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Racism Rears Ugly Head in US Presidential Race

Posted in America, Obama, Political, Racism by J. D. Longstreet on August 4, 2008

Racism in the Race for the Oval Office.


A recent poll shows that Black Americans are supporting Obama 94 to 1 over McCain.  During the Democratic primary Obama was running 90 to 10 margins over Clinton among black Americans.  Now, you can put any spin you want on it and you can “prettify” it any way you choose, but the plain fact is… it is a display of raw racism. Black racism.


Pat Buchanan has a piece over at The Conservative Voice I think you’ll be interested in.  It is titled:  “Whitey need not apply”.  You’ll find it at:


We continually hear calls for an “Honest Debate on Racism in America”.  The problem with that is…  black Americans are nowhere near ready for an honest debate about racism in this country.


I watched in the early days of the Obama campaign to see if I could identify the moment when those white voters, flocking to the Obama campaign, would begin to fall away.  Well, it has happened.  And it has happened earlier than I had expected.


A few days ago I wrote that Obama’s European Photo Op would hurt him among voters in America. There is now no doubt that rather than showing him as a “statesman” it showed him, more truthfully, as an American liberal/ socialist, which is exactly what we have been saying right from the start of his campaign.  Somehow, and for whatever reason, the American voter had to see him in his element, the throngs of European socialists who chased after him, tongues dragging the ground, salivating for every pearl of wisdom dropping from his golden tonsils. It was a HUGE turn-off and, as we predicted, it hurt him back home. The image he projected back home was one of already having won the presidency and “strutting his stuff” among the peons of the world.


With the Mainstream Media/Press solidly in Obama’s corner, the American voter instinctively knows Obama is wrong for America.  News reports tell us that the Media’s campaign donations go100 to 1 to Obama’s campaign and the democrats!  As in all things, follow the money!


Take a look for yourself.  There is an article over at The American Thinker entitled:  “Big Media Puts It’s Money Where It’s Mouth Is”.  This is an absolute “MUST READ”.  You’ll find it at:


And… there is the pervasive feeling among American voters that Obama is simply too good to be true.  Kathleen Parker has a piece titled: “Many Voters Wary of Sudden Superstar”.  We recommend you read it.  You’ll find it at:


Ms. Parker is “dead on” with her take on why Obama is not doing better in the polls here at home.


The bloom, it would seem, is off the rose.  The rose colored glasses have faded and American voters are beginning to see Obama for what he really is…. and they don’t like it.


“The debate that will not happen” WOULD have been about racism in America.  The reason it will not be held is because, to have an honest debate there would have to be discussions of black racism.  So far, the political left in America and a large portion of the political right in America will not admit that Black people can be racists. We Americans today live in a hypocritical cocoon about racism.  We know, instinctively, that black racism exists.  We see it. And yet we deny it because it is the politic thing to do. We are living a lie, and we know it, and still we trudge on dragging this anvil through a minefield fused by overly sensitive “feelings”. 


An “honest” debate about racism in America will never happen because… we are not willing to be honest.  As a result we will never heal.


We White Southern Americans have learned to live with being called racists. We paid for our perceived sins, in spades, and yet more is required of us and we are unwilling to give anymore. Enough is enough.  It has hardened us. We look at those calling for that “Honest Debate on Racism” and we smile at their naiveté. For, of all Americans, we know best that no debate will ever take place.  Too much is at stake for those who claim themselves targets of racism.


Is there racism in America?  Yes.  Black and white racism?  Yes.  Will there continue to be racism in America?  Yes.  Will racism play a part in the Presidential Election this November?  Yes.   And there you have it. The truth.


J.D. Longstreet   






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