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Third US Carrier Arrives Off Iran. Iran Surrounded By US Troops

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Third US Carrier Arrives Off Iran. 

Iran Surrounded By US Troops

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The build up of US troops and naval asserts off the shores of Iran continues with the arrival of a third carrier off the coast of Iran. It is supported by amphibious assault ships and up to 4,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel, bringing the total US strength in those waters to three carriers and 10,000 combat personnel.  This report is from Debkafile HERE.

The report from Debkafile goes on to say: “The third US carrier group to reach waters around Iran consists of three vessels: 1. The USS Nassau Amphibious Assault ship is not just an enormous landing craft for the 3,000 Marines aboard; its decks carry 6 vertical take-off AV-HB Harrier attack planes; four AH-1W Super Cobra, twelve CH-46 Sea Knight and CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters, as well as choppers convertible to fast V-22 Osprey airplanes capable of landing in any conditions. This vast warship has 1,400 cabinets for sleeping the entire Marine-24th Marine Expeditionary Unit aboard.”


 2 – The amphibious transport dock ship USS Mesa Verde, which carries 800 Marines equipped for instantaneous landing.


3        – The amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland, which carries 400 Marines and 102 commandos, trained for special operations behind enemy lines.”

Debkafile continues: “These new arrivals are a massive injection of naval, air and marine muscle to the strength Washington has deployed in the Persian Gulf-Red Sea-Indian Ocean arena in recent months. The USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group consisting of twelve warships is cruising in the Arabian Sea opposite Chah Bahar, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards biggest naval base not far from the Iranian-Pakistan border. It is there that most of Iran’s special commando units are housed.
Also posted in the Arabian Sea, further to the west, is the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Strike Group.”

This is an excellent report, from Debkafile, on the buildup of US Military assets around Iran.  Makes one wonder why domestic news organizations seem to have difficulty in covering events such as this for its American readers, does it not?

This scribe has been, for a very long time now, relying upon foreign news organizations to keep abreast of news concerning America and American interests around the globe.

The information in the report above is important for Americans to know.   However, the American mainstream media so filters what they print and broadcast that it is nigh impossible to get a “big picture” of world happenings and how they affect America.  If the report happens to concern Israel, the American mainstream media seems to go out of its way to reflect the Obama Regime’s anti-Israel/pro-Islamic state’s bias. 


Look, there is a third war brewing in the Middle East — one the US may find itself drawn into — whether the Obama Regime wants it —  or not.

We have been warning, for many months now, that Israel and Iran are preparing for a military engagement. It is as sure to come as tomorrow’s sunrise.  When it happens, it COULD trigger another regional war, with Israel the target, or—it could not.  Some things are just NOT predictable. 

International reports tell us a number of the Arab states, while publicly decrying an Israeli strike on Iran, are quietly supporting Israel.  But the Iranian-sponsored terrorists surrounding Israel will, most certainly, strike Israel upon learning of the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

But the strike IS coming – and soon.  Israeli planning has been meticulous and is, far the most part (we gather from foreign news reports) complete.

There have been hints and signs for many months of the Israeli preparations.  As late as June 18th

“the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman and task group including the German frigate Hessen, in the company of an unidentified Israeli naval vessel, made a fast transit of the Suez Canal. The Egyptians not only closed the canal to all traffic, all fishing boats where docked, while the Egyptian military lined the banks of the canal. All facets of this passage rank as extraordinary.

It is readily apparent that the US Department of State and the Pentagon collaborated closely with an Arab country to create a lane of fast transit not only for US Navy assets and an attached NATO ally, but for an Israeli ship.” This report can be found in the Asia Times HERE. 

In the same article it is reported that another application of high technology was the launch on June 11, 2007, of Ofek-7, which is a reconnaissance satellite, giving Israeli intelligence specialists site and system mapping capability of unprecedented accuracy.  Military experts believe Ofek-7 undoubtedly contributed to strike planning for the IAF’s successful mission to bomb Syrian nuclear facilities.

At the same time there has been reports of American troop movements along the borders of Iran. 

An Article at reports the following:

Iran is bordered on the east by Pakistan and Afghanistan, where U.S. troops have been waging a costly war, in terms of money and lives, against Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other terrorists. 

The Persian Gulf is on Iran’s southern border, and last week’s report, confirmed by the Pentagon, that 11 warships had sailed through the Suez Canal, raised alarm bells that the U.S. is ready to fight to keep the Persian Gulf open.”  We urge you to read the entire article HERE.

Iran has threatened to close the waterway through which 40% of the world’s oil is transported by tanker ship.  The US has vowed to keep the Gulf open; especially the Straits of Hormuz — to keep the world’s oil supply flowing.

Kuwait is located on the southwestern border of Iran. There are a number of American bases located there.

To the west of Iran are Turkey and Iraq — and BOTH have American bases and troops. 

Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea, and Azerbaijan are Iran’s neighbors to the north.  There have been news reports from that area of unusually high American troop activity along the Turkmenistan/Iran border. (Just last year the US made a deal with Turkmenistan for military cooperation between the two countries.)

Shortly after a British newspaper reported that Saudi Arabia had given Israel “fly-over” authority for a raid on Iran, the Iranian news agency reported that Saudi Arabia had also given permission for Israel to store military supplies at a Saudi airbase in the northwestern sector of the country. The report claimed that Israeli helicopters had already delivered and stored those supplies.  Saudi Arabia denies both reports.

There are also reports, on the Internet, that Israel has as many as three submarines in the Persian Gulf.  Again, we urge you to read the article, which was originally written by Christian A. DeHaemer, editor of the “Energy and Capital” publication.  You will fine it HERE.


It seems to us that one would do well to prepare for the war to widen in the Middle East for, in the not too distant future, we Americans will awaken one morning to news reports that an air raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities has already taken place. After that – all bets are off.

 J. D. Longstreet


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