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Illegal Aliens and Obama’s Socialist America!

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on March 28, 2010

Illegal Aliens and Socialist America!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

They tell us there are 12 million illegals living in the United States of America. 12 million! (I don’t believe, for a second, there are ONLY 12 million illegal aliens in America!) But, for the sake of this commentary, let us accept, for the moment, that figure is true. That means the southern border of the US has been violated, crossed illegally, 12 million times, that we know of, and it MUST STOP!
I suppose the thing that galls me so much about it is the fact that those illegals will play the race card in a heartbeat – and they claim to be so “put upon” when we confront them and declare their crossing the border without the proper paperwork a crime, which it most certainly is!

Thinking back to the demonstrations months ago, I remember I could only stare, wide-eyed, as my jaw dropped! There were no federal authorities there to round those people up and check their citizenship! None. There they were, in broad daylight, marching and protesting that we, legal US citizens, are angry that THEY broke into OUR country! It bothers me greatly that he US government extends the rights granted to US citizens by the US Constitution to non-citizens. They ARE NOT CITIZENS and they ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

The illegal aliens in the US today act as if we OWE them! We OWE them nothing! Nothing! They are upset that we conservatives want to treat them like criminals. They ARE criminals!

My regional newspaper has said that we simply cannot keep people out who wanted to better themselves. Oh, contraire! Yes, we can… and we must! At least until they make use of the proper channels and enter the US legally!

I am tired, no, I’m past tired of seeing my tax dollars go to care for people who just broke into the country.

It’s time to warn Mexico that if they continue encouraging their poor to illegally cross the border, into the US, we will invade… again… and just annex their whole country and be done with it! Maybe the oil they have would offset the cost of supporting them. Well, I mean, they want to be Americanos, so darned much, why don’t we make the whole country of Mexico the 51st state and be done with it!

Until the US can get it’s immigration under control, we need to stop ALL immigration, legal as well as illegal. Take down Lady Liberty, dismantle her, and ship her back to France! OK, so that’s a bit much, but I think you get the passion I bring to the subject at hand!

This immigration boil has needed lancing for a long time now. It’s going to hurt for a little while and then it will feel SO MUCH BETTER!

You folks in the northern tier of states may not feel the invasion as we do. Down here, in the southern tier, we are being overrun. And we are fed up! When the South gets fed up, it tends to make life miserable for those in charge until something gets done!

We want the southern border closed and sealed. We want the illegals already in the US found and put in prison. No more trucking them back across the border so they can come right back as soon as the moon rises. No, we want them put away – in prisons – for a long, long, time.

While we’re at it, we ought to serve notice on Mexico that any more incursions by their military across that border will be considered and “act of war” and the US military will act accordingly.

This is not over. The Southern States, especially the Border States, have had it. It IS going to stop. One way or the other. If the current crop of politicians in DC can’t do it, then we desperately need to throw them out and elect people who can and who will actually TRY!

The US is split right down the middle, these days, with the citizens in one of two camps. If you are an American today, you are either a capitalist or a socialists.

We Conservatives are, for all practical purposes, without a political party these days. So, we are fighting the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party on our own. We have no choice. (Thank God for the Tea Party Movement!)

As a conservative, I am convinced that as soon as the Obama Regime gets the Socialized Medicine issue behind them… and declares victory for the President… they are going to turn their attention to illegal immigration. They are not going to try to solve the issue; they are going to make another attempt to ram an AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS through Congress. They want and they need the votes of those people in the US illegally and they are going to make an all-out push to secure them.

It is time for conservative Americans to step up, once again, and meet them head-on and stop their sweeping attempt to turn the United States into just another mediocre socialist country.

J. D. Longstreet

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