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Obama To Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law?

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on June 18, 2010

Obama To Sue Over Arizona Immigration Law?

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


The American left wings sainted secretary of State, Mrs. Bill Clinton, reported allowed on Ecuadorian TV as to how the Obama Regime intends to sue the State of Arizona over Arizona’s new immigration law.  Even with the, oh, so “transparent” Obama Regime, the governor of Arizona had to learn this from a news report on TV!  Is she angry?  You but your bippy she is!


Look, the United States of America is, today, united in name only!  If we have not as a nation divided into two camps, every bit as stark as the states just prior to the American War Between the States, then we are sure as heck approaching that condition.


The Confederate States seceded because they could not abide a growing central government dictating to sovereign states what they would and would not be allowed to do.  They believed so much in the original constitution of the Founding Fathers that they copied it as the Constitution of the Confederacy.  Google the Confederate Constitution and read it for yourselves.  You will note a few changes, such as a single 6-year term for the President, but by and large, it is the original US Constitution.


We are living history today.  We are watching our country break apart, a little at a time, and the root cause is the imposition of a central government, controlled by socialist, progressives, marxists, Statists, liberals, and even the odd Maoist thrown in, here and there, which is drunk on power and lusting for even more. 


Americans are losing their hard won freedom little by little as the Obama Regime takes advantage of every crisis, real or imagined, or just plain manufactured to instill fear in Americans that their only salvation is in falling at the feet of Obama, and his minions, and worshiping by sacrificing their free and swearing fealty to the current socialist regime which is, every day it seems, simply assuming the powers of an American dictatorship. 


I have news for the socialists in charge of our government.  Their orgy of power will end, and end very soon, or they will have only a part of the existing states to run rampant over with their atrocious acts of barbarism and vandalism aimed at the few freedoms the American citizens have left.


As much as the federal government likes to believe, and delude others by insisting the states are not sovereign entities, they are WRONG!


Arizona, a former member of the Confederacy, WAS and REMAINS a sovereign state.  The federal government CANNOT impose its will on the people of that state — unless the Arizonans willingly accept it.


One of the extremely important facts about this country the democrats choose not to remember is that 11 states and parts of two other states are a part of the US ONLY BECAUSE THEY WERE FORCED AT THE POINT OF A FEDERAL GOVERENMENT BAYONET TO REJOIN THE UNION!


Revisionist history does not teach our students the horrible injustices done those former Confederate states after the war under the guise of “Reconstruction.”

If you want to know what an all powerful, vengeful, federal government can do to its own subjugated citizen, do a little research on the south for roughly seven to ten years after the war.  You will be horrified.


I include these remarks about the war and Reconstruction as a warning.   Unless our government returns to governing as a constitutional republic, as much as I hate to consider it, Americans will be at each other’s throats.


History does repeat itself.  The Obama Regime is making similar mistakes as the Lincoln administration.  It is alienating its citizens. 


The American people, as a whole, have a very long fuse, and we remind the federal government that at the end of that fuse lies an obstinate, stubborn, freedom loving people who have no intention of giving up their sacred freedom by lying down and rolling over for some tin pot dictator and his flunkies in OUR nation’s capitol.


May God have mercy on America because there is a backlash, of biblical proportions, building today and it could explode at any moment.


J. D. Longstreet


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