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Democrats plan censorship with Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine!

Democrats plan censorship with reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine!… by J.D. Longstreet


We warned you the Democrat/Socialists would do this and they are currently preparing to do just that.  We warned you the democrats are all about raw power. The assertion of their tyranny by any means possible.  The Fairness Doctrine is censorship, plain and simple.  And, indications are that they’re going to pass it, in the House and Senate, if Obama is elected and he WILL sign it into law!


Read about it here:


Yes, a few months ago, Obama said he would not re-impose the so-called Fairness Doctrine, but… do you want to hang your hat on that?  I mean, when the Democratic Party’s leaders are hell bent on squelching conservative talk radio can you rely on a President Obama having the spine to deny them that?  I don’t think so.  If a bill reaches his desk, ready for his signature, he will be reminded of the support those same leaders gave him in his campaign for the presidency, and he’ll sign it.  Bet on it. 


As a money making enterprise, on broadcast stations, liberal talk radio sucks.  Listeners turn away in droves and stations carrying those programs cannot get advertisers because advertisers spend their money where there are listeners! They must… if their ad campaign is to be successful. With the Fairness Doctrine, a radio station and/or TV station would be bound, by law, to broadcast a liberal talk radio show for every conservative talk radio show.  What that means in “money talk” is… radios stations will reduce the number of conservative programs in order to reduce the number of liberal programs to avoid losing money. It’s as simple as that. After all, they are in business to make money for their stockholders.  If the stations find they must dump all political programming… they will do it, just as they did before the Reagan administration rolled back the original Fairness Doctrine.


According to an article on Front Page Magazine the Democrats are considering other ways to get the same effect as the Fairness Doctrine without having to wage the war with conservatives that is sure to come if they attempt the re-instatement of that law. You can read that article by Brian C. Anderson at:


But, there is “a kicker” in all this. It’s called the Broadcaster Freedom Act. You can the Bill here: 


What it does, in effect, is bar the Congress from ever reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.  But the Speaker of the US House of Representatives will not allow an up or down vote on the Broadcaster Freedom Act. If it isn’t enacted, and Obama is elected, back comes the Fairness Doctrine.


If you are a blogger or a regular user of the Internet you must be concerned over this because sooner or later something of the same sort is bound to hit the Internet. You can bet it will be aimed at opinion sites such as this very site.


The question that worries Internet users, bloggers especially, is whether all network content can be reached equally, or will some sites be more difficult to get to than others?  This is a very real concern.  Don’t think it can’t happen.


There’s an article by Lance Fairchok at the American Thinker dated July 8th, 2008 entitled: “Stealing Freedom: Democrat ‘Media Reform”.  We recommend you read it if there is any doubt in your mind about the Fairness Doctrine.  You’ll find it at:


The Fairness Doctrine, by any other name, is still censorship and an assault on the First Amendment.


J. D. Longstreet






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Next Up… Controling the Flow of Information

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Control the Flow of Information and You Control the Lives of Americans!


That’s where America is headed.  Until the Fairness Doctrine was trashed, in the late 1980’s the Left in America controlled the flow of information to Americans.  Daily Newspapers, radio news, TV news, Public Affairs programs on the broadcast media, all the major news outlets espoused views to the left of the views of average Americans.


Consumers of news, in the US, were covered up with left wing news and views and leftward slanted editorializing… even with what would have been legitimate news stories.


Then the country actually allowed freedom of speech on the broadcast media and the tidal wave of conservative news and views and opinion swept all before it.  The power of conservative ideas mauled the left wing media, badly. Conservative broadcasters, alone, can move the conservative giant in America to action unlike anything the left wing has seen.  They knew the conservative giant was there but they kept it in a state of slumber with their monotone left wing mutterings.  They knew that once the power of conservatism was loosed it would wreak havoc on their left wing propaganda machine.  And it did!


When the right wing “talkers’ roared aloud on the AM broadcast spectrum… the conservatives… who had been slumbering in a left wing induced stupor, awoke and shrugged off the mantle of doom and gloom and pessimism and began to flex muscles they had forgotten they had.   For the first time since the 1940’s conservative Americans had a voice.  A voice in the public square!  And they USED it!


Soon it became apparent that conservative spokesmen on the airwaves welded immense power…the power to move Americans to action… the power to influence elections… the power to influence legislation in the Congress and far more dangerous… the power to disseminate the truth to a truth starved nation.  Conservative talk radio became the moving force in America.  With some 70% of Americans holding conservative views, to one degree or another, on politics, religion, and social practices, the left wing suddenly found itself struggling to be heard above the booming voices from the right.  Every attempt at re-establishing a beachhead on the broadcast spectrum was crushed save for one government sponsored broadcast system, paid for by tax money from conservatives as well as liberals.


The one area in American life where the left still holds the reins of power is in the various government agencies.  The American government is run by liberals who train from the crib to college for lives as bureaucrats holding power over the masses.  That kind of job is anathema to conservatives.  As a result, few real conservatives work in government.  But for those liberals who do, the writing has been on the wall for sometime.  The conservative talkers on the broadcast media are thwarting them and those powerful conservatives must be stopped!


But… what to do?  Ahhh.  That is the question.  Re-imposition of the Fairness Doctrine… plus, add on the Equal Time Rule.  (By the way, for those of you not familiar with broadcasting… the “Fairness Doctrine” and the “Equal Time Rule” are separate things… not one and the same… as many people think.)  The left knows the Fairness Doctrine alone will squash right wing talkers and the Equal Time Rule will bury them.


And… it is pay back time!  After the right wing talkers moved their audiences to crush the Amnesty Bill in the US Senate, the left wing began to gear up to crush the upstarts on the right. 


It has been said there is no conservative leadership in Washington DC, in the US government.  That is true.  So… where does the right wing leadership come from?  Of course, the conservative leadership comes for the right wing radio hosts and TV hosts.  The seat of power for the right wing in America is on the Broadcast spectrum!  On the Internet, conservative bloggers are catching up, and quickly.


The Conservative Internet?  Well, it is young and suffering the pangs of youth but… it IS growing and… it IS becoming stronger on a daily basis.   Blogs, such as this one, and millions of other right wing blogs are carrying the “Conservative Message” to the entire world… not just to the US!   The left knows they cannot hope to vanquish the “conservative movement” in America by silencing right wing radio and TV alone.  To be effective they MUST silence both the right wing broadcasters and the right wing bloggers. They are two sides of the same coin.


Conservatives must not relax during this time of “pull-back” by the left.  They’ll come roaring back in a few weeks and silencing the “conservative message machine” will second on their minds only to winning the election in ’08! 


Be ready.


J. D. Longstreet

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Posted in Limbaugh by J. D. Longstreet on October 3, 2007


Sometimes the utter lack of common sense among the democrats is just jaw dropping in its depth and dimension. Case in point … the attack on Rush Limbaugh. It is bad enough that they base their attack on a lie…. but to be so stupid as to enrage their political foe, the conservatives in the US, just boggles the mind!

The Stalinist behavior of the Left, in Congress this week, has been eye-opening to the right. Up ‘til the attack on Limbaugh, conservatives had pretty much accepted defeat in the 2008 election. But, with monumental stupidity the left attacks an Icon of the right and reminds the Conservative right just why it is so important for them to engage the left in the 2008 election! How dumb IS this?

We have known for many decades the vaunted intelligence of the left is a myth. But, they had to go prove it for the entire world to see and hear.

As I said in an earlier article I actually heard the broadcast conversation, live, in which the phrase “phony soldiers” was used, both by Mr. Limbaugh and by the caller to whom he was speaking. There was never any doubt what Rush meant. He DID NOT speak in general terms about the US Military. If there is any doubt… simply ask the military!

If anyone should apologize to the US Military it is the Democrats in Congress. They have defamed the US Military at every turn. They have tried, and continue to try, to promote defeat of American forces in Iraq… and soon they will make another attempt to cut off funding for the war which will result in many deaths of American troops on the battlefield because democrats would not allow them to have the money to buy the ammunition and supplies they need to fight the enemy and defend themselves. THIS IS PATRIOTIC??? My God, it REEKS of giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

Look, we have the most unpopular Congress in the history of the United States! The polls tell the story. Something like 11% approval by the American people. And stunts like the condemnation of Limbaugh only demonstrate why the American people find them detestable!

Where are the adults on the Left??? Where??? They act and sound like adolescents with raging hormones. I know the left in Congress is, for the most part old hippies and flower children all wrinkled up now… but most of the 60’s crowd GREW-UP! Not these BOZOS!

Oh, and while I am at it, allow me to say that the unheard voices from the republicans in the Senate did not go un-noticed by the Conservative base. We are equally as angry at the Republican Party for allowing an icon of conservatism to be lynched on the floor of the Senate without so much as a protest! Why didn’t the Republicans at least walk out? Why didn’t they at least stand and turn their backs on the ranting democrat speakers? Why?

And they want my vote in November of 2008?

Are they NUTS???!

Yes, I am angry! And I plan on staying this way right through November of 2008!


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