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Requiem for America

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on March 22, 2010

Requiem for America

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

And so, today we celebrate the short life of a constitutional republic formerly known as the United States of America.

In her former life she was a jewel whose glistening light illumined an entire planet and even “near space.” She was often referred to as “A shining City on a Hill.”

The charity of our now lifeless Titan was without compare.  She fed the hungry, rescued whole countries and even continents from the clutches of tyrants even as she had once rescued herself.  In return she asked only friendship from those she had saved from the darkness of dictatorial serfdom.  The downtrodden did not run away from her army. No.  Instead, they ran joyously toward her army for they knew that she brought, not only salvation, but justice and mercy, as well.

In her all too brief lifetime she was a force for good on this earth.  Now that she exists no more, that force for good is gone.  Evil is now loosed on the planet with no counter force to protect those unable to protect themselves.

In all her might she was unable to save herself from the evil within.  Her might was no match for the dark forces at work within her very on government to bring her downfall and to recreate her as a Socialist, Marxist, and Communist entity pulsating with a lust for power.

She was betrayed — betrayed by her very own citizens who did not love her enough to stand beside her and defend her from the denizens of the deepest parts of hell, itself.

Their weapon was ignorance.  A populace whose ignorance had been taught them in her very own public education institution brought this giant of giants to her final resting place on the ash heap of history.  Here she will rest beside other colossi of nations whose fate, much as her’s, was sealed by their very own citizens.

The United States of America is gone.  She no longer exists except in our memories.  Now, instead of turning our faces into the wind and plowing ahead toward victory, we turn away from the breeze and allow the zephyr of fortune to blow us where ere it wishes.

We raise a glass to the glories of the United States of America and toast her memory.

A second glass we raise to the new Socialist States of America — and tremble as we bring the shaking glass to our lips and our eyes dart furtively around the room searching, in vain, for the government spies who watch our every move, for our own benefit, of course.

The ice-cold fingers of fear clutch our hearts as we wonder just how awful this new future will be without our beloved “Columbia” standing as a guardian at the gates of freedom.

And then we become conscious of the heavy blanket of guilt resting unpleasantly on our shoulders.  It is guilt well earned.   It is a guilt that accompanies the “Mark of Cain.”   It is the guilt of a murderer.

We stand in horror at the memory of what we have done.  We have murdered our own country.  Her own children cut down the noble experiment in constitutional republicanism.

As we leave this mournful gathering, with our National I. D. cards and papers in hand for the authorities to scrutinize, the searing of our souls over the flames of Marxism is near complete.  Deep within our throats we form the words “God Bless America,” but choke them back as we realize there IS NO America for God to bless! She is gone – gone forever.   Worse yet, we realize that God will have nothing to do with this new country where He is unwelcome.

Through tears of awful dread we mutter the words: “The Socialist States of America” and taste their bile-like bitterness on our tongues — bitterness that nothing, nothing, will ever take a way.  It is the eternal bitterness of self imposed slavery.

May God forgive the democrats for what they have done to America!

And Finally: may God aid us in our efforts to purge our government of the Socialists, Progressives, and Marxists and return her to the constitutional republic she was intended to be by The Founders of the God-inspired experiment we call America.

J. D. Longstreet

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