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There Is No UNITED States!

There Is NO UNITED States!

By: J. D. Longstreet


There is a thread of fear running through the right side of the political spectrum in America. It is so real you can taste it. You can see it in the eyes of conservatives. You can hear it in their voices and you can even physically hear it when it is whispered into your ear. I will quickly add… it is fear mixed with resignation. Conservatives speak of it only in whispers. The left doesn’t speak of it at all because they are completely clueless about it.


Our fellow Americans, (on the left side of the American political spectrum) have mistakenly read the Right’s current state of mind as “fear of losing the election.” They could not be more wrong. It is not fear of losing the election. It is, however, fear of losing our country and the growing resignation that It is already too late to stop the sprint toward an inevitable conflict between citizens of what used to be the greatest country on the planet.


Yes, this IS a horrible thing to contemplate. Our forefathers in 1776 didn’t want it. Our ancestors in 1861 didn’t want it and we don’t want it. Nevertheless, the threat is there, standing just out of the light… but… just barely inside the shadows of our consciousness. The threat is visible to those who WANT to see it. The old expression “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” certainly applies to any who will not see that America is headed toward an internal conflict unlike anything this nation has seen since the 19th century.


For decades now a wedge has been driven deeper and deeper through the heart of what was a United America. We are no longer united. The UNITED states do not exist… except in poetry, verse, song, creeds, pledges, and in the imagination of those people who inhabit a “dream world” far above the plain upon which you and I dwell.


In reality, Americans are split asunder… cleft in twain by the cleaver of socialism. The election of a socialist President will complete the great divide of America and render us truly TWO nations. No hope for unity will exist. We will be constantly at each other’s throats, constantly in over-heated debate scratching and clawing at each other until the inevitable happens.


I’m over reacting… right? You’d better hope so! Just to reassure yourselves that I am a nut, check your encyclopedia for the history of this nation from about 1820 through 1865… then tell me you do not see the parallels. You see, for those of us who have paid more than passing attention to the actual history of this country, what is happening today in America is akin to the replay of a very old movie. A story that does not have a happy ending, but instead, flashes, “to be continued” at the end of the last reel. 


If you have been harboring thoughts that the American Left and the American Right will ever be able to reconcile and become one vast, single, goal-oriented electorate, allow me to disabuse you of that hallucinatory conception. No, the two are so totally different in their philosophies of life and politics… and even religion, that there is absolutely no hope of ever putting aside those differences and “coming together”. It just isn’t going to happen. The divide grows wider every day.


There was a time when I felt that I would not live to see the next civil war in America but I must say that at the speed comity is dissolving in American I may yet live to see the opening volleys.


The question is… how much longer will the Right restrain itself? The socialist government, we are likely to have after the election, may snap the leash.


 The Right’s patience is nearly spent. This very election could well be the last election held under the false claim implied by the current name of the country, “The United States of America.” We are decidedly split into two camps. The socialists are on the left, and on the right, those who want to preserve democracy. The line has been drawn.


Let’s face it:  The Left covets a socialist regime in America and they will stop at nothing, as we now know, to get it. The right wants to save the country and the constitution The Founders of this country gave us. To the left, the constitution is simply an impediment. It is in their way and they are forever looking for ways around it. Their henchmen on the Supreme Court find all sorts of things in the constitution that aren’t there. They claim it is a “living document” which it isn’t. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution, was intended to restrain the federal government’s power. Unrestrained government is, for all intents and purposes, the creed of the political Left. Many on the Right fear that in the event of a future national emergency a leftists/socialist government might find it “necessary” to suspend the constitution and, possibly, national elections. There goes democracy. 


I voted earlier this week. I voted for a true conservative for President. If this is to be the last election I take part in I wanted to mark my ballot in support of the idea of a democratic representative republic, the kind of government our forefathers gave us. As I stood there, with the ballot in my hands, I had a choice between Karl Marx’s brand of government or that of Washington Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and the all the rest of those men who put everything they had, including their very lives, on the line to create this government. I knew I could not sleep at night if I did not support the America for which so many Americans have laid down their lives since 1776.


Crunch time is coming. The Media is telling us that the sale of firearms is at an historical high in this country. I warned of this a few weeks ago. This election will decide if we stay free a few more years, or if we begin the descent into anarchy. I’m afraid it is too much to hope for “UNITED” any longer.


J. D. Longstreet

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Whatever Happened to Illegal Immigration? … By J. D. Longstreet

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away… illegal Immigration was a serious problem and the legal citizens of that land were up in arms about it. Then the issue disappeared. What happened? Methinks the media happened.


Have you wondered why Illegal immigration dropped from the radar screens of the media during the presidential campaign? I have. I suspect many of you have, as well.


Where did it go? The illegal aliens are still with us. Some estimates range as high as 20 million illegals here now. Even more illegal immigrants live and work among us every day in the US. We still have a border so wide open that it begs citizens of other countries to steal across it and take up residence in this country. As a result, they are still coming, by day and by night. 


Some recent reports in the press indicate that since our financial crisis arose a huge number of illegals have returned to their hones. Let me ask you…doesn’t that validate the argument many of us made that the illegals are not here to become citizens of this great country? We have been saying, all along, they are here for the money. Now that the money has tightened up, and the job market has shrunk, they’re headed back home. 


But why aren’t the two candidates for president talking about it? It is my opinion that there is no meaningful difference between the stances on illegal immigration of the two men running for President of the US.


If the illegal immigration thing ever does bubble to the top of the discussion between the two men the American voter is not going to like what he hears.


For Instance:  Remember that John McCain co-sponsored the Senate immigration bill that would have legalized millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. and McCain still supports what he calls a “sensible” guest-worker program for workers who are in the country without legal documentation.  Once the heat was turned up on the campaign trail he called for strengthening penalties for those who hire undocumented immigrants.  


If we go back and look at McCain’s record in the Senate, on illegal Immigration, what we find is very troubling. John McCain has voted in the past to extend social security benefits to illegals who have broken into our country, taken jobs from American citizens, drained the treasuries of our states and local governments by running up welfare costs, overloaded our schools while forcing the local taxpayers to fork over the money to pay for it. Those same illegals have devastated our hospitals, especially the emergency departments, through non-payment of hospital bills, and they have practically crushed our courts and law enforcement organizations with criminal conduct.


On the other hand, Obama has voted not to cut off funds to those “sanctuary cities,” and he voted for the Senate immigration overhaul bill. You may recall that bill was supposed to create stronger border controls, but, when you look closely, you find the bill would actually expand the guest-worker program and, over time, legalize millions of undocumented, or illegal immigrant workers, already in the country today. Obama has also sponsored a bill, which would allow states to provide in-state tuition for illegal aliens and he even supports giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.


But we aren’t hearing about this today. Why is that? Could it be because neither side wants it brought up? The media, so in the tank for Obama, knows that if they bring it up in relation to John McCain, it opens the door on Obama’s stance on illegal immigration. In other words, you can’t talk about one without talking about the other because there is just not that much difference between them on Illegal Immigration. 


So… where does that leave the voter. I’m beginning to think the voter is complicit in all this. There is just no way the American voter can NOT know where these two men stand on illegal immigration. That said, why are so many voters going to vote for a candidate they do not agree with on illegal immigration? Because they feel they have no choice. I suspect the voters in both camps believe they are down to a choice between the lesser of two evils… again. I have to tell you… this is no way to run a country.


J. D. Longstreet

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About Those American Flag Lapel Pens……

(This piece was first published in April of 2008)

About Those American Flag Lapel Pins….


In the spirit of full disclosure allow me to say, right up front that I have several American flag lapel pins. Some are singles, and some are crossed with the NC state flag, etc.  When I am not wearing the Sons of Confederate Veterans Lapel pin, I will have either my American Legion pin, or my American flag pin on my lapel.  Sometimes I will wear the American Flag pen on my left lapel, nearest my heart and at the same time, the Third National Flag of the Confederacy on my right lapel.


Yes, I AM making a statement with the wearing of those lapel pins.  I am saying, loud and clear, the things those pins represent are things that are very important to me. It is an overt expression of my love and my caring for those things, those principles, which are the foundation of the countries, and the organizations, those tiny little lapel pins represent.


I will readily admit to being a nationalist.  I think my country, the USA, is the best nation on the face of the earth.  You may disagree.  That is certainly your prerogative. But, do not expect me to change my mind. My country makes mistakes.  It blunders sometimes. But… and you know what is coming… it is still my country!


As an American citizen, I am free to change that.  I can denounce my citizenship and become a citizen of another country, if I wish.  I DON’T wish. Some do.


Let’s be clear about something:  I am not ashamed of my country.  From time to time I am ashamed of some of my country’s leaders… but never my country. Just because I am ashamed of the actions and the behavior of some of my country’s leaders is no reason for me to remove, or not wear, an American Flag lapel pin.  You see… that makes a statement, too.  It says, again, loud and clear, that I am ashamed of my country. I won’t do that.


Back in the 1950’s I took an oath, as I was sworn in to the Army, to defend this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.  It is essentially the same oath the President of the United States swears when he is sworn into office.   I don’t recall there being an expiration date on that oath. I’m proud of that.  I wasn’t much of a soldier, but I had committed what there was of me to the service of my country.  I have never regretted that.


We have a nation of leaders these days that have never worn the uniform of their country.  They have never crawled in the mud with the enemy popping off 7.62 rounds over their heads, or heard the rattle of a machine gun, or fully automatic assault rifle, in the dark and watched the tracers skimming the service of the earth searching for a target in the blackness of night.  They have never felt the stark terror of combat that dries your throat and mouth until your tongue is sticking to the roof of your mouth and you could not spit if your life depended upon it. And they know absolutely nothing of the courage and fortitude it takes to overcome all that and force your mind and your body to work and do the job you were trained for until the enemy is vanquished or you are dead.  They have no clue!  Yet, today we make these people our leaders and even the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces.


You see, those of us who have made the commitment have paid for the right to question the patriotism of a person would refuses to wear a simple American Flag lapel pin near his heart to announce to the world, “I Love My Country”.  A person who cannot speak or understand one single word of English will understand exactly what that simple little lapel pin is saying!  That is one HELL of a statement.  It is a powerful declaration!


Now, it seems to me, when a person is a candidate for President of the United States of America, which carries the title and the duties of the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, he should wear that American flag lapel pin, if for no other reason than respect for the men and women who WILL go in his place, in his name, to fight, bleed, and die, on the battlefields where HE sends them.  Is that asking too much? 


Apparently it is, these days.


To even ask me to support such a candidate insults me.


Now, I understand some of you don’t wear lapel pins of any kind… anytime.  That’s fine.  I respect that.  Not a problem.  I’m just saying that IF you DO, and you choose NOT TO WEAR a simple American Flag lapel pin and you just HAPPEN to be a candidate for President of the United States of America… well… that tells me all I need to know about you.


J. D. Longstreet  




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Race as an Election Factor … by Alan Caruba

Race as an Election Factor

By Alan Caruba


I find it remarkable that so little attention has been paid to the role of race in the 2008 election, especially since, for the first time in the nation’s history, one of the parties has nominated a man who, though biracial, identifies himself as Afro-American or Black.


Throughout most of America’s elections, race was a factor, going all the way back to the way opponents of Thomas Jefferson spread rumors of a relationship between him and his slave, Sally Hemmings. Turned out the rumors were true, but Jefferson became our third president anyway.


Slavery, a racial issue, would eventually lead to a rupture among the states, much as the Founding Fathers had feared when they created the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederacy. A Civil War would be fought to settle the matter. What followed was a century of suppression of blacks and a resistance, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  that would erupt in the 1960s.


A lot of people, following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, concluded that, at last, America had put the issue of race and bias behind it. Not so. The vast majority of those in poverty today are descendents of those Black Americans who were granted a further layer of protection of their constitutional rights in the 1960s.


Add to them a whole new layer of society in the form of a huge influx of illegal aliens, primarily Mexicans and those of Hispanic descent, some of whom were granted citizenship via an amnesty in 1986. A second effort to provide amnesty to an estimated twelve million illegal aliens was defeated in 2006 due to a massive public outcry.


In a new book, “Segregation: The Rising Costs for America”, its authors argue that, “By the middle of this century, today’s minorities will constitute half of the U.S. population and that fast-growing population is disproportionately impoverished, ill-housed, poorly educated, and tenuously linked to labor markets.”


The book was published just as the financial system of the nation crashed, due almost entirely to laws that required mortgage loans, called sub-prime, be made to minorities in order that they be able to live in homes that it turns out they could not afford. Thus, a liberal program based on the view that the poor have a “right” to live beyond their means has created a crisis that has destroyed several banks and investment firms, and imperiled one of the nation’s largest insurance firms. Much of the value of stocks has been lost as well.


This is a financial crisis that is the direct result of a foolish notion that was entirely rooted in race. The problems associated with crime in America are largely rooted in race and the failure to stem the tide of illegal aliens. The nation’s jails are filled with minorities. The costs are measured in the billions.


It is one thing to open doors to opportunity. It is quite another to get people to walk through them. In the case of the illegal aliens, even the fences at the border could not keep them out and, once here, made them instant criminals breaking our laws.


One man has risen to challenge for the highest position in the land. He has been received by cheering throngs. And he is indisputably Black.


I think it would be a great mistake to think that Barack Obama’s racial identity would contribute to a reduction in any of the social problems afflicting America’s Black community. If anything, a Democrat controlled Congress is likely to repeat the same kinds of mistakes that produced the financial crisis.


Indeed, just as politicians used race in former times to influence the outcome of an election, Obama is the consummate politician and will do the same. If anything, Obama’s race, if he is elected, could lead to unrealistic expectations and possibly even social unrest.


Some may vote for him out of “white guilt” over offenses done to Blacks in a previous era, but no one living today ever owned a slave. Those whites who grew up in the segregated South, as often as not will tell you they were as trapped in its constrictions as Blacks. Most are glad to see the Jim Crow era gone.


But in countless ways segregation is not gone and it is practiced every day on a purely voluntary basis. Watch how students segregate themselves by race in a high school cafeteria. Watch how their parents segregate themselves by race when they attend church on Sunday.  Watch how the two races tend to congregate in largely separate sections of a community.


Segregation or human nature? Discrimination or the choice of people to live among those who share their race, their heritage, their values, their culture?  There’s a reason one can visit San Francisco’s or New York’s famed China Towns. Depending on where you live, tides of Russians, Indians, and of course Hispanics have created their own “towns.”


Remember, too, that even in Congress, there is a Black Caucus.


Race will surely be a factor in the 2008 election. It will be a factor long after.


Alan Caruba writes a weekly column posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, He blogs daily at


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Why I Believe McCain Will Lose

Why I Believe McCain Will Lose

By:  J. D. Longstreet



There is a lot of dejection in the ranks of the Republican Party these days.  As the rank and file of the GOP looks at the disparaging poll numbers the fear is growing that McCain will not be able to close the gap on Obama before Election Day. 



Conservatives, never happy with, nor ever quite sure of McCain’s chances in the first place, yet willing to hold their noses and cast a ballot for him in a desperate attempt to thwart the leftist agenda Obama will carry with him into the Oval Office, are the MOST discouraged, it seems to me.


Since the 2000 election campaign, we here at IoF have declared that John McCain will never be President of the United States. We still believe that.


Conservative voters have been loath to support the McCain ticket.  Without the support of conservatives a GOP candidate can forget victory in a Presidential campaign.  Without that conservative support there is no “fire” in the campaign. The fighting spirit, which rests almost entirely with conservatives on the right, simply is not there. You cannot have missed the lack of zest and zeal in the McCain Campaign.  You don’t see it because… it isn’t there.


Even those conservatives who have vowed to support McCain after he brought Palin on board have withheld total commitment. Their heart is just not in it.


Since day one of the campaign for the oval office 2008 conservatives have scratched their collective heads in wonderment at the candidates the GOP wheeled out for our inspection.  At first, we thought it was a bad joke.  Then, it was rumored that the upper echelons in the party were saying they didn’t need conservative support to win the White House. We KNEW the party was in serious trouble at that moment.


There has been a tug of war within the GOP since the conservative take-over in the mid 1990’s. The resentment of the bluebloods and the country club Republicans toward the K-Mart Republicans has been palpable. You see… we conservatives are something of an embarrassment to them.  For the most part they are the moderate to liberal branch of the GOP.  (Oh, yes.  Just as there are conservative democrats there are liberal republicans.)  Unfortunately, the liberal republicans carry with them that “liberal guilt” just the same as their democrat counterparts.  I am of the opinion there is nothing so dangerous to the country as liberal guilt no matter if the liberal is republican or democrat.


On the other side of the political spectrum the democrat party is not really a “party”.  It is more an amalgamation of victim’s groups, bound together in their perceived victimhood, seeking redress from the government. They have been thus for a very long time and, in that time, have forged a bond between them in order to attain their goals. It is quite different in the GOP.


In the Republican Party, the differences between the two main groups, the liberals and the conservatives, is much wider… and… that gap can never be closed… even temporarily in order to secure victory.  Conservatives can never compromise their core beliefs.  Even an attempt is doomed to failure.  The instant conservatives make an attempt to compromise; they are no longer conservative. You can see the problem.


And that, dear reader, is why I continue to call for a solely conservative political party.  The infighting within the GOP is not going to cease until conservatives leave. Of course, the moment conservatives DO leave; the GOP will be relegated to the backbenches in Congress for a hundred years, or more.


The McCain Campaign has been a lost cause from the beginning. Apparently McCain thought he could replace conservative support with the support of Independent voters. That was never very likely because such a large percentage of independent voters are conservative voters who, for one reason or the other, left the two dominant political parties.  No matter who chose that course, McCain or his advisors, in my opinion, it was unwise and it may well cost him this election. In the long run, however, conservatives may benefit from the GOP loss in November.




There is a major firestorm coming, nationally and internationally. There will be epiphanies by the bundles landing on the doorsteps of naïve American voters in the next few years.  The cost of living in the US is going to skyrocket upwards along with taxes and new laws and regulations the likes of which we have never seen before.  Add to that the spread of Islamofacism and the accompanying wars and rumors of wars and the ever-increasing drain on our treasury to fight those wars, here at home as well as in foreign lands, and you begin to get the picture.


Conservatives have been warning of the multitude of festering boils about to erupt but… nobody wanted to listen.  In a few months reality will set in and with it a slow awakening.  By then, of course, the US Ship of State will have sailed and like any ship it will take an interminably long time to turn it around and set it’s course aright.  If, and it is a big “IF”, we are able to overcome what is headed our way, and begin a successful program of reconstruction, the country may find it necessary to turn to conservative leadership in order to rebuild the country and rehabilitate what will surely be a decimated military and a dispirited citizenry.


For a number of years now, decades even, there has been a growing sense, in the human psyche, that something dark and foreboding is on the threshold. I have felt it and now I sense its growing strength and it’s growing inevitability.  In my opinion, there are extremely dark times ahead for America… just months ahead, in fact.  We will be sorely tried, perhaps, as never before. What is even more troubling, to me, is my concern that we cannot turn back, nor can we influence what is about to happen. It is far too late. The dye is cast. Now we can only watch and wait and do whatever is necessary to survive as a nation. 


J. D. Longstreet




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Uh… What Happened to the “Bailout”?

Uh… What Happened to the “Bailout”?

 By:  J. D. Longstreet

Well… what happened?  Pelosi, Frank, Reid, and yes, McCain, Bush, and let us not forget Obama, and that crowd of old hippies in Congress… aw, you know the experts on finance, the folks who want to nationalize the nations financial markets… YEAH, that bunch… assured us the nation and the world had been saved by the 700 billion, no, wait, that’s 800 billion, no, wait, it’s 850 billion… and climbing “rescue”.  Remember.  Well, it was SO long ago.  Why, that was way back last … week… last Friday to be exact.


Monday, the US Stock market reacted as if a Black Hole had opened in the floor beneath the exchange and sucked all the money down it. 


So now the “Cover Your A**” maneuvers begin, big time, in Washington, DC.


Hey, I’m just an ole country boy, down here in the swamps of the Southeastern US, and I will survive no matter what the economy does, or doesn’t do, as the case may be.  Reminds me of the old country tune:  “Country Boys will Survive”.  There’ll be no jumping out of skyscraper windows down here.  Heck, you’d have to drive 150 miles to find a building tall enough to jump off with the expectation of anything worse than a sprained ankle, anyway!


But, the big boys are circling the wagons and preparing to defend the positions they took last week on rescuing the nation’s economy.  All the while, they are looking for a scapegoat when all they have to do is look in the nearest mirror.  As we reminded readers last week, it was the federal government that caused all this, to begin with, and now they have doused the fire with gasoline, with their near trillion dollar bailout, and as many of us warned, the fire has only gotten worse. And, to the chagrin of our socialist brethren in Europe and even Asia, it has spread to them.


Sometimes doing nothing is exactly the right thing to do!  Unfortunately the government doesn’t see it that way. 


The immediate excuse for this debacle is that the “Bailout” is not working fast enough.  The claim is that companies are not able to get the money they need to finance acquisitions or for normal day-to-day operating expenses.  Look, I took my business training at a School of Business at a noted university here in the state and they taught us about “reserves” and things like “working capital”, you know, good business practices. Heck, I’ve still got my textbooks on it.  Seems to me a heck of a lot of the folks in the leading corporations and banking institutions must have missed those classes. 


This mess, this debacle, this …OK, I can’t think of a word that describes the situation the financial markets are in today (at least, a word that I care to use in public.)  But, take a good look.  THIS is what a capitalist country gets when it allows a socialist-leaning government; such as we have in the US today, to get involved with the money markets, the financial markets, and/or the stock markets. 


Just so you know… this is not going to get a whole lot better anytime soon.  Even though I do not have the confidence in our economic system that I once did, I am still confident in the ability of my fellow Americans and I know we can, and we will, pull out of this mess. Of course, we may have to run a few people out of Washington.  If nothing else good comes of this financial disaster, that, alone, would be a very good thing, indeed. 


J. D. Longstreet   

We’ve Been Had… Again!

We’ve Been Had… Again!

By:  J. D. Longstreet


I have debated whether or not to write this piece and my lesser angels won out!


I think we have been had.  I think we were set up.  I think we have just had the “October Surprise”… a few days early… whilst it was yet September.


OK.  I KNOW. I know.  This is going to sound as if it came from the fertile mind of a conspiracy theorist… and Lord knows, I do not wish to be equated with them.  But, hey, aren’t we all conspiracy theorists to one degree or another?  See?  Told you so!


Anyway. Something just smells to high heaven about this “financial markets mess” in which we currently find ourselves. I mean something smells… besides the hideous mess itself.  Look. We have known this bust was coming.  It had to. But, what bothers me is… why did it come just now?  Not being a financial wizard, (Of course, from the looks of things, there are very few of those around these days, anyway!) I know next to nothing about how the financial markets work. But… I DO know something about the way the insidious political mind works… and what we have all seen, and been a part of the past few days, just reeks of political setup.


Why, when Obama was falling behind in the polls all across the country, did this “financial bust” suddenly explode upon the scene? I have to tell you, there’s something about the timing. Yes,  the timing of this whole thing troubles me deeply. And then there was the attempted setup of the Republicans by the Democrats in the House of Representatives.  I am convinced the “bailout bill” was set up to go down to defeat by the House Dems.  I am convinced the Dem’s WANTED the Republicans to kill it so they could then blame the Republicans for the defeat and the mess the financial markets are in.  It backfired… to some degree.


Problem is, at least for the Democrats, the American people did NOT want this “bailout bill” to pass into law.  The Republicans , by standing firm and voting against it, plus those 40 or so democrats who voted against it,  DID abide by the will of the people they represent. The bill went down to defeat.


OK.  So where is the Apocalypse? Tuesday morning the markets opened, on an upward surge, and… even though many waited for the crash to come… it didn’t.  See… we’ve been told time and again if this bill did not pass there would be horrible, horrible, 

consequences. We were told that this bailout must be done immediately (or sooner) or dire, dire, truly awful, things would happen to the economy and, well, just about everything conceivable BAD would occur.  Well, the bill died and we’re still functioning, and functioning well, as a country. 


I have to tell you, dear reader, this whole imbroglio, headed up by the Dem’s, resembles  what it was… the efforts of a bunch of amateurs at work.  Truly, the Dem’s are in over their heads… again. The Dem’s “took a dive”.  The Dems “threw the fight”.  And we all watched. And you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  They don’t care that you caught them with their hands in


the cookie jar.  They are that arrogant! They just don’t care.


Now, here’s the thing:  In my opinion, the Dems just stole the election and they know it.  Why would I say such a thing?  Look, those of us who pay attention to such things saw the machinations of the Dem’s playing out right before our eyes, and recognised it for what it was.  But, ask yourself, how many people were/are paying attention?  How many voters will even know, or care,  about what the Dems did, and tried to do, in the Congress this week?  How many voters will just gobble up the news, fed to them by a left-biased media, and continue to blame the Repubs for the mess and vote against them next month?  See? If you are honest with yourselves, you will have to admit the GOP has been suckered and the Dem’s landed a “below the belt blow” that has, I believe, taken the Republican Party out of contention for the White House this election cycle.


If I am correct, and I think I am, McCain has lost the election.  It’s over. And what is worse… the voters will have just opted for socialism rather than capitalism in America. 


J. D. Longstreet 




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Who Can Be President of the US?

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Eligibility to Be President of the US

By:  J. D. Longstreet

I have been following this and watching this story develop since picking up on it, a while back (June ’08), on an Israeli site Israeli Insider.  The article is titled: “As Obama stonewalls on uncertified birth certificate, official doubts mount”.  You’ll find the story here: 


Back on June 27th, 2008, the American Thinker had this piece titled: “Obama birth certificate mystery still unsolved”.  You’ll find the article at:


It is just now coming to the fore and I suspect if will soon hit the mainstream media which, as we all know by now, trails behind the “New” media by anywhere from several days to several months!


So why bring this up now? Well, let us see what has happened and what is happening:


Currently, a prominent Democrat is suing Obama in a Philadelphia Federal Court. The title of the piece at Americas Right is: “Obama sued in Philadelphia federal Court on grounds he is constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency”. Philip Berg, the filing attorney, is a former gubernatorial and senatorial candidate, former chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery (PA) County, former member of the Democratic State Committee, and former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania. (From Americas As you can plainly see, Mr. Berg isn’t a lightweight! You’ll find the story here:


Sounds bad, right? Well, not so fast!  Over at World Net Daily, they have another take on this whole mess.  The article is entitled: “Democrat sues Sen. Obama over fraudulent candidacy”.  You’ll find it at:


We also found an article from June ’08 at The Swamp, which says flatly that Yes, Obama is a citizen of the US.  You’ll find it here:

2008/06/is_barack_obama_a_us_citizen_y.html (You may have to copy and past this URL into your browser if the line is broken.)


So what difference does all this make?  Not much, really. I just find it interesting that we get so caught up in this sort of thing.  I think it all derives from our never-ending Presidential campaigns, instituted, if memory serves, by the Clintons.  It seems we have had one long, never-ending, (I said that already, didn’t I?) campaign for the office of President since Bill Clinton set foot on the carpet of the Oval office… and I, for one, am tired of it.


The Constitution of the Confederate States of America limited a president to one six year term, period.  I could support amending the US Constitution to one term for the President… not to exceed six years… and that would be for a lifetime… no coming back, after a few years out of office, and be eligible to run again.


So let’s cut through all the smoke and mirrors stuff and see what the Constitution actually says about the qualifications to be President of the US:


Article II says: “Article II. – The Executive Branch
…”No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”…

That’s it!  That’s all there is to it.  So… can we dispense with all the diversions and get this election over with?  I am sooooo ready for it to end!


J. D. Longstreet













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Who is up to wrestling the Bear? Obama… or McCain?

Posted in America, Communist, Europe, Freedom, McCain, Military, NATO, Obama, Political, Russia, Socialism, United States of America, War by J. D. Longstreet on August 14, 2008

Obama or McCain vs. The Russian Bear?

The Russian Bear

The Russian Bear



With the Russian bear on the prowl again, whom do you want standing in the way of that bear?  Obama or McCain?  THAT will be the question come this November!  For me, the answer is obvious.  It should be for you as well.


It’s not like we didn’t know this was going to happen.  If you know the least bit about Russian history then you know Russia is going to expand and keep expanding until somebody forces them to stop.  They cannot help themselves.  A form of national paranoia passed from generation to generation kindles their “expansionism”.  There is something in the Russian mind, in the Russian psyche that demands they must have a “strongman” leader. They are ever in search of a “Czar”.  Otherwise, they feel weak, exposed, inadequate, and vulnerable. They incessantly fear attack, invasion, rape, pillage, sacking of their country by some other country, even when they cannot clearly define the “would be attacker”. That fear is ever present.  Their aggression is a sure sign of their fear.  Never, NEVER, turn your back on the Russians.  For if you do…you present them with an inviting target… and they will strike! Every time.


So, we have returned to the bi-polar world… the Russian half of the world and the US half of the world.


The US will have no choice now but to rebuild our military.  That means reinstating the draft. We need more “bodies”.  For what the Russian military lacks in technology they more than make up for in warm bodies which they have no problem using as cannon fodder. Personally, I still support mandatory military service for all Americans.  But, that’s just me. 


Certainly, all clear thinking Americans know this Georgia incursion was not a last minute thing.  Putin has been planning this thing for months, maybe even years. Look back over the history between the US and Russia and you will see that when Russia launches into a new adventure, they make sure our attention is diverted elsewhere. Putin cannot have missed the likelihood that Obama will be the next President of the US and he knows all the restraints he now has forced upon him by the US will fall away and… he will be on the march.  All those small former satellite nations around Russia will soon be back in the fold. 


Looking critically at the US…it is clear that not only must the US rebuild our military, we must do it quickly.  We also need to elect a military man, or a former military man, as President of this country, in November. We now NEED a soldier at the helm.  Mr. Obama simply does not have what it will take to lead this country.   Speaking well, having been endowed with an oversize ego, but with almost no experience in the real world certainly does not qualify him.  I refer to THE real world where a drawn out dialog with your enemy means hundreds, even thousands, more deaths occur while polite diplomatic exercises take place.  I mean THE real world where death is just minutes away delivered by intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads. Having, as the leader of the United States, a novice politician, woefully lacking in experience, but bolstered with an oversized ego, will accomplish nothing… except invite our enemies to run, roughshod, over our interests overseas and, eventually, here at home.


The US is in entirely too much danger, at this point in history, to seriously even consider, for one moment, electing Mr. Obama as President. The Islamofacists are bent on striking us again, here, on our own shores.  They tell us as much. In our recent past, less than brilliant leaders in the Congress and the office of President have decimated our military and intelligence communities.  As a result, we have a military stretched to its limits fighting on two fronts we know of, Iraq and Afghanistan, and other fronts we are NOT told of, and our intelligence agencies have been so shorn of quality personnel, equipment, funding, and human intelligence resources around the world, that, oftimes, it would appear we would do better leasing assets from the Israeli Mossad! 


The next President of the US will inherit a war. Did you catch that?  Did that register with you? I’ll say it again, clearer this time: The next President, whoever he is, will walk into the Oval Office while bullets are flying, shells are exploding, and missiles screaming death from the skies, as silent spy planes soar in lazy circles above a mountainous region of the Middle East searching, relentlessly, for the master of the mayhem begun on 9-11-2001.


And now the Russian Bear has slipped it’s leash and, once again is ripping and tearing it’s way through those inhabitants unfortunate enough to reside on the fringes of its domain.  The bear is seeking, as always, to expand its domain, no matter the toll in the carnage of human lives and ruined cities, towns, and villages.  The Russians are even moving into our hemisphere with airbases planned for Venezuela, and even though they dispute it, refueling bases for their nuclear bombers in Cuba, just off our southern shore.


The next US President will, of necessity, have to be a Commander-in-Chief from the first moment he takes the oath of office. The life of every mother’s son and daughter in the uniform of our military will depending upon HIM for leadership that will win the war and return them safely to their loved ones… in THAT order. Cutting and running from the battle will do nothing except insure that the war goes on, on other fronts, and not on those carefully chosen and prepared  “killing fields’ in the Middle East. Abandoning the field of battle will force the enemy to bring the war to us… to America… to our shopping malls, to our sports stadia, to OUR buses, trains, airliners, churches, synagogues and yes, even to our children’s schools.


Every election is said to be the most important election in the history of the country.  But, this one, THIS one, may decide if you and I live or die.


Yes, “The Bear” is back. Seems to me… the best thing for America, this coming November, is to elect a man to the office of President who is “loaded for bear”.


J. D. Longstreet            


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