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First rule of National Security: Secure the Borders!

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on July 8, 2010

First rule of National Security:  Secure the Borders!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Ok, so I AM just an old country boy.  But it seems to me that the fist step in national security, securing the country from those who would do us harm, is keeping them OUT of the country in the first place!  That means securing the borders of our nation.  If we don’t we won’t have a nation much longer.


We have often said the borders of the US could be secured, almost overnight, IF the government wanted to do so.  But they don’t.  The evidence is right before our eyes.  That evidence?  The borders aren’t secured!


Look, the US secures OTHER countries’ border overseas.  Take Korea for example.  Now we learn that the US government has agreed to assist Saudi Arabia in defending it’s border with Yemen! (SOURCE)  For decades we protected West Germany’s border with East Germany, etc.


If federal law forbids the placement of US troops on the US borders, then we need to make the changes necessary to do just that. 


Understand this: When I say US troops on the border, I mean armed combat-trained soldiers with the authority to use deadly force to protect US citizens from those illegally crossing into the United States.


I know that will not sit well with many of the readers of this piece, but the fact is, the people of the US are in serious danger from terrorists crossing our borders intent on doing as much damage, and taking as many American lives as they possible can — even at the cost of their own lives.


God bless the state of Arizona for demonstrating the intestinal fortitude to go head to head with the federal government and pass a state law authorizing their own police to do the job our poor excuse for a federal government simply will not do.  I feel sure Arizona will prevail at the Supreme Court.  If they do, many other states will follow suit. 


Politics is behind the Obama Regime and the Democratic Party dragging their feet on border security.


 When you break it down it is simple to see.  The Democratic Party has adopted so much of the socialist platform the American people are turning their backs on them in droves.  Their only hope of winning elections in the future is with their base.  They need, desperately, to grow that base. 


The fastest growing portion of the base of voters for the Obama Regime and the Democratic Party is the African-American/Hispanic block of voters.  With an unsecured southern border, the Obama Regime and the Democratic Party are holding the door wide-open for more Hispanics to cross, illegally, into America — and eventually become democratic voters.


If we EVER hope to secure the borders of America, we must show the democrats the door and oust as many as we possible can in the Mid-Term Election this coming November — and again in November of 2012.  We must break their grip on power in the United States government. 


J. D. Longstreet


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