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Mainstream Media Wrong Again

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on September 10, 2010

Mainstream Media Wrong Again

Mid-Term Election About Much More Than The Economy

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


In their continued crusade to cover the Obama Regime’s rear-end, the mainstream media is proclaiming the Mid-Term Election (in November) to be all about the US economy.  They made their pronouncement, of course, after it became clear the democrats will LOSE BIG in November and could, in fact, lose control of BOTH houses of Congress.

Here’s the truth:  This election IS about the economy – IN PART.  But even more important, it is about the President’s attempt to “fundamentally transform” America from a constitutional republic to a socialist banana republic sewer.  This is the concern upon which all the other troubling worries about the state of our government are founded.

Yes, the Mid-Term election will be a referendum on our radical socialist President, Mr. Obama.  It will be about his bringing socialized medicine to America.  It will be about American’s belief that he has abused his executive office with excessive use of the executive orders, which by-passed Congress, which is the legislative branch of the government. 

The Mid-Term election (in November) will be about the question of whether or not Obama is legally qualified to even be President of the United States.  Those sincere concerns are STILL swirling about the country with Americans openly wondering why he doesn’t put them to rest by simply verifying, with his original birth certificate, that he really is a natural born American and not, as some suggest, a Kenyan.

And there is more.

The most important election in the history of the United States, the Mid-Term election in November, is about the Obama Regime surrendering to international terrorism in the War on Terror.  That includes his bowing to foreign leaders of other lands.  That act demeaned the American citizen as no other has ever done. It has not been forgotten or forgiven. 

It is also about his open denial of “American Exceptionalism.” American’s believe their country is a nation with a mission and that mission is to be the example, the “shining city on hill” that all the nations of the earth can look to for guidance, assistance, and succor.  America is NOT “just another country.”

November’s election is about Obama and the democrats raping and pillaging the US Treasury and spending our children, our grandchildren, and THEIR children, so far into debt that generations will pass before Americans will ever be anywhere near debt-free again.

The all-important Mid-Term election is about Americans taking back their government — and their country — from a socialist regime with strong Marxist tendencies. It is about taking America back to its basic fundamentals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It is about rejecting the slavery of Socialism, Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, and left-wing Liberalism.

In a little over eight weeks, Americans will go to the polls in this extremely important election about the profound differences between the philosophy of the Democrats and the philosophy of the Republicans. No Democratic Presidential Administration and Democratic controlled Congress has ever made those differences so clear and concise as the Obama Regime and the current Democratic controlled Congress. The GOP is for freedom and the democrats are for slavery under a socialist government. That fact is now blindingly clear.

This election is, plainly and simply, about whether America remains free.  It is about the restoration of limited government, a responsive government, and a responsible government.

The Mid-Term election is about sending a crystal clear message to the US government that they govern ONLY with the “consent of the governed!”

Yes, the election is about the economy, but it is about so much more, so very much more. 

This November, Americans intend to notify their government, through the ballot box, of their determination as Americans to LIVE FREE … period!

J. D. Longstreet


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