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“How Obama and the Democrats will Destroy the U.S. Economy” by Alan Caruba

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How Obama and the Democrats will Destroy the U.S. Economy” by Alan Caruba at:

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A Spotless Sun … by Alan Caruba

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 A Spotless Sun…   …   By Alan Caruba

 There’s a wonderful irony in the fact that, back in the 1970s, the Greens were issuing warnings and even writing books about the coming Ice Age. They would abandon this issue, based in well-known and accepted solar science, in favor of a vast international hoax alleging man-made global warming.


As the global warming hoax begins to lose its power to influence public opinion and policy, the Greens are not likely to be heeded for a long time to come because they were right about an Ice Age and lying through their teeth about global warming.


Scientists and laymen who follow the Ice Age cycles have been warning that, if not a full-fledged Ice Age, at the very least a Little Ice Age comparable to one that lasted from 1300 to around 1850 is on its way


Amidst all the media coverage of Hurricane Gustav and the Republican Convention, a report in was not likely to get much attention, but it forecast a very cold world in the years to come. The Earth has already started to cool and scientists date the change from 1998.


Headlined, “Drop in solar activity has potential effect for climate on Earth”, the news is that, for the first time in 100 years, “an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.” The author, Michael Asher, noted that “The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity—which determines the number of sunspots—is an influencing factor for climate on Earth.”


My friend, Robert W. Felix, wrote an excellent book on this titled “Not by Fire, but by Ice” ($15.00, Sugarhouse Publishing, softcover, second edition) which can be purchased from his website at


“We’re beginning to realize that Earth is a violent and dangerous place to live,” wrote Felix. “We’re beginning to realize that mass extinctions have been the rule, rather than the exception, for the 3.5 billion years that life has existed on Earth.”


Felix has a new book soon to be published that addresses magnetic reversals, another cyclical factor affecting life on Earth. “During the last 4.5 million years, at least six out of nine radiolarian extinctions occurred at magnetic reversals.” They appear to be a factor in the sudden emergence of new species so Darwin’s theory is likely to be reexamined.


As the DailyTech report notes, “In the past 1000 years, three previous such events, the Dalton, Maunder, and Sporer Minimums,” of reduced sunspot activity, “have all led to rapid cooling,” adding that, “For a society dependent on agriculture, cold is more damaging than heat. The growing season shortens, yields drop, and the occurrence of crop-destroying frosts increases.”


An article by William Livingston and Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory in Tucson, Arizona, “Sunspots May Vanish by 2015”, predicts that sunspots will disappear completely. “Such an event would not be unprecedented, since during a famous episode from 1645-1715, known as the Maunder Minimum…” That solar cycle “was shown to correspond with the reduced average global temperatures on the Earth.” In other words, it’s going to get COLD.


The Little Ice Age had an effect on history as you might imagine. The French Revolution is attributed to it insofar as the cost of bread rose as wheat crops failed. Riots followed. Similarly, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia met with defeat thanks to a winter that killed thousands of his troops. In America, it was reflected in the travails of Valley Forge.


Over at, Felix posts the latest news from around the world that tells of anomalous events ranging from freak early snow storms to expanding glaciers. Soon enough, those living in the northern hemisphere will become more aware as winters lengthen and become more severe. After that, the scenarios grow quite serious.


Even the venerable Old Farmers Almanac is making news these days forecasting a far cooler winter and suggesting that the Earth is already in a cooling cycle.


No doubt some diehard Greens like Al Gore will continue to spout nonsense that the cold weather is due to global warming, but it has to do with the Sun that’s gone quiet. It’s not myth. It’s reality.


Alan Caruba writes a weekly column posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, He blogs daily at



























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Waiting on Hanna… or Ike… or Josephine… or Whomever!

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Waiting on Hanna… or Ike… or Josephine… or Whomever!

I hate this time of year!  It’s hurricane season for those of us who live in Hurricane Alley, right on the Bulls-eye. Unlike the folks on the central Gulf Coast, who watch the southern horizon, we continually glance toward the eastern horizon.  Two things of note come to us from the east: gorgeous sunrises… and devastating killer storms.  We prefer the former, but, unfortunately, we get the latter, far too often, here in the geographic location known as the “Catcher’s Mitt” of the East Coast.


Hurricanes are a fact of life here in the coastal Carolinas.  There is no escaping that fact.  So… those of us who choose to make our homes here have to adapt to Mother Nature’s aggressive ways.


By July, every year, without fail, I begin checking my hurricane supplies.


Some years ago, I built what my family refers to as my “hurricane chest”.  In that chest, I store such necessary items as: a camp stove with a number of propane gas cylinders, battery powered lanterns, battery powered radios with the National Weather Service’s radio frequencies, candles, knives, coffee pot (for brewing coffee the old fashioned way… on the camp stove), and other things like important instructions on how to purify contaminated water with common household chemicals, and, of course, all shapes and sizes and strength batteries.  And a lot of other items I think I might need. What goes in the chest is determined by me… based on well over 40 years of experience surviving these brutal terrorists of nature.


I always check the hurricane chest first to see that everything is where it should be and to decide what, if anything, needs to be updated or replenished.


Next, I check to see that my oil lamps have plenty of fuel and that the wicks are trimmed and in good shape and replace those that are not. Then, I have to check out the five gallon “jerry” cans which will store clean tap water for drinking and what little cooking we will do for the several days we will be without electricity.


Then, I check out my ice chest.  An ice chest is a must… two or more are even better.  Next, it is time to make a list of foodstuffs we’ll need to get through about a week of a totally useless kitchen.  The trick is to purchase canned food that will not spoil and can be eaten throughout the remainder of the year… should we be lucky enough not to need it.


One thing it is vitally important to check on is… the state of our prescription medications.  Do we need refills?  If so, get them without delay.  Everything comes to a stand still when the power goes out, even pharmacies. 


Now it is time to check out the battery powered TV, police band radios, handheld flashlights, including the wind-up emergency lights.  We have to be sure the cell phones are fully charged and the auto-chargers are where they are supposed to be… and that they function.


Then it is time to move out of the house into the yard.  All yard, patio and deck furniture must be secured, tired down, stored, and/or placed out of the wind.  Swings hanging from chains must be taken down and stored. Those giant garbage containers on wheels must also be secured and moved to place out of the wind.


Some folks board up their windows and glass storm doors.  Most of us just tape them up to control the shattering and lessen the chance of their becoming a lethal wind-borne projectile.


And then we come to the rolling stock… the cars and trucks.  We have to top off the gas tanks of the vehicles… just in case we have to make a run for it.  Gas pumps don’t work without electricity.


If you have a portable generator then you must be sure you have ample fuel to last at least a week.


Finally, we check out our first aid supplies.


So, now we can stand back, take a breather, and run through all this stuff again, in our minds, to see what we have forgotten, because there is always something.


Please note:  The list of “to-do things”, above, changes with every home.  For instance, if you have a boat, or boats, you must get them out of the water and into safe storage. 


If we have planned correctly, and if we have taken all the precautions we can and equipped ourselves as best we can, then all we can do now is hunker down and wait it out.


There is only so much we can do.  After that… we are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature.


As I write, there are three storms approaching the eastern coast of the US.  Hanna is first in line, and due to hit somewhere in our vicinity within 24 hours, or less.  Then right behind her is a powerful storm named IKE, already a CAT-4 storm, and the tiny Josephine follows IKE.  And we are just reaching the peak of the hurricane season.


These storms are so unpredictable that one dares not take them casually.  So, we don’t.  We plan for the worst and hope for the best.


So, over the next few days, I expect to be publishing less, as the computer requires electricity. When the power comes back… so will I.


J.D. Longstreet





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New Orleans Awaits the Coming Hurricane

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New Orleans Awaits The Coming Storm   (Revised for 2008 and Gustav)

By: J. D. Longstreet


 (Note from Ed: This article was written back in February of 2006, some 18 months ago. As I write today, Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on New Orleans. The new levees are not nearly complete and, I suspect, not nearly ready to handle what is headed for it.


The coming storm surge will, in all likelihood, wash right over the new and rebuilt dikes (levees). Remember, the storm surge is measured from the tops of the existing waves on the surface and NOT from the ocean floor or seabed. If, for instance, you have a 23 foot storm surge coming at you on top of, oh, say, a sea surface with, say, six foot waves, you are looking at a surge of water 29 feet in height coming right at you. Yes, it is very much like a tsunami. There is not much that CAN handle a wall of water like that! Always remember this: If you are caught in a storm surge while in your home or even worse, while in a vehicle, you will probably not survive.


Another point of interest, for those of us who live in Hurricane Alley, is which quadrant of the storm will strike where we happen to live. The northeast quadrant, better known as the “right front quadrant”, is the most dangerous, by far! The “northeast quadrant” is that portion of the storm in which the winds are the strongest, the storm surge is the highest, in fact, nearly everything about the storm is worse on the northeast quadrant, or “Right Front Quadrant”. Keep in mind that the right-front quadrant is always determined by the forward movement of the hurricane. Because most hurricanes that strike, here in the Hurricane Alley of the Carolinas, approach us from the south, the right-front quadrant has also been, and is most commonly thought of as… “the northeast quadrant”, as well.


For more information on hurricanes go to:

I mention all this, concerning the Right Front Quadrant and the storm surge, because, as I survey the plots, on my tracking chart, and those of the NHC, it appears, as I write this, that unless Gustav makes a change in direction, which, of course, it is subject to do at any time, New Orleans may be hit by that dreaded Right Front Quadrant. I’m not a meteorologist so; I am a looooong way from an expert on these matters. I AM suggesting that you seriously follow the advance of this storm and plan accordingly. Of course, our best advice is to get to safety long before you are within the zone of danger.


Our thoughts and our prayers are with you… especially as we folks in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida are watching another storm approach the Southeast Atlantic Coast even now. … J. D. Longstreet)




(The article below was written in Feb. of 2006)



New Orleans Awaits Next Storm.


By: J. D. Longstreet



The 2006 Hurricane season will officially begin June First.

New Orleans is still pretty much a shambles. However, efforts are underway to rebuild the city in the same spot, as it was when Katrina stuck last year.

They tell me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome each time. I refer you to the paragraph above.

Early season storms have a tendency to build in the eastern and southern Caribbean. They tend to travel west and north. New Orleans is sitting on a bull’s-eye. How many billions has this cost the taxpayers of the US already… with a very good chance that New Orleans will get hit again in a few months? It’s not a question of if, it is a question of when.

Yes, New Orleans will be flattened, flooded, and swamped again by a hurricane. And yet they continue to build the doomed city, right back, in the same spot.

It’s time for the American taxpayer to say “no more”! If you insist on rebuilding the city in a known storm “entry point”, then YOU, the citizens of New Orleans, take responsibility. YOU pay the price. We will not continue to bail you out. No more rushing the resources of a nation to your aid when you (and we) know, good and well, the city of New Orleans is going to get creamed again!

Remember the definition of insanity? Well, take a look at New Orleans.

When the storms roll through the Gulf this spring, summer, and fall, and they will, I have to wonder if the residents of New Orleans will leave when the next one takes a bead on the mouth of the Mississippi and New Orleans. Frankly, I expect them to do exactly the same thing as they did last year… squat, in place, and wait for somebody to save their collective rear-ends. (If I may insert this bit of updated information… it appears the city has begun measures to remove it’s citizens from the coming danger much faster and more efficiently than it did when Katrina approached. THAT is GOOD NEWS!)


This is the mentality of a city, which sees itself as a ward of the US government.

New Orleans should not be rebuilt in the same location. Move it or lose it. The federal government should cut off the funds, for New Orleans, when the bills are paid for the last hurricane. No more.

As a resident of the Hurricane Alley of the southeast coast, I don’t suck from the federal teat and I don’t expect the government to continue to bail my behind out, either. We Tar Heels have way too much self-esteem than that. You see we understand that response to these emergencies works this way: ME, Family, Friends, City, County, State and finally, the Federal Government… in that order. The Federal Government is NOT, I repeat, NOT, the first responder to a hurricane disaster. (Another insertion, if you will allow me: It DOES appear now that that policy has been changed. FEMA is on scene, and geared up, or gearing up, to act in the capacity of a First responder.)


Soon, I’ll begin checking out my hurricane supplies: canned food, water, batteries and such, in preparation for the storm that is sure to come. Why? Because, I don’t expect anyone to save my behind until I have exhausted all efforts to do so myself. It’s called self-reliance. If you live in a hurricane prone area, you’d better have it, or you’d better leave.

J. D. Longstreet



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