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Sarah and the South

Why I Like Miss Sarah.


It’s no secret that I favor Ms. Sarah Palin for the next Vice-President of the US.  Heck, I have her photo on my website.  One look at that photo and you have to marvel at how our coldest state gave us our hottest governor!


I ran across a column… no… let me re-state that… I went looking for the latest column by one of my favorite conservative writers the other day, Jefferson Weaver.  Jeff is a Tar Heel, a conservative Tar Heel, and one I admire a great deal.  His writings are always a joy to read because I know where he is coming from, not just philosophically, but physically, too.  He’s a hunter and fisherman, enjoys the great outdoors, and knows how to enjoy and appreciate the natural wonders of this great state we share as our home, and… Jeff is a God-fearing southern man. Plus, Jeff’s politics, and mine, seem to run parallel to each other most of the time. 


His latest column is all about why Jeff likes Sarah Palin.  As I mentally wolfed it down the other day, I realized we were on exactly the same beam.  We both like Sarah… and for the same reasons.  Not that that should come as a surprise to anyone, we are both conservatives… southern conservatives.


We have pointed you to Jeff’s column on a couple of previous occasions and I hope to continue to do so in the future.  But just for today, I’d like you to click on over to the address I’m about to give you and read what Jeff has written about why HE likes Sarah Palin.  It eloquently sums up the southern conservative’s view of Miss Sarah.  Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to understand why her entrance onto the national political stage came as a breath of fresh air to conservatives who, like me, were suffocating in the vacuum created by the l candidates the two major political parties had given us to choose from this time around. We conservatives were sick at heart.  And that is putting it mildly.


So, now, I’d like you to go read Jeff’s column.  You’ll find it at:


Do you begin to see the depth of feeling for this woman among southern conservatives… both men AND women?  She reminds us so much of the 1800’s Southern Belle in a gorgeous hoop skirt carrying a tiny parasol to protect her complexion from the sun, quoting scripture in a slow southern drawl with sugar dripping from every syllable… while having a Navy Colt Revolver strapped to her thigh beneath that lovely gown. Yep!   We like our women smart, tough, resilient, resourceful, determined, God-fearing, and, mind you, graciously feminine with drop dead good looks!  Miss Sarah fits the mold.  (Now, please, if you think women, fitting the description I just gave you, are difficult, if not impossible, to find, then, dear reader, you haven’t lived down South!)

All kidding aside, Miss Sarah will do well here in the American South.  I fully expect her, and her running mate, to do very well in November here in North Carolina. Truthfully, I want her to win, because I want to vote for her for President in 2012!


J. D. Longstreet

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