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Democrats at America’s Throat

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on July 12, 2008

(From January 2007)

Democrats at America’s Throat!*****************************

True to form, the Democrats were not back in power more than a matter of hours until the liberties of American citizens came under attack. Their “socialism” is front and center as they snatch hard won freedom from the very people, who blindly put them in power.

I have been on this earth a very long time and one thing I have learned. The Democrat Party is the party of Socialism and RAW POWER. With the Democrats in power the United States becomes the kind of state to which we used to send our armed forces to liberate!

Now their attacks have begun in earnest. Taxes are going up. They are going to undermine our troops, at war in a foreign country, and bring shame upon the country. They are going to censor our broadcast media, and take away our right to bear arms. Plus, they are hell bent on opening our borders, which will destroy any vestige of a sovereign country known as the United States of America. And all this is just the beginning. In the next two years they will insure that no other political party will gain power in the United States again! How, you ask,? With their social programs such as… universal health Insurance, for one. Consider… anyone who robs Peter to pay Paul, will certainly have the support of Paul! They intend to BUY their power by giving away the taxpayers money to secure the votes. Simple, but extremely effective.

We are at the threshold of pure socialism in America. Where is the outrage? Where is the righteous indignation? It isn’t there because an entire generation, or possible two, has been indoctrinated, through their education in the government schools, that THIS is what they want! They BELIEVE IT!

It’s just beginning! I weep for my country. The great nation, America, is no more. We have become Socialist Europe. A wimp among wimps. There is no difference.

Many Conservatives warned of this months before the election last November. We were vilified and verbally abused at every turn. That is the way the Left does it. They beat down any dissent. It is they way they do things. Look at the history of the Left as they marched through Europe and on to this continent. It is a history of the use of raw power and paying off the masses to buy their support. The masses have been so ignorant as to not know, or not care, that it is not just their support they are selling the Left… it is their SOULS! It is a Faustian Deal, which suffers the same end. Destruction!

And now the façade has been dropped. The Left is at the throat of America. They are back in power and they intend to rule with an iron fist! The mailed hand of the left, even now, clutches the purse, and the scepter, at one and the same time.


Doug Hagin over at “Renew America” has some thoughts on this subject well worth your consideration. We recommend you read his remarks titled: “The Democrats are back, hide your wallets, guns, and liberties”

by going here:

These truly ARE times that try men’s souls. When our cities lie in ruins and our population is in rags, and squalor, and famine guts the land… will you listen then?







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