the District up and returning those parts of the district which had formerly belonged to the neighboring states… if they will take it back, which, frankly, I doubt. That portion belonging to Virginia has already been returned. The remaining portion used to belong to Maryland.

George Washington, the nations first president, chose the spot, a swamp named “Foggy Bottom”, upon which to build the city. It was close to his home, don’t you see. Sadly, Washington never served as President in the city, which bears his name. Somehow, I suspect that given a look at what the city has become today, Washington would ask that his name be removed.

Not to worry, those pushing for statehood for the District already have a new name chosen: “New Columbia”. I’ve not heard whether the folks in the Old Columbia, which is the capitol city of South Carolina, would mind, or not. I dare say they haven’t been asked.

The city was created as a “municipal corporation” on February 21st, 1871. And it’s been nothing but trouble and a drain on the US Treasury ever since.

The rambling here is, hopefully, to establish a truth which seems to be very inconvenient for those who want statehood for DC. The truth is: Washington was conceived as a city within which to locate the seat of the US Government. It was not to be in a state, or any portion of a state. It was to be in a district… separate, and apart, from ANY state!

Another inconvenient fact is that statehood for DC would be unconstitutional. That’s right! Unconstitutional!

You see, The Constitution specifies “a federal district not exceeding ten miles square.” It is not to be a part of any state. Today the District is six times as large as the constitution stipulated at over 61 square miles

It is my personal belief that only a constitutional amendment can legally make a state of the District of Columbia.

Many disagree. A number believe that the government compound could be shrunk down to contain only those federal buildings, which are a part of the government and the remainder of that 61 square miles turned into a state.

The Democrats, especially, love the idea of statehood for DC. They know they would get three liberal democrat members of the Senate, and Congress, right off the bat. According to the 2000 census there are 343,312 Blacks in DC. Whites account for only 176,101. That’s 60% Black and 30% White. The median age is 34.6 years old.

Right now, when numbers mean so much for the Democrats, you can bet they are looking, and lusting after, the District of Columbia.  Iif they can figure out a way to get the job done, short of a constitutional amendment, they will see that DC becomes the 51st state of New Columbia ASAP. I mean, 93% of the voters casting ballots in DC in the last election, voted democrat. That fact alone should tell you all you really need to know about the “Statehood for DC” push.

So, if the Congress wishes to diminish the size of the District say, down to the constitutionally mandated ten square miles, that’s fine by me. But, I would insist that the remainder of the current District be returned to Maryland and/or any other state from which the land was originally appropriated.

The final answer, so far as I am concerned, is no statehood for the District of Columbia, no matter its size and population… ever.

J. D. Longstreet 

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Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?

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Why does Sarah Palin Scare the living Daylights out of the Left?

Mainstream Media Nightmare: Sarah Palin

Democrats worry, lose sleep, over Sarah Palin!


Have you taken a second look at Sarah Palin lately?

Maybe we conservatives should. HEY! I’m just saying… !

I must tell you that anytime a conservative, candidate or not, strikes fear in the hearts of the Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and Progressives in the Congress, the White House, and the leftist Mainstream Media in America, we conservatives are selling ourselves short — if we do not sit up and take notice and, at least, try to determine what, about this particular conservative, is driving “those people” mad.

Of course, like so many other conservatives it bothers me , greatly, that she quit the office of governor of the state of Alaska. I cannot, so far, put the feeling that she is a “quitter” to rest.

Why did she do it? I wish I knew the real answer to that question. Maybe someday we will. Someday, should the occasion arise for a face to face with Ms. Palin, I intend to ask just that question. Whether it will make a difference, or not, I cannot say. Her answer to that question , I would think, will make, or break, any future national political ambitions she may have.

In the meantime, though, she is selling books like hot cakes and making appearances across the country and drawing record breaking crowds in some cities and towns.

Representatives of the mainstream media are tagging along like bloodhounds sniffing for any mistake, or misstep, or misspoken word that offers even a meager opportunity for them to discredit her further. Battalions of reporters and investigators are pouring over her book looking for errors or, well, anything that could be construed as less than truthful in their never ending campaign to belittle her, and diminish her standing among conservative and independent voters in America.

Now,  here is what is troubling me. I had written Ms. Palin off as another “also ran”. A “has been,” a failed “wannabe politician” on the national stage. Now, as a result of the left wing’s oh, so obvious, fear of this little woman, I am forced to take a second look and reevaluate my most recent negative feelings toward her as a possible candidate for something, or other, either in 2010 or 2012.

See, any conservative who can throw the “Fear of God” into the socialist/progressives/communists/democrats in our Congress and the White House compels me to sit up an utter the words: “What the H**l??? And THAT, dear reader is what Ms. Palin has done.

There is a reason the socialist leaders of American run screaming from the room at the mere mention of Sarah Palin’s name. I mean — she is bright, eloquent, obviously has a “presence” in any room she enters, and to top off the package, she is strikingly beautiful. And she is resilient. She has managed to fend off all the arrows fired at her by the left-leaning media and the left’s hit men and hit women and remain posed, with that striking smile, and her continuous profession of faith in a God who will never forsake her in good times or in bad.

Yes, she can be “folksy.” That is NOT A BAD THING IN MY REGION OF THE USA — the South. Plus, her “folksy” manner of speech is obviously NOT FAKE. That will go a long way toward establishing the honesty factor in her favor.

Having said all the above, yes, I am taking a second look at Sarah Palin. If for no other reason than because the mainstream media, which is so biased toward the political left, is expressing such overt fear of her.

When “The Left” fears “The Right,” conservatives are doing SOMETHING RIGHT! Is that “RIGHT THING” conservatives are obviously doing …  Sarah Palin? I DON’T KNOW! But, you can bet — I am going to try to find out!

J. D. Longstreet

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Iran Draws Ever Closer to the “Islam Bomb”

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Iran Draws Ever Closer to the “Islam Bomb”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Over the past few months, there have been a few shrugged shoulders, and a few mutters, about allowing Iran to acquire the atomic bomb rather than have a third front in the War on Terror. Granted, those shrugs and mutterings have been emanating from those with, shall we say… less “constitution,” than most? But, still, whispers of that nature tend to grow into cacophonies among, as we said, those with, uh, less constitution.

“But, J. D., doesn’t that make sense?” you may ask. “I mean, it’s only one more country in the Middle East,” you may continue.

Well, while it is true that Pakistan has the bomb, and Israel has the bomb, Iran is a whole ‘nuther story.

Pakistan is a constant worry for the US. There is little doubt that at some point, in the not too distant future, the US will have to deal with an overthrow of the current regime in Pakistan and the possibility that some, less than stable, individuals will gain control of that country’s nuclear arsenal. It’s going to happen. Bet money on it. That could be years down the road, or it could be tomorrow. The fact that we have troops next door is not a coincidence. You can bet the Pentagon has burned the midnight oil, on numerous long nights, planning, and then re-planning, how to rectify that situation… when if happens.

Israel has a nuclear arsenal. You know… the one they don’t have. Right… that one! The thing is, Israel has no plans to wipe anyone out, save for those who may attempt to do her and her people harm.

From the media we learn this: “Earlier this week, Iran state television reported that the Islamic Republic has successfully test-fired the Sejil-2 missile, whose range outstrips the Shahab, a missile said to be capable of striking Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf. Al Alam, Iran’s Arabic-language satellite television, said the Sejil missile had a longer range than the Shahab missile, which Iranian officials in the past have said can reach targets 2,000 km (1,250 miles) away, which would put Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf within reach.” Read the entire article HERE.

Which brings us back to Iran. Iran has yet to acquire the bomb. At least… we THINK they haven’t. If not, they are certainly on the threshold of obtaining what some are calling the “Islam Bomb”.

For those “shoulder shruggers,” please consider… Iran is the instigator of much of the terror around the globe today with training, and with money, munitions, material, and in a number of cases, personnel. It is one thing for Iran, alone, to have the bomb, it is quite another for Iran to begin handing those nuclear bombs off to bands of terrorists, all over the planet, who have absolutely no qualms about setting one of them off in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, London, or New York! And therein lies the greatest threat posed by Iran’s ownership of The Bomb.

Too often we have adjusted our national blinders so that we are seeing only an atomic attack upon Israel instigated by Iran. I must tell you, the likelihood of Iran arming terrorists with A-bombs is far more likely and, far and away, more dangerous to the US and the world.

Some of us in America understand that it will take a nuclear disaster in one of our large cities to get the attention of that portion of Americans who normally do not take part in the daily grind of everyday politics in the country and the world. They are those folks who will ask: “Now why would anyone want to bomb one of our great cities”? They are the folks who will STILL be puzzled as the mushroom cloud rears it’s dark, ugly, countenance above the ruins of what was formally a thriving metropolis with hundreds of thousand of Americans minding their own business, just like them, before the blinding flash that took their lives.

We have always had those folks with us. Historians tell us that when the 13 American Colonies girded for war against Great Britain, 1/3 were for the war for Independence, 1/3 were against the war, and 1/3 didn’t care, one way or the other.

In the days of yesteryear it was gallant, chivalrous even, to allow the opponent to get off the first shot before America took them out. Today… there will be no chance to strike back. The weapons of war are so powerful that he who gets of the first shot, most likely, will be the winner (if there is such a thing as a “winner” in a nuclear war.)

The point of my rambling is this: We have to take the reins in our teeth, dear reader, and do what must be done… before it is too late. Iran must be stopped. And the deed must be done sooner, rather than later. Americans, befuddled by all the politics in the air, both day and night for the past few years, are NOT paying attention to the gathering threat. While we are in the midst of the so-called GREAT RECESSION, Americans are, indeed, distracted. Dear reader, “distracted” is not a good thing when a country is at war for it’s very existence.

It is more likely now that Israel will attack Iran with the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in charge. Netanyahu, himself a former member of the Israeli Special Forces, is acutely aware of the danger posed by Iran’s acquisition of the Islam Bomb. Remember the former government’s bungling of the war in Lebanon? Many in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) are still smarting from that fiasco. And, it is becoming ever more clear that the US, under the Obama Regime, cannot be counted on to stand with Israel if, when, the “War with Iran” begins. This scribe had originally thought a series of bombing raids on Iran’s nuclear facilities might be able to, at least, set back the Iranian race for the bomb a few years. Now, however, I am convinced a few air raids will not do it. It now appears, at least to this scribe, that there will be a protracted war between Iran and Israel with many casualties and, quite possibly, an exchange of missiles with major cities of both countries being destroyed in the conflagration. In other words there will be little “surgical” about it. It will be a brawl.

No, I have no idea when the strike will come, but come it will. Iran is showing all the signs that it is spoiling for a war with Israel. Israel will have no choice. Well, actually, there is a choice. Europe and America can get behind Israel and assist Israel in taking out the nuclear threat from Iran and continue to enjoy a life of freedom. Or Europe and America can allow Iran to build the bomb, disseminate it to terrorist bands around the globe, and live in fear and trembling as slaves to the Islamofacists. Those are the choices. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND… contrary to what some leading politicians would have us believe.

Now, understand. I am not “warmongering” here. What I AM trying to do is redirect the spotlight onto the very REAL, and possibly worse, threat emanating from Iran’s possession of an Atomic Bomb. And that is… again… arming terrorists with it.

America has had it rather easy, as a nation. We’ve had our wars, even amongst ourselves, but we have had periods of peace. But, I fear that is over.

I hate to break it to some of you, but the war on terror is a never-ending war. It is not likely we will ever again have a world without US troops in the Middle East. But, even if it comes to pass, that we DO manage to dampen the hostilities there, it will be only temporary. In the meantime, wars all over the globe will flare-up and US troops will be required and called into combat in diverse places. It will be a constant struggle; waged from day to day, as young Americans spill their blood in an attempt to keep the death and destruction from our shores. But, eventually, it will arrive here, in America, and we, too, will live then as Israel does today. We’ll not be able to board a municipal bus without worrying if it has a bomb affixed to it, or enter the doors of a shopping mall without the same fear, or attend a sporting event, without that same dark worry tugging at our conscious minds. It will become a way of life and we will yearn for these days of relative peace. Hardly an American family will survive without a death, or multiple deaths, of their young as a result of these wars.

Gloomy? Yes, it is, very. But as I approach my seventieth decade on this earth, I can look ahead and base this prediction on my experience of the 5 wars in my lifetime (so far) in which we have engaged the enemy and found that we have won, lost, or “tied” at the conclusion.

It is said in the Holy Scriptures that in the latter days, or “end times” as some refer to those days, “men will cry peace, peace, but there will be no peace”. Those Scriptures have proven time and time again to be right on target. I see no reason to doubt them, or their wisdom, as we stand at the threshold of a war without end.

The future is going to be difficult. But, it CAN be easier, If the Obama Regime, gets behind Israel in the coming conflict with Iran. Unfortunately, it appears to all who care to observe objectively the Obama Regime’s maneuvering in the Middle East, that the President’s sympathies tend to lie more with the Islamic faction, than with the Israeli faction and, by extension, with the American and European factions.

J. D. Longstreet

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