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Universal Healthcare by Reason of Liberal Guilt!

Posted in Political by J. D. Longstreet on June 12, 2008
Universal Healthcare by Reason of Liberal Guilt!
On the conservative scale of 1 to 100% (100% being the absolute zenith of conservatism) I ranked at a 97%. Point is… I am about as conservative as conservatives come.
So, it will come as no surprise to you that it has absolutely no effect upon me when Liberals try to lay a guilt trip on me. And, boy, do they ever try! I works with their fellow liberals because they are an emotional bunch. We conservatives lean more toward reason than emotion and that is why the Libs cannot understand us. Because for them to understand us they must get past their emotions and look at conservatism with clear reason and they are unable to do that.

Why all the rambling about conservative/liberal philosophy here today? Because… the Libs are at it again. They are so sure they have the November election locked up that they are already preparing the ground to push through Universal Healthcare almost immediately upon Obama taking office.

The latest guilt trip, as it pertains to Universal Healthcare, is a propaganda drive to “enlighten” those not yet persuaded that we must add the numbers of the “underinsured” to the ranks of the “uninsured”. See? Ok, they continuously tell us there are 47 million uninsured Americans. Now where the hell they got that figure is beyond me. I have no idea. But I’d be willing to bet that it did not come from a conservative source. Now… if you add the (BLANK) millions of underinsured, it makes for a much larger number, which produces a much bigger truncheon for the Libs to beat us about the head and shoulders with, and, they hope, beat us into submission.

Now, here’s the thing: It isn’t going to work! Why? Because conservatives, as we said above, look at the situation through “the eyes of reason”. We feel no guilt, at all, for the 47 million the Libs declare have no insurance.

So. Why don’t we feel guilt? Because… there is no reason (catch the word “reason” there?) to feel guilty! You see, for decades federal law has said that if a person shows up at a hospital emergency room, ill, that hospital must treat that person whether they have insurance or not, whether they have ANY way to pay, or not. The hospital refusing to do that will be shut down by the feds very quickly.

I happen to have one of those diseases, which causes me to show up in hospital emergency rooms extremely often. I have to tell you, I have to sit there, with my insurance card in hand, as those with no insurance are seen by the doctors before me simply because they were there ahead of me. I understand that. The wait can be very painful, but I understand those uninsured are sick, too, and need medical attention, and I have no problem with it… at all.


Look, we are on the verge of an economic nightmare because of the socialist Congress creaming our national economy with their “green” laws and “rules and regulations”. Our oil situation has driven the price of gasoline at the pump through the ceiling and, as a result, everything that moves on America’s roads is going up in price at the markets… including food. The idiots in Congress decreed that one of our basic foods be distilled to make a gasoline additive, which actually reduces the miles per gallon a car gets and, as a result of burning our food to make ethanol, the price of everything having any corn, or corn by-product, in it has skyrocketed in price and is causing near famine situations in some of the poorer countries around the globe.


It was an idiotic move! We conservatives warned loud and long that exactly what has happened to our economy WOULD happen and we were shouted down. Well, now it has happened! And the socialist Congress we currently have intends to pass more legislation loaded down with “unintended consequences”. To make matters worse, America is set to elect more socialist to the Congress in November, possibly even to the office of President.

One of those socialist agenda items just waiting for the new Congress in 2009 is Universal Healthcare. It will drive up the cost of healthcare to the taxpayer, and it will lead to the rationing of health care and, very quickly, it will lead to the demise one of the best, if not THE best healthcare system on the planet. But the Libs are hell bent on hanging the yoke of universal healthcare around our necks as a part of their drive to bring socialism to America… big time.

Universal Healthcare is Un-American. Unlike our European brothers and sisters, who have embraced socialism, Americans, have, until now, been expected to stand on their own two feet and not depend on the state to take care of them. It served us well. It made us the leading nation on the globe. Now our masses are eyeing Europe with envy. They have lost sight of the vision their ancestors who settled this country had for a nation, independent, unlike any other nation on earth, the leader of the free world. They don’t remember they come from a people who created a nation, out of a continental wilderness, with grit, gumption, and guts! Now, like ancient Rome, they cry out for “Bread and Circuses”… make that Welfare and Healthcare! They either have no idea, or don’t care, that their covetousness will lead America, as it did Rome, to utter destruction. All the while, out front, leading the parade of socialist lemmings off the cliff is the American Left, the Democrats, the Socialist, the Marxists, the Progressives, the Liberals, the Globalists, and the “Greenies”, etc. No matter what name they are known by, we conservatives must never forget that they are fueled by one thing… the lust for power!

The next four years are going to be hell on earth for Americans. No matter whom the President turns out to be, the leftists will control the government. Get used to the escalating prices on fuel and food and the necessities of life because this is only the threshold of National Socialism. And socialism, as we have warned time and time again, is the preparatory step for communism. Does anybody in America remember communism? Anyone?



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  1. Matt said, on June 12, 2008 at 6:13 am

    Did you see the Bunk study stating 2/3 of doctors in America want National Health Care. The doctors who did this study also conducted one in 2002 and found that the majority of doctors did not want national health care, the problem with this is that the 2 question surveys drastically differ in there 2nd question. I found this article, 60% of Physicians Surveyed Oppose Switching to a National Health Care Plan, It’s worth a read.

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