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Posted in Socialized medicine by J. D. Longstreet on October 11, 2007

Socialized Medicine On The Way To The USA!


There seems little doubt these days that if a democrat becomes President of the US and the dems manage to maintain their control of the Congress there WILL be a form of socialized medicine instituted in the United States. This holds especially true if that democrat is Mrs. Bill Clinton.

We have already beaten back one attempt by Mrs. Clinton to destroy heath care in the US… back when her husband, “The Boy President”, was occupying the Oval Office. Nothing much has changed.

Hillarycare 1.0 was defeated overwhelmingly on the first attempt. It was a ponderous mess. So, THIS time, they intend to make a different approach… and it has already begun. Insuring the children is one of the incremental steps in saddling the Nation with a single-payer form of socialized healthcare. (It’s “for the children”, don’t you know. The oldest slight of hand trick in the book STILL works on guilt ridden liberal Americans!)

In any event, we are informed that the next attempt will most likely be patterned after the Canadian nationalized healthcare system. Oh, GREAT! All indicators tell us these days that the Canadian system is about to crash of it’s own weight! That can’t be good!

Ok, so how does the Canadian healthcare system stack up against US healthcare these days, anyway? Where better to get a comparison than from a declared liberal site. So we dropped by the site “Classically Liberal” at:

We found some interesting stuff. We recommend you visit the site and read it in its entirety.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Considering that one of the alleged virtues of Canada’s health system is the “equality” factor it is interesting to see that more individuals in the US, with specific conditions, are receiving treatment than do their counterparts in Canada. The report also found that the poor in the United States reported as much, or more health care, than those in Canada did.This report also noted that waiting time in Canada for care is significantly longer than in the United States. The absence of care, they contend, is more problematic than the ability to pay for the care. As they note “costs may be more easily overcome than the absence of services.” That is, it is easier to find a way to pay for care that is available than to make the care available when it doesn’t exist.And, when patients in both countries are asked to rate their satisfaction with the care they receive, the typical American, in spite of a reputation for complaining, was happier than the typical Canadian.”

Well, now… THIS certainly is different than the info we are used to being spoon-fed by our MSM here in the States, huh?

Here’s another snippet:

“Americans have a slightly higher incidence of chronic health problems than Canadians, but they also have higher treatment rates.The discrepancies between income and health care received has not disappeared in Canada and is actually steeper than in the United States.More Americans report satisfactory health care than do Canadians.”

And then there is this….. “in light of the inability of the Canadian system to provide the care it promised the nation’s Supreme Court ruled that bans on private medical care were unconstitutional and inhumane.” What does this mean? It means that PRIVATE Health care is now LEGAL in Canada and Canadians are flocking to the private clinics… and the Government Healthcare system of Canada is even sending patients to the PRIVATE CLINICS for treatment they cannot supply their patients!

… And this is the system the dems want to saddle the US with? WHY? Because it is another step in their plan to bring the welfare state to America and establish socialism as the “master” form of government in the US!

There is NO SUCH THING AS FREE HEALTHCARE! SOMEBODY IS GOING TO PAY! Who pays? You and I will pay… in taxes. If you think healthcare is expensive now… just wait ‘til it’s free!

Get a GRIP, America! There is NO FREE LUNCH! There never has been! If you want it… you must be prepared to pay for it.

Socialized medicine is not about healthcare. It’s about power and control of a nation’s citizens. Consider the source! The Clintons are past masters at the old “Bait and Switch” game! If you are dumb enough to bite the bait they dangle, you’re gonna feel the pain when they set the hook!


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