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Flash to Obama: Conservatives ARE going for it!

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on April 6, 2010

Flash to Obama:  Conservatives ARE going for it!

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


 I found it incredible that the President of the United States, in a recent speech, verbally “flipped the bird’ at Americans who had the temerity to disagree with him and his massive socialist healthcare program we disdainfully refer to as “ObamaCare.


The elitism of the man, his utter arrogance, his total disregard for the wishes of the American people, only serves to demonstrate his deep, DEEP, seated narcissism.  One day, soon, his carefully crafted façade will fall away and those millions of Americans who insist on viewing him as a “messiah” will suddenly see him for the person he really is.


Those of us, who have been around for a while, are not the least bit surprised.  We have seen this person before.


Every generation, or so, there appears a national figure who steps forward and seems to have all the answers.  Experience has taught us that, more often than not, those people are deeply flawed personalities.


 However, their strong charisma draws millions of people to them.  Those who see them for what they really are, those who see past their charisma, their charm, and the falsity of their pleasing façade, are quickly marginalized, ostracized, and even tagged as racists, bigots, and, yes, even terrorists.


Without fail, those narcissist leaders quickly manage to divide the people into classes — and then turn those classes against one another. 


And why not?  It is a proven plan of “divide and conquer.”  


Soon the people begin to devour themselves tearing their clans, their tribes, their fiefdoms, their countries, and their nations apart.  Even amateur historians know this pattern has played out many, many, times in the history of mankind.  Now it is playing out in America.


If history really does repeat itself – and it does – the current narcissist drama playing out in America today will not end well.


It has been said that in trying, even dire, circumstances there is nearly always 10% of the people who know the correct action to take to right the situation.  Experience also teaches us that 10% of the people THINK they have the right answers when — in fact — they are wrong


Then, there is the remaining 80% of the people who just “mill about” having absolutely no idea as to what to do to save themselves or their fellowman.


That 80% of the people are looking for, wishing for, hoping desperately for, someone, anyone, to come along and save them.  They are the vulnerable among us.  They are the easily fooled and easily lead group. It is frightening to understand that this 80%, just milling about with no idea of what to do, holds the power of life and death of a nation – any nation.  Of course, they are unaware of that fact.


It is the 10% who know the correct action to take, plus a majority of the 80% just milling about we must rely upon to save America.  And that salvation must begin NOW.  We have seven months to rescue America.


When someone tells you the coming election in November is the most important in America’s history – listen to him or her!


America has reached a crossroads.  History tells us that democracies only last an average of two hundred years.  America has already exceeded her expected lifespan.  We are treading on extremely thin ice.  Already the Socialists and Marxists have moved-in and have gained control of our government.  Soon our constitutional republic, already badly wounded, will be dead – unless Americans purge their government of Socialists, Marxists, and so-called Progressives.  If Americans are unwilling, or unable, to take on this task, and see it through, then the death of America’s constitutional republic is assured.


That is why, dear reader, the Mid Term Election, this coming November, is so vitally important.  The continued existence of an American government, based on the US Constitution, depends upon voters going to the polls and voting out of office as many Socialists, Marxists, and Progressives as is possible.  Only then can we begin the rebuilding of this republic.


J. D. Longstreet 


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