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Another “Useless” Apology!

Posted in America, Apology for Slavery, Historical truth, Political by J. D. Longstreet on August 1, 2008

Another “Empty” Apology!

Well, I see the US House of Representatives has apologized for slavery in the US. Just so the record is straight… I’ll be darned if I will apologize! I had nothing to do with it, and I refused to be saddled with a blanket of guilt for something I had nothing to do with! I just want that to be clear! I feel NO NEED to apologize and… therefore… I refuse to ACT like I am sorry for something for which I am wrongly accused! Never!

My friend, and fellow blogger, Alan Caruba, has and excellent piece on this very topic over at “Facts not Fantasy”. You’ll find it at:

Alan is “dead-on” with his perspective, as usual, I might add.

This “apology” is what we folks, down south, call: “A crock”.

We Dixicans know this arrow is aimed at the heart of Old Dixie. As a Dixican, I resent the heck out of that! Check your US History and you will find that SLAVERY WAS LEGAL IN THE ENTIRE US. It was constitutionally protected! It was “Northern Slavers” whose ships brought the slaves from Africa to this country. (And European ships, too, of course.) It was Northern Slavers who sold the Africans, at auction, in the New England States. Some of the richest families of the Northern states can trace their family fortunes directly back to the slave trade. And finally, for the record, the very first anti-slavery laws in the US were passed in the SOUTH!

So, now that the US House of Representatives has opened the door to all sorts of claims for reparations, you can your checkbooks and pockets books out and place them at the ready. For claims will come. You can bet on it.

Reparations? To whom? There is hardly a human being alive, of any race, who cannot trace his/her ancestry back to slavery… somewhere on this earth. Absolutely no reparations! None! So far as I am concerned, it is not even open for discussion, period! And, by the way, if reparations are to be discussed, then ought we not to begin with the American Indians, the Native Americans?

Seems to me the Congress would be better served, as would the American people, if the House of Representatives would seriously look at modern day problems such as allowing drilling off shore, and in ANWR, for new deposits of oil. But, no, the crowd in charge now is into “showboating”, big time, because liberals lead ithe Congress now and liberals base all their decisions on emotion(s). Clear thinking be damned. If it FEELS good… do it! Exhibit “A”: their belief in the hoax of man-made Global Warming!

Isn’t it about time America stopped apologizing for being the greatest country in the history of this planet? It is about time we begin making attempts to avoid the slimy snail trail of the Politically Correct Crowd and stand on our feet as men, and women, unashamed, and unapologetic, for being who we are…. citizens of the greatest nation on the face of the earth!

J. D. Longstreet


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