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Cuba. Soon to be a State?

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on October 26, 2007

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Why isn’t Cuba the 51st State?


Cuba is located ninety miles south of Key West, and lies at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico between Florida and Central America. It is the largest island in the West Indies. And Cuba should be a state of the United States. Why isn’t it?

Let’s look at a little Cuban history:

“ Cuba was discovered by Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) in 1492. It was settled nine years later in 1511 by his son Diego Colon who founded the city of Santiago three years later. Its original inhabitants, the Arawak Indians, were wiped out by the Spaniards. Cuba remained under Spanish rule for the next four centuries. Except for a brief period of British occupation in the eighteenth century.

Cuba’s independence came about when the United States won the Spanish American War in 1898 and granted Cuba independence in 1902 after four years of U.S. occupation. The Platt Amendment was the price the Cuban rebels paid to get a withdrawal of U.S. troops. This amendment, grafted into the Cuban constitution of 1902, guaranteed the right of the U.S. to intervene in Cuban affairs to protect U.S. interests on the island.

The result was the rise of a corrupt political culture, in Cuba, with two parties: Liberal and Conservative (which by the way wasn’t conservative) who often had business holdings with American corporations. This process continued until the election of Machado in 1924. On September 4, 1933, Sergeant Fulgencio Batista led a revolt with student revolutionaries. Fulgencio Batista, a mulatto of modest background, would oversee and manipulate the Cuban political landscape for the next 26 years. Ramon Grau San Martin, a university professor, became provisional president, but refused to swear allegiance to the 1901 Constitution with the planks that contained recognition of the Platt Amendment as US warships circled the island. 127 days later his government is brought down by a Batista led coup. In 1934 the U.S. recognized that the Platt Amendment had been abolished. Between 1934 and 1940 Batista controlled the Cuban government through a series of puppet regimes. In 1940 a constitutional convention met in which all political forces in Cuban society were represented. After the new Cuban constitution was established in 1940. Batista was elected in 1940 as the constitutional president. The communist party made up part of the coalition that brought Batista to power. Batista described himself as a “progressive socialist.” He used the communist party to take control of the labor unions.

In 1944, Batista is defeated in a fair election and Grau San Martin is elected President. In 1948 Grau’s successor Carlos Prio Socarras is elected President. During the Autentico regime’s rule political gangsterism swept through Cuba and shook Cuban society to its very core. According to the constitution of 1940 the University of Havana was an area in which civil and millitary police were not allowed. The result was that these political gangsters were able to murder with impunity and use the University as refuge from the authorities. These groups were used by the Autentico’s to wipe out communist infiltration of the Unions. The situation worsened under Prio Socarras to the point that Fulgencio Batista was able to justify a coup de etat which took place on March 10, 1952. One of these political gangsters Fidel Castro would plan an ill-fated attack on the Moncada barracks on July 26, 1953. Thanks to Batista’s abrogation of the constitution and an economic downturn in the 1950’s opposition to Batista begins to grow. Less than two years after the failed attack, Batista declares an amnesty in which the Castro brothers are released from prison. Castro leaves for Mexico to train and organize. He returns on the Granma and lands in Cuba. Taking up residence in the Sierra Maestra. Four months later the Directorio Revolucionario assaults the Presidential palace, but fails in assassinating Batista and are crushed. Leaving Castro’s July 26 movement as the main opposition group. Nearly a year later a general strike fails. Towards the end of 1958 the United States under the Eisenhower Administration began an arms embargo on the Batista Regime, which is interpreted as U.S. support for Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries.

On January 1, 1959 Batista leaves Cuba and Castro takes over Cuba’s government. During the next year and a half Fidel Castro consolidates power and seizes properties. Castro allies himself with the Soviet Union. In 1961 Cuban exiles trained and armed by the C.I.A. formed Brigade 2506, which landed at the “Playa de Giron” otherwise known as the Bay of Pigs. Due to leaks within the State Department the Cuban government had fore knowledge of the invasion. In addition, to preserve “plausible deniability”, the Kennedy administration reneged on its pledge of air and naval support. Cuban exile troops were left on the beaches to get shot up and or imprisoned. A number of American pilots refused to abandon them and died in action. Due to this fiasco and the Kennedy administration’s perceived, or actual indecisiveness, the USSR believed that it could place offensive missiles in Cuba. This would alter the strategic balance of power.

The result of these developments was the Cuban Missile Crisis and the resulting Kennedy-Khrushchev pact, which guaranteed Castro’s rule until present day.

You can read this entire article at:

So, now that you have a little history of the “history” between the US and Cuba, I ask again why Cuba is not a state of the US, or, at the very least a territory of the US? Heck, we even have a military base on the island!

Cuba is an incredibly rich country… for people who have the know-how and the will to turn it into a capitalistic economy. The tourist trade alone would practically support the island.

As things with Cuba are today she is a pimple on an elephants rear. A constant irritant, but not much else. As a US territory, American companies would invest heavily in the island and, in no time, it would bloom into a paradise . (Not to mention those wonderful cigars would be available to us American cigar smokers!)

This week President Bush asked the Cuban government to ease their iron grip on their people. Bush even offered US assistance should Cuba decide to abandon it’s socialist ways and try democracy. Of course, this was a less than subtle message to the Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, that no matter their plans after Fidel’s passing the US is not going to be satisfied if there are no significant openings of the Cuban economy and Cuban political life.

Senator Fred Thompson, Republican candidate for President, released the following statement regarding President Bush’s speech on Cuba policy earlier:
“Our goal for Cuba is nothing less than the complete freedom of the Cuban people. All sanctions must remain in place as long as the current regime, or any ‘transitional government,’ refuses to hold free and fair elections, to release all political prisoners, to allow private enterprise to flourish, and denies the Cuban people their God-given freedoms. The United States must strengthen its ongoing efforts to build international support to isolate the Castro regime, and stand with the Cuban people. We also need to look at new ways to further weaken this regime, and hasten the democracy, freedom, and self-determination of the Cuban people.”

Raul, understanding the US Democrat Party is, for all intents and purposes, socialist, as is Cuba’s government, and hoping for a US Democrat Party victory in the US elections next year, says he is willing to open talks with the US… if… the next Presidential Administration quote: “desists from their arrogance and decides to converse in a civilized manner”. Interpreted into “conservative” English that means Raul will only talk to the socialists in the US… the democrats.

Fidel’s end is in sight. I don’t put much stock in an uprising of the Cuban people upon Castro’s death. I feel it is more likely their spirit has been broken and their will to resist has been “smothered to death”. I expect it will take active intervention by the US to once again free Cuba from her chains and offer her safety as a part of the United States.


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America’s Covenant with America

Posted in Historical truth, Religion by J. D. Longstreet on October 25, 2007

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The American Covenant


It is said the USA has more of it’s citizens incarcerated, imprisoned, than any other nation on earth.

I heard this the other night on TV. I wondered what reaction the person making the statement hoped to elicit from me, and others, who heard it.

My own reaction was… so what?

I mean, only a person having no understanding of the foundation of this country could be surprised by such a fact.

Now… for those of you who still think that is an awful thing to say about a nation… hold on a minute!

Consider the US is a nation founded on laws, on a written constitution, and a code of laws founded on that constitution, Olde English Common Law, the laws of the Judeo-Christian religion, commonly known as the Ten Commandments, and a few other lesser known codes of laws. The US is a “nation of laws”.

Now, here is the “kicker”! Citizens of the US are free people… so long as they/we remain within the boundaries proscribed by the laws, which are made by their/our fellow citizens who have been vested with the power to create those laws.

America asks very little of her citizens. All she asks is that they/we obey the law(s) made by the citizens of the country.

If a US citizens, or anyone residing within the US decides, for whatever reason, to live outside those laws, or to ignore, or in any other way, break those laws, then the wrath of their fellow citizens, the people of the 50 states as a whole, will come down on them like a ton of bricks! And in a system such as ours… that is a good thing.

The fact that we have so many of our citizens in jail says nothing derogatory about our system of government. It DOES say a lot about how our family structure, our educational system, and our religious community, has failed and failed miserably.

The “American Family” is as close to non-existent as it has ever been. We can’t even decide what a family is, anymore! “The Church” has abrogated it’s position as the “setter of societal standards” and has, instead, adopted the aberrant behavior of many in our society as accepted… and even praiseworthy. NO, longer can a functioning American family point it’s young children to The Church for moral guidance. The Church has failed us miserably. As a result the American family has all but disappeared.

Our educational system has also failed… not only it’s students, but the parents of those students who entrusted their young into the hands of an educational system which no longer educates, but indoctrinates the innocent among us.

Those of you astonished when you hear statements about how many of our US citizens are in prison… remember this: Those imprisoned broke the covenant with their fellow Americans to live by the laws of our land. They knew, before hand, their fellow citizens would require their freedom as payment for their transgressions.

So, do not even try to use the number of imprisoned Americans as a maul to hammer shame onto American society. It won’t work. Each American lives within a self-imposed covenant of laws he has forged with his fellow Americans. This American Covenant has managed to hold off the blackness of chaos and anarchy since the country was founded and it has allowed the US to become the pre-eminent power on the planet.

To those who would run our system of law down, we say: Do not speak of that which you do not know… and do not understand. Look first to your own government’s failure! If you are an American citizen and do not already know this… then the shame is on YOU!


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Posted in UN/One World Government by J. D. Longstreet on October 22, 2007

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Urge your Senators to Oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty!


I came across something alarming a few days ago and I wanted to pass it along to you. Actually, a friend of mine, in Ohio, alerted me to this and as soon as I read it I fired off e-mails to both my US Senators asking them to oppose it. I am referring to the Law of the Sea Treaty better known, at least among those who actually KNOW about it, as “LOST”!

Here is a snippet for the article I read:

“The United States is inching closer toward ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). President Bush endorsed this treaty in May and has since urged the Senate to vote on ratification. Initial reports indicated that the Senate may have attempted to ratify LOST before adjourning for the August recess. Recent reports indicate that a vote to ratify the treaty could take place within the coming weeks. Former President Ronald Reagan originally rejected the ratification of LOST in 1982, but recent appeals from the Bush administration, some members of Congress, and the Council on Foreign Relations, have caused the treaty to resurface.”

At first I thought it was frightening enough that the Senate had possible attempted to slip this horrible treaty through undetected but as I read more about it, I truly became alarmed.

Here is another snippet:

“The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) entered into force in 1994 and has been ratified by 153 countries (click here for a list of recent LOST developments). The treaty gives the UN complete jurisdiction over the oceans and everything in them, including the ocean floor with all its resources, along with the power to regulate 70 percent of the world’s surface.

The International Seabed Authority could require the United States to share intelligence, technology and even military information. LOST could impose restrictions on intelligence-gathering by U.S. submarines, activities that are essential to national defense.”

Lou Dobbs had this to say about this Treaty:

“The Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently heard arguments on the 1982 Law of the Sea Treaty, which President Ronald Reagan rejected but President Bill Clinton submitted to the Senate in 1994. A vote is likely in the weeks ahead, and this Democratic-controlled Senate is the same institution whose leadership sought passage of the disastrous comprehensive immigration overhaul legislation.”

If we have captured your attention, even a little bit, we’d like to direct you to the website from which the snippets of info on this page originally came. You’ll find it here:

This is serious business. We have given away far too much of our freedom in this country in the last couple of decades, or so. We stand at the threshold of a “one-world government”, which would immediately place the United States, and it’s constitution, at heel behind that single globe spanning government.

Do you want that?

I certainly don’t.

This treaty, which, when passed by the US Senate, will have the force of US Federal Law, and is one of the ways your freedom, and mine, will be handed over to some other governing authority other than the one you and I voted for.

We here at IoF urge you to write both your US Senators and IMPLORE them to oppose the passage of “LOST” (Law of the Sea Treaty)! We cannot allow this monster “freedom killer” to survive!


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The Decline of Mainline Religious Denominatiins in America

Posted in Religion, Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on October 21, 2007

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Religion in America at Odds with Christians ?


I have come very close to washing my hands of organized religion. Reared in a devout Southern Baptist home, switching to Lutheran, in my mid twenties, I am grounded in the mainline Christian faith.I believe the same things I believed when I was 20, or 40, or 60 years of age. Yet the church does not. The church has continued to give ground to Political Correctness, which is rooted in godless Marxism.

Good and evil cannot co-exist for long. According to Christ, Himself, “man cannot serve two masters”. So, YOU decide if the church YOU are a part of is serving God, or serving Mammon. I decided mine was serving the latter, and so, as instructed in the scriptures, I got out.
”The Church” (meaning the Christian Church) will have a humongous list of infractions to answer for on Judgment day.
The Great Reformer Martin Luther had a lot of things wrong. BUT, he had more right than he had wrong. I have great admiration for Bro. Martin. He saw what he believed to be a corrupt church and decided to do something about it. The 2nd greatest Christian movement in history happened as a result of Bro. Martin’s actions.

The Christian community of the world desperately needs another Martin Luther. Our church has been hi-jacked, and splintered, and fractured, into numerous groups always at each other’s throats. In all its ecumenical struggles the church has lost it’s way. That, alone is bad enough, but what is worse, is that the leaders of the church have no interest in taking the church back to the correct path as outlined in the scriptures.

You see… we have created a hierarchy in our churches that has become drunk on raw power. To take the Christian Church back, to the way Christ intended, threatens the power of those in places of authority in our mainline denominations.When the hierarchy of a mainline denomination takes a church body away from the dictates of God’s word and celebrates one of the worse sins mentioned in the scriptures, a sin so evil it was referred to, in the scriptures, as an abomination, a sin so grievous that the punishment for it was death, then, Dear Reader, I need no further evidence that I, as a Christian, have no business in that body.

The evidence is right before our faces and yet… rather than “rock the boat” and stand for the dictates of God’s word, the average Christian in America, indeed, in the world, had rather sit quietly in the pews on Sundays, and watch as the house which had formerly belonged to God, is slowly pulled down to the level of the lowest common denominator in society today.But… you see, it is much easier to do nothing.

The mainline Christian churches in America today, in my opinion, are too far-gone to save. We need a new reformation. We need a leader to pull the Christians together… those sick at what their churches have become… and organize us into a force for good in this world.

Look, Dear Reader, when a mainline church pulls that venerable old Hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” from the hymnal and bans it from the music of that church, you have to know that the church has yielded the field of battle to the opposition.

When leaders of a congregation, or leaders of a denomination, are no longer required to set a moral example, and a spiritual example, for the followers of that denomination to aspire to… then that congregation has failed… that denomination has failed. It becomes a cancer eating away at the church, as a whole, until it has taken it beyond the point or resuscitation.

But, Dear Reader, one has to want to change for there to be real change. The church is showing no signs of a desire to mend its ways. None. On the contrary it is becoming more “apostate” every day.

We who dare to call ourselves Christian, today, must take stock of where we are, as a church, and what we are doing. It is long past time to assert ourselves and reclaim our Christian heritage, our places of worship and most importantly the “Great Commission” given us by Christ himself as he left this world in our care.

When a frustrated Joshua stood before the Israelites, who were in a similar situation, we, as a church, find ourselves in today. He uttered the words, which echo down through eternity and resound of the walls of every house of God around the world: “Choose ye, this day, whom you will serve! … As for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

We, as Christians, need to listen to the words of Joshua today. The Church has lost its way. It is up to us to either “fix it”, by bringing it back into the fold of Christianity, or abandon it to it’s own self destruction.

But, sitting by and watching “The Church” as it devolves into a useless structure, which is a stench in the nostrils of God, is not an option.

We can begin today. Remember the words of Joshua: “Choose you this day, whom you will serve…”
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Why is the Democrat Party Not Named the Socialist Party?

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on October 18, 2007

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Why is the Democrat Party Not Named the Socialist Party? 

They don’t even bother to deny they are socialists anymore!  Have you noticed?

This is a MAJOR step for a party, which has been in transformation since the 1930’s.  They have arrived!


What is especially distressing about this transformation of the democrat party into the socialist party is that so many Americans who inherited their party affiliation from their parents are not aware that they are aligned with a party that for decades (nearly a century) has been recognized as an enemy of America!  This is frightening!


Yes… whether you choose to believe it or not… there are many Americans who are democrats simply because their parents were democrats and they have never bothered to ask why?   Born rebels and skeptics, like myself, would never even consider doing anything simply because someone else does it have a lot of difficulty believing this. But, trust me, it is absolutely true.


Now… let’s take a look at the transformation of the democrat party into the socialist party.


First lets look at some important planks in the Platform of the Democrat Socialist Party of America at:


J.B. Williamson over at :


Has an article which speels kt out for everyone.  It is an extremely informative article and we tell you now… bp not go there unless you want to learn something about the democrat party!


In any event, he lists the following:



 Taken directly from the Democratic Socialist of America web site ·         Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs. ·         Democratic Socialists do not want to create an all-powerful government bureaucracy. But we do not want big corporate bureaucracies to control our society either. Resources are used to make money for capitalists rather than to meet human needs. Social ownership could take many forms, such as worker-owned cooperatives or publicly owned enterprises managed by workers and consumer representatives. ·         In the short term we can’t eliminate private corporations, but we can bring them under greater democratic control. The government could use regulations and tax incentives to encourage companies to act in the public interest and outlaw destructive activities such as exporting jobs to low-wage countries and polluting our environment. ·         Most of all, socialists look to unions to make private business more responsible. ·         Although no country has fully instituted democratic socialism, the socialist parties and labor movements of other countries have won many victories for their people. We can learn from the comprehensive welfare state maintained by the Swedes, from Canada’s national health care system, France’s nationwide childcare program, and Nicaragua’s literacy programs. ·         We are not a separate party from the Democratic Party. Like our friends and allies in the feminist, labor, civil rights, religious, and community organizing movements, many of us have been active in the Democratic Party. We work with those movements to strengthen the party’s left wing, represented by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. ·         Although capitalism will be with us for a long time, reforms we win now—raising the minimum wage, securing a national health plan, and demanding passage of right-to-strike legislation—can bring us closer to socialism. Many democratic socialists actively work in the single-issue organizations that advocate for those reforms. We are visible in the reproductive freedom movement, the fight for student aid, gay and lesbian organizations, anti-racist groups, and the labor movement. ·         Schools, Colleges and Universities are important to American political culture. They are the places where ideas are formulated and policy discussed and developed. Being an active part of that discussion is a critical job for young socialists. We have to work hard to change people’s misconceptions about socialism. ·         We call ourselves socialists because we are proud of what we are. No matter what we call ourselves, conservatives will use it against us. Anti-socialism has been repeatedly used to attack reforms that shift power to working class people and away from corporate capital. Are these the principles and values every member of congress is obligated to under their oath of office? Or are these the very ideas the founders warned us about, that every member of congress is sworn to protect and defend the nation against?



See what I mean?  We urge you to drop in on the Democrat Socialist Party of America’s website and stay there a while… and when you come away, you will have a  new understanding of the Democrat Party in America.


I’m a veteran of the US military.  When I was sworn in I took an oath, as did all service personnel, and as did the President, and Senators, and Congresspersons, to protect and defend the Constitution of the US from ALL enemies… foreign and DOMESTIC!  At the timer I took that oath (in the 1950’s) I had no idea the domestic enemies of the US would have infiltrated the halls of Congress as they have.  What is really galling, however, is the fact that the American people put them there by voting for them at the polling booth.  I don’t know why I was surprised!  The German people voted Hitler into office, too.


This is a dangerous time in, and for, America.  We are at the “tipping point” at which Americans will decide if they wish to remain free or adopt a socialist form of government and give up their freedom(s).  I believe Americans will give up their freedom and adopt socialism.  Why?   Because slavery is much easier than freedom.  In slavery you don’t have to make any decisions, you are not held accountable, all you have to do is follow orders.  If you do that… you basic needs will be met… food, clothing, shelter, medical care, etc.  All you lose is FREEDOM!   And socialism is what the Democrat Party is selling!   Worse… Americans are clamoring for it like toddlers with their arms outstretched to their parents begging them:  “Pick me up, Mommy!  Pick me up, Mommy!”. 


Socialized medicine, Hillarycare 2.0, is just another step down that path to national destruction for America.  Socialism has always ruined even the greatest empires, which adopted it in… any form.  Look at the Soviet Union.  Better yet, look at the Mighty Roman Empire.  Remember “Bread and Circuses”?.  Rome’s attempts to keep the citizens happy with food and entertainment brought the entire empire crashing down over time.


At the risk of being condescending, only the less intelligent among us are begging for socialized medicine and all the other socialized programs the democrats are offering.  Those of us, who weigh the damages socialism will do to America, and understand that it is suicide to go there, are holding out… but we are fighting a losing battle.  Ignorance will triumph and the victory will be consumed on the blazing pyre of national decay and death.


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How About Smarter than a College Student???

Posted in Education by J. D. Longstreet on October 15, 2007


Are you smarter than a college student?


“Can you, without peeking at a textbook or doing a quick Google search, say roughly when Abraham Lincoln was elected president?” asks Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner. “Could you name which country the United States sparred with during the Cold War? Do you know where the phrase ‘all men are created equal’ comes from?“If so, congratulations. Turns out you’re smarter than many college students.”
This speaks volumes about the American Public Education System and our network of higher learning institutions.

Education in America is mediocre at best! At worst… it is embarrassing! If one has a high school education from the 1940’s, or 1950’s, one is better educated than the bulk of newly minted college graduates today in America. What a pity.

What is worse, however, is the fact that America is going to pay a price, an extremely hurtful price, for our ignoramuses with diplomas. In fact we already have. We should have colonized the moon and Mars by now. We should be enjoying the riches of such exploration. But not us! We remain earthbound because the “Dunce Corp” can see no benefit to space travel and exploration when weighed against the social programs which are aimed at keeping the masses fed and satisfied. (It reminds me SO MUCH of the latter days of the Roman Empire!)

So much is passing us by because America’s youth is no longer educated and their thirst for knowledge and discovery has not been stoked in the classroom.

When I was a youth, a young man dreamed of reaching a point in his young life when he could leave the family’s nest and put distance between himself and his family, to make his own way, for better or worse, in the world. He dreamed of making his mark on society as a guide post to his own children who would follow him. Not so today. Today young men stay at home, living with, and off, their parents because they are simply afraid of the world out there. They don’t have the drive to succeed, to seperate from the warmth, and comfort, and safety of the family and make something of themselves. They are not becoming men. They remain children! A nation of children cannot survive. It cannot provide for itself. It will soon fade from the scene.

I have heard it said that the first step to education is becoming aware of one’s own ignorance! I believe that. We don’t teach our young people how dumb they are anymore. the entire first step to a good education is simply left off. But, we DO teach them to have pride in themseleves and to hold themselves in high esteem. A prideful person, as dumb as a fence post, is a laughing stock. And that is what we have graduating from our high schools and colleges today.

America desperately needs an alternative education system. An education system completely free of government intervention, government guidelines, and government money. Such a system is possible. A number of religious denominations in America are looking into the possibility of creating such a nationwide educational system from the ground up. We wish them all the luck in the world… and… we wish them God speed.


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Posted in Socialized medicine by J. D. Longstreet on October 11, 2007

Socialized Medicine On The Way To The USA!


There seems little doubt these days that if a democrat becomes President of the US and the dems manage to maintain their control of the Congress there WILL be a form of socialized medicine instituted in the United States. This holds especially true if that democrat is Mrs. Bill Clinton.

We have already beaten back one attempt by Mrs. Clinton to destroy heath care in the US… back when her husband, “The Boy President”, was occupying the Oval Office. Nothing much has changed.

Hillarycare 1.0 was defeated overwhelmingly on the first attempt. It was a ponderous mess. So, THIS time, they intend to make a different approach… and it has already begun. Insuring the children is one of the incremental steps in saddling the Nation with a single-payer form of socialized healthcare. (It’s “for the children”, don’t you know. The oldest slight of hand trick in the book STILL works on guilt ridden liberal Americans!)

In any event, we are informed that the next attempt will most likely be patterned after the Canadian nationalized healthcare system. Oh, GREAT! All indicators tell us these days that the Canadian system is about to crash of it’s own weight! That can’t be good!

Ok, so how does the Canadian healthcare system stack up against US healthcare these days, anyway? Where better to get a comparison than from a declared liberal site. So we dropped by the site “Classically Liberal” at:

We found some interesting stuff. We recommend you visit the site and read it in its entirety.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Considering that one of the alleged virtues of Canada’s health system is the “equality” factor it is interesting to see that more individuals in the US, with specific conditions, are receiving treatment than do their counterparts in Canada. The report also found that the poor in the United States reported as much, or more health care, than those in Canada did.This report also noted that waiting time in Canada for care is significantly longer than in the United States. The absence of care, they contend, is more problematic than the ability to pay for the care. As they note “costs may be more easily overcome than the absence of services.” That is, it is easier to find a way to pay for care that is available than to make the care available when it doesn’t exist.And, when patients in both countries are asked to rate their satisfaction with the care they receive, the typical American, in spite of a reputation for complaining, was happier than the typical Canadian.”

Well, now… THIS certainly is different than the info we are used to being spoon-fed by our MSM here in the States, huh?

Here’s another snippet:

“Americans have a slightly higher incidence of chronic health problems than Canadians, but they also have higher treatment rates.The discrepancies between income and health care received has not disappeared in Canada and is actually steeper than in the United States.More Americans report satisfactory health care than do Canadians.”

And then there is this….. “in light of the inability of the Canadian system to provide the care it promised the nation’s Supreme Court ruled that bans on private medical care were unconstitutional and inhumane.” What does this mean? It means that PRIVATE Health care is now LEGAL in Canada and Canadians are flocking to the private clinics… and the Government Healthcare system of Canada is even sending patients to the PRIVATE CLINICS for treatment they cannot supply their patients!

… And this is the system the dems want to saddle the US with? WHY? Because it is another step in their plan to bring the welfare state to America and establish socialism as the “master” form of government in the US!

There is NO SUCH THING AS FREE HEALTHCARE! SOMEBODY IS GOING TO PAY! Who pays? You and I will pay… in taxes. If you think healthcare is expensive now… just wait ‘til it’s free!

Get a GRIP, America! There is NO FREE LUNCH! There never has been! If you want it… you must be prepared to pay for it.

Socialized medicine is not about healthcare. It’s about power and control of a nation’s citizens. Consider the source! The Clintons are past masters at the old “Bait and Switch” game! If you are dumb enough to bite the bait they dangle, you’re gonna feel the pain when they set the hook!


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Posted in Limbaugh by J. D. Longstreet on October 3, 2007


Sometimes the utter lack of common sense among the democrats is just jaw dropping in its depth and dimension. Case in point … the attack on Rush Limbaugh. It is bad enough that they base their attack on a lie…. but to be so stupid as to enrage their political foe, the conservatives in the US, just boggles the mind!

The Stalinist behavior of the Left, in Congress this week, has been eye-opening to the right. Up ‘til the attack on Limbaugh, conservatives had pretty much accepted defeat in the 2008 election. But, with monumental stupidity the left attacks an Icon of the right and reminds the Conservative right just why it is so important for them to engage the left in the 2008 election! How dumb IS this?

We have known for many decades the vaunted intelligence of the left is a myth. But, they had to go prove it for the entire world to see and hear.

As I said in an earlier article I actually heard the broadcast conversation, live, in which the phrase “phony soldiers” was used, both by Mr. Limbaugh and by the caller to whom he was speaking. There was never any doubt what Rush meant. He DID NOT speak in general terms about the US Military. If there is any doubt… simply ask the military!

If anyone should apologize to the US Military it is the Democrats in Congress. They have defamed the US Military at every turn. They have tried, and continue to try, to promote defeat of American forces in Iraq… and soon they will make another attempt to cut off funding for the war which will result in many deaths of American troops on the battlefield because democrats would not allow them to have the money to buy the ammunition and supplies they need to fight the enemy and defend themselves. THIS IS PATRIOTIC??? My God, it REEKS of giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

Look, we have the most unpopular Congress in the history of the United States! The polls tell the story. Something like 11% approval by the American people. And stunts like the condemnation of Limbaugh only demonstrate why the American people find them detestable!

Where are the adults on the Left??? Where??? They act and sound like adolescents with raging hormones. I know the left in Congress is, for the most part old hippies and flower children all wrinkled up now… but most of the 60’s crowd GREW-UP! Not these BOZOS!

Oh, and while I am at it, allow me to say that the unheard voices from the republicans in the Senate did not go un-noticed by the Conservative base. We are equally as angry at the Republican Party for allowing an icon of conservatism to be lynched on the floor of the Senate without so much as a protest! Why didn’t the Republicans at least walk out? Why didn’t they at least stand and turn their backs on the ranting democrat speakers? Why?

And they want my vote in November of 2008?

Are they NUTS???!

Yes, I am angry! And I plan on staying this way right through November of 2008!


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