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How About Smarter than a College Student???

Posted in Education by J. D. Longstreet on October 15, 2007


Are you smarter than a college student?


“Can you, without peeking at a textbook or doing a quick Google search, say roughly when Abraham Lincoln was elected president?” asks Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner. “Could you name which country the United States sparred with during the Cold War? Do you know where the phrase ‘all men are created equal’ comes from?“If so, congratulations. Turns out you’re smarter than many college students.”
This speaks volumes about the American Public Education System and our network of higher learning institutions.

Education in America is mediocre at best! At worst… it is embarrassing! If one has a high school education from the 1940’s, or 1950’s, one is better educated than the bulk of newly minted college graduates today in America. What a pity.

What is worse, however, is the fact that America is going to pay a price, an extremely hurtful price, for our ignoramuses with diplomas. In fact we already have. We should have colonized the moon and Mars by now. We should be enjoying the riches of such exploration. But not us! We remain earthbound because the “Dunce Corp” can see no benefit to space travel and exploration when weighed against the social programs which are aimed at keeping the masses fed and satisfied. (It reminds me SO MUCH of the latter days of the Roman Empire!)

So much is passing us by because America’s youth is no longer educated and their thirst for knowledge and discovery has not been stoked in the classroom.

When I was a youth, a young man dreamed of reaching a point in his young life when he could leave the family’s nest and put distance between himself and his family, to make his own way, for better or worse, in the world. He dreamed of making his mark on society as a guide post to his own children who would follow him. Not so today. Today young men stay at home, living with, and off, their parents because they are simply afraid of the world out there. They don’t have the drive to succeed, to seperate from the warmth, and comfort, and safety of the family and make something of themselves. They are not becoming men. They remain children! A nation of children cannot survive. It cannot provide for itself. It will soon fade from the scene.

I have heard it said that the first step to education is becoming aware of one’s own ignorance! I believe that. We don’t teach our young people how dumb they are anymore. the entire first step to a good education is simply left off. But, we DO teach them to have pride in themseleves and to hold themselves in high esteem. A prideful person, as dumb as a fence post, is a laughing stock. And that is what we have graduating from our high schools and colleges today.

America desperately needs an alternative education system. An education system completely free of government intervention, government guidelines, and government money. Such a system is possible. A number of religious denominations in America are looking into the possibility of creating such a nationwide educational system from the ground up. We wish them all the luck in the world… and… we wish them God speed.


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