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Putin -vs- Obama. My Money Is On Putin.

Posted in America, Obama, Political, PUTIN, Russia by J. D. Longstreet on December 2, 2008

Obama announces his starting line-up and the Russians announce they are going to upgrade their missiles.


Why, don’t they know everything has changed?  Don’t they understand that when Obama speaks the winds still and the seas calm and there is peace everywhere?  Don’t they get it?


Of course, the Russians get it.  “The lock is off the door, boys!”  THAT’S what Russia gets… and so will the rest of the world’s bullyboys very soon now.


Look…. Russia is a very old country.  Much older than the US, and they have seen all kinds of leaders come and go and they have tweaked the noses of weak spined, weak kneed, and even weak-eyed leaders of countries, all over the globe, down through the ages.  They have learned a thing or two about people who aspire to leadership. They have become more than a little adept at reading them.


Now, take Putin.  He’s former KGB.  (STILL KGB!) Hate ‘em, or despise ‘em, the KGB is more than just good at what they do. You can bet your bottom dollar they have a dossier on Obama about a foot thick. Unlike Americans, the KGB KNOWS where he was born.  Bet on it!


The point is this:  The Russians have Obama’s number.  Their announcement concerning upgrading their missiles was a signal, not only to the US and Obama, but to the rest of the world.  It reads, “Hey, look!  This guy is a pushover!  And so is the crowd he runs with.  The lock is off the door and we are free to loot the pantry!”  This is their first shove.  It’s a mild one.  It’s their elbows they’ll be throwing next— and they expect Obama to do nothing but plead for them to stop misbehaving. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the Russians winning this round.


Here’s the thing:  Whether the US likes it or not, we have been appointed the policeman of the world. We’ve had the job since the Second World War — some say even before. As such, the US is expected to keep rogue states in check, or stop them when they jump the traces.  Russia, whether doing business as the Soviet Union, or as Russia, is the chief troublemaker on the planet.  Yes, ever since Ole Pete (Peter the Great) built the first Russian “blue water” navy Russia has been exporting their brand of mischief all over the globe.  And they like nothing better than to cause discomfort for the US.  I think it is envy more than anything else.  Why, they are still embarrassed that they had to have US assistance in defeating Germany in the Second World War.  They’ll never live down the fact that Germany was within fifteen miles of Moscow before Russia could stop them!  They don’t even refer to that war the way the remainder of the world does. To the Russians it is The Great Patriotic War.  See what I mean?


Russia excels in two things:  Paranoia and boasting. They live their lives in fear that someone is going to attack them and take whatever it is we are supposed to want… and for the life of me I have never been able to figure out what Russia has that we could possibly want… other than their oil.   Secondly, they are world-class braggarts.  Those missiles, they are bragging about, are about as reliable as a Model T in subzero cold. Sometimes, they actually work!


But this is not about missiles.  This is about Obama.  It is a signal, as obvious as a mirror flashing sunlight in Obama’s face.  If Obama is smart, he will continue to place the defensive missile shield in Eastern Europe and he will continue the weapons in space program.  It’s the age-old response to a bully.  You push back… hard.


But, I don’t expect Obama to do that.  And neither does Putin. And you can bet Putin knows Obama better than any American alive.


J. D. Longstreet  

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