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Conservatives Have No Candidate as America continues her Decline!

Posted in Uncategorized by J. D. Longstreet on June 2, 2007

Conservatives Have No Candidate as America continues her Decline!

I’m a conservative. That comes first BEFORE my political party.

Having said that… I ask myself… why is Rudy Giuliani running for President? Now, lets be crystal clear about this… Rudy has about as much chance of winning the Presidency as I do of rolling a snowball clear across hell in the middle of August! The same thing goes for Romney and McCain.

The thing is… I like Rudy… but… I won’t vote for him! I can’t. Look, Rudy has way too many millstones hanging around his neck for Southerners to support him. He’s pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control, married three times, he’s from the northeast, and NOBODY down here has a name like Giuliani! We’re Scot-Irish and German. Well, the bulk of us are, anyway.

Looking at Romney, he hasn’t a prayer of getting the Southern vote. He’s Mormon. The fundamentalists still think of the Mormon Church is a cult. Some suggest it is not even a Christian cult. I have a Mormon temple some 1/2-mile from where I am sitting as I write this. Then… there is the fact that he is a northeastern conservative, which equates with a Southern liberal! What you folks in the northeastern part of US think of as a conservative, down here, they are a flat-out liberal. That’s where Romney is pigeonholed. And, then he is from the Northeast. There is still a lot of bitter feelings toward the northeastern states, down south, over the recent unpleasantness called the Civil War. Some of the worst atrocities committed upon the people of the South were from northeasterners. I mean… it’s only been 143 years! That’s not nearly enough time for Southerners to get over their dislike, and distrust, of northeasterners.Now McCain: What’s left to say. He’s unelectable. Period! His birthday is August 29th, 1936. (I looked it up.) Should he win the election, he would be 72 years old on Inauguration Day. 4 years later he’d be 76 years old. Add another 4 years and … well… you can do the math.
Add to that the fact that many conservatives have not forgotten the rumors from 2000 that intimated McCain might be mentally unstable. That is a HUGE no-no!

And then there is his remark about the Confederate Battle Flag and my native state of South Carolina. He would not have angered Southerners as much had he spat in our faces!

I have to assume you can see the problem the GOP is going to have getting a candidate to first base in the South. It makes no difference if the GOP candidate wins the primaries, he will lose in the General Election without the support of the Southern states. Don’t think so? Ask John Kerry!

And then there is Newt! If Newt wants to be President, he’d better say so. This pussyfooting around about announcing, or NOT announcing, as a candidate for the Presidency, has gotten old, quickly! We want to know, and we want to know NOW. Newt can carry the South. The North, northeast, and the West will certainly NOT vote for him, so it would be a near thing. But the fact of the matter is… Newt will make a better showing, even if he loses, than will any of the other announced GOP candidates.

Conservatives have begun to place their (our) hope on a Fred Thompson candidacy. Fred is a Southern Conservative and has the best chance of carrying the South in November of 08. And, frankly, so far, he is the ONLY light at the end of the Conservative’s tunnel!

I have lived a fairly long time. I have NEVER experienced a disconnect with the American public as wide, and pronounced, as the disconnect between the current Presidential Administration and the US Congress and the Citizens of the United States.

It has become apparent, since last November, that the GOP, and the RNC, have learned nothing from the old fashioned “ass-whooping” they took. Those who voted did so not so much FOR the Democrats as AGAINST Republicans. Conservatives on the Internet had been telling the GOP that Conservatives were not going to support them in November of 2006. They failed to listen… and it cost them their majority in Congress. Now, I’m here to tell you that unless the GOP listens now, about the presidential candidates, the GOP is going to LOSE the office of President to the Democrats next year! Probably to the Hillary/Obama ticket.

As eventually happens to all great Republics, America has reached her Zenith and is today in a state of decline. Our best days are behind us. Diversity, Tolerance, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, and the Feminization of the country acted together to assassinate the once great, and once powerful, United States of America. You may disagree. It doesn’t matter. It remains the truth whether you choose to believe it or not. In fact America’s loss of the ability to look at itself in the mirror and make the necessary corrections for fear of offending some other country, some other race, some other religion, etc, was, and is, the decay which ate away the county’s spine. It neutered America.

Our two major political parties have offered us nothing to choose from but mediocre candidates for so long we began to accept mediocrity as the norm. But then our political parties have grown so close that it is difficult to tell one from the other, anymore.

Not to worry! We’ll have a new government before too long. Mosques on every corner, Minarets gracing the skyline of our towns and cities will soon be the New Muslim America.

When history is re-written this time, no vestiges of what was once the “shining city on a hill” will remain. America will not even be a memory.

Americans no longer care. Since the 1960’s it has just gotten to be too difficult to maintain Freedom. We have two generations now who have little or no knowledge of who they, as Americans are. They have lost their identity. They don’t know they owe allegiance to America and, as a result, they show none. The only state supported church in the country; “The Public Schools”, unfortunately, teaches that America is “just another country” and has very little value. Its ONLY value is as a member of the globalist community. The US Constitution is now second to the UN.

If you have ever seen a once powerful, muscular, man eaten away by cancer, that is the America of today.

Conservatives in America offer the only hope of a recovery. And those same conservatives have been marginalized by America’s lack of will power. The political party, which was home to those who could save America, no longer wants them… or their council.

Our enemies gather and wait. It has become a deathwatch… and they know it. America, herself, is in deep denial.

Subconsciously, Americans have decided that slavery is much preferable to freedom. Slavery requires nothing, much. The slavemaster takes care of everything.

Move over Rome! America is joining you on the Ash Heap of History!Longstreet

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