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Non-Church Goers Form The Base of Obama’s Support

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on May 20, 2010

Non-Church Goers Form The Base of Obama’s Support
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


This should come as no surprise to anyone!

According to an article at CNSNEWS.COM entitled: “Americans Who Don’t Attend Church Form Base of Obama’s Support, Gallup Polling Indicates,” Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief writes the following:

“Gallup reports the breakouts from its presidential approval survey for three different types of church-goers: people who attend church weekly, people who attend church nearly weekly or monthly, and people who seldom or never attend church. Among these three groups, Obama’s approval rating tops 50 percent only among those who seldom or never attend church. In fact, among this group it was at 56 percent for the week ending May 8.”

Jeffrey went on to write: “Obama’s approval rating dropped to a low of 38 percent among weekly church-goers in the week that ended on April 4. By contrast, Obama’s presidential approval rating has never dropped below 50 percent among those who seldom or never go to church. (Read the entire story HERE.)

Surely you are not surprised by these findings – are you? You should not be. As far back as the presidential campaign, Obama was supported by the less religious among Americans.

In an article from the “Christian Post UK,” and posted on “Directions to Orthodoxy” dated July 9th, 2008, it is noted: “Presidential candidate Barack Obama has stronger support among less religious Americans than rival John McCain, a survey revealed.” The article goes on to say: “The survey, conducted by The Gallup Poll and released Tuesday, found 55 percent of Americans who say religion is not important in their life backed Obama, compared to 36 percent for McCain. The reverse was true for Americans who said religion was important in their life, with 50 percent to 40 percent preferring McCain over Obama. WE recommend you visit their site HERE.

Little has changed, at least for Obama’s support. A little deeper in the Christian Post UK article it is noted: “The finding that religious voters prefer a Republican candidate is not new. Evangelical Christians, who are viewed as highly religious, have traditionally been stalwart voters of the Republican Party…” You may read the entire article HERE.

As a conservative Christian I am not surprised by these findings. What troubles me is that ANY Christian could support Obama and the American political left. With every passing day it becomes more and more obvious the American political left has embraced socialism.

It is the opinion of this scribe that the Christian faith and socialism cannot co-exist. They are totally incompatible.

Simply put — Christians believe in God and believe that man needs God. Socialism, on the other hand, sees no need for God. The “State” takes over the duties of the “Supreme Being.”

“Socialist philosophy assumes that the masses [are] as dumb as children, and they don’t need a god to reach their fondest dreams, but a government to hand out the goodies… .“ Thus states Julie Behling in an article titled: “Why I Believe Socialism and Christianity Are Wholly Incompatible.” Ms. Behling goes on to say: “In Christian philosophy, individuals are responsible to care for the needs of the poor, the sick, the widow, and the orphan, but not compelled. Those who rise to the challenge will find themselves on the right hand of God because of their CHOICES, and those who don’t — will not receive the blessings reserved for those who do.

In Socialist philosophy, all are compelled to care for the needy whether they want to or not (through taxation), and this care comes through the administration of a notoriously inefficient bureaucracy.”

Ms. Behling explains: “Christian philosophy causes men and women to rise up, work for their sustenance depending oftentimes on faith that help will come if and when it is needed. It is hard, it is risky, but the rewards of making the proper use of God-given free will are great. The consequences of poor choices can be brutal.

Socialist philosophy seeks to soften the blows of consequences to natural laws, both positive consequences – financial abundance for the thrifty, wise, hard-worker — and negative consequences – poverty to those who break the natural laws that govern abundance.”

As one who subscribes to the Christian faith, I believe Ms. Behling is “spot on” when she says: “Socialism falsely informs men and women there is another way to reach their ultimate dreams besides faith in any god.” (We urge you to read Ms. Behling’s article in its entirety HERE.)

In summing up Ms. Behling says: “The degree to which taking care of the poor and the needy is instituted and administered by government is the degree to which freedom is abdicated.” (Editor’s note: The italics used here for emphasis are totally mine.)

We applaud Ms. Behling’s article and recommend it to you. You will find it HERE.

It may seem that we have moved far a field here, in this commentary, from the original intent. I assure you — we have not. My intention was to try to explain why the majority of the religious in America, the Christians especially, cannot support Obama en masse. Obama’s socialism flies in the face of the Christian faith. In fact Obama’s socialism is seen, among many Christians, as a religion in, and of, itself. It is a secular religion, without God, but a religion, nonetheless.

I suspect my conclusion above will not sit well with Obama followers, but the truth, oftimes, brings pain.

Evangelical Christians have only to consider Obama’s stance toward Israel to find reason to renounce his particular brand of socialism.

For evangelicals the fate of Israel and the fate of the United States are inextricably interwoven. The promise of God to Abraham that God would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel is taken literally. According to their belief, Obama’s rebuke of Israel and his obvious fondness for Israel’s enemies will bring the wrath of God down on America. In fact, many Christians believe that has already begun. They believe that God’s protection of America has been lifted and America’s future holds only crisis after crisis and disaster after disaster until America once again embraces God’s “Chosen People.”

Americans have slowly come to realize the leadership they chose in 2006 and 2008 was a huge mistake and has brought nothing but pain and suffering to the American people. Elections have consequences. Decisions have consequences. America is living through the consequences of choosing a socialist government, which is incrementally dismantling our constitutional republic right before our eyes.

One of the signs given man as to when to expect the “End of Days’ was when people began living their daily lives as they did in the time of Noah. We have certainly reached that point in the evolution of our American society. And, unfortunately, just as Noah preached over and over again, to the masses, that the rains WERE coming and the ensuing flood would consume every one unless they changed their ways, they refused to listen and even rebuked and made fun of the old man building a huge boat in that dry land. Even the unchurched and the non-religious supporters of Obama know how that story turned out.

All the signs are there. Just as Israel paid a terrible price for demanding an earthly king, Saul, just so they could have a king of their own, just like their neighboring countries, America will be required to pay a price, of biblical proportions, for demanding a leader who remake America into the image of the socialist countries with whom we share this globe.

To say the end is nigh would be kind – and wrong. Unfortunately, America has much suffering in her future long before anything resembling the end rises above her clouded horizon.

J. D. Longstreet


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